The cause of internal acne on the face. How to remove the internal pimple on the face?

Modern man needs to always look good. After all, today is so relevant part of the saying "Meet on the clothes. ..".If to be more exact, by the general appearance of the person. So, that's why the skin should be in perfect condition. What is the cause of internal acne on the face, and also in what ways can you cope with the problem? Further on this will be discussed.

the cause of internal acne on the face

Basic information about acne

Initially, it should be noted that this problem - acne - is typical not only for adolescents during hormonal adjustment( which, however, is most often observed), but also for adults. In fact, it is an inflammatory process that affects the ducts of the sebaceous glands. In the subcutaneous layer, a large amount of pus accumulates, which causes the formation of tubercles in various areas of the skin of the face. It is noteworthy that data can be localized in any part of the body. The most popular places for such pimples are the neck, cheekbones, chin, as well as arms and back.

On the types of subcutaneous acne

Also worth noting that subcutaneous pimples can be of two main types:

  1. White pimple. It is a pustule, filled with pus, placed under the skin.
  2. Red pimple. This is inflammation of the tissues. Due to the swelling often increases in size, after which it can even completely disappear without outside interference.

internal pimple on the face how to get rid

About the causes of such acne

Be sure to consider the causes of internal pimples on the face. After all, knowing why they arise, you can try to protect yourself from this scourge.

  • The first and main reason is the incorrect work of the hormonal system, its failure, violation. Most often it occurs in three main cases: during adolescent changes, pregnancy, and also in the climacteric period.
  • The next important and common cause of internal acne on the face is a variety of skin diseases, as a result of which the production of subcutaneous fat is disrupted. An example may be a disease such as seborrhea.
  • Failure in the work of immune cells, as a result of which the pathogenic microflora actively multiplies on the skin of various parts of the face.
  • A very common cause of internal acne on the face is a non-observance of the hygiene of the face and the whole body, an incorrect selection of cosmetics, increased sweating.
  • Very often the cause is a violation of the integrity of the sebaceous gland due to mechanical causes, for example, squeezing pimples.
  • A subcutaneous mite called demodex can also cause this unpleasant phenomenon. He is able to parasitize in the follicles of not only the body but also the facial hair.
  • And the last most common cause of internal acne on the face is the wrong diet. So, this phenomenon can cause fatty, salty or sweet food, if it enters the body in excess.

It should be noted that these are the most common and frequently occurring causes. However, some individual cases may not fall within this classification.

internal acne on the face of the cause

Acne localization and the main problems

Having understood why internal pimples on the face can be formed( the reasons were considered above), I would also like to say that their localization can be directly related to the problems of internal organs.

  1. Forehead area. In this case, doctors say that you need to make sure that everything is in order with the intestines. The cause may be problems such as colitis or dysbacteriosis.
  2. We study further the appearance of such problems as internal acne on the face, causes. On the chin, they can occur if there are irregularities in the work of the pelvic organs or the reproductive system. The thing is that the hair follicles located on the chin, respond well to the change in the level of a hormone.
  3. Internal pimple in the area between the lips and nose can indicate a violation of the cardiovascular system.
  4. What else is there, contributing to the fact that there are internal pimples on the face, causes? On cheekbones and cheeks they are formed, if there are failures in the work of the stomach, liver. In this case, it is also good to further examine the intestine.

internal pimples on the face of the cause on the chin

The main thing to remember!

Understanding how to remove the internal pimple on the face, one must remember the main rule: never, under any circumstances, such pimples can not be squeezed out. It is strictly forbidden to do this with unwashed hands or on untreated pre-skin. This can lead to an overgrowth of the inflammatory process, and in some cases even to the infection of blood. Improper handling of such formations can lead to the formation of scars on the skin, which in the future can not be remedied. Scars remain for life, spoiling the appearance of a person.

Visit to the doctor

If a person is interested in how to remove the internal pimple on the face, you need to seek help from a doctor. Initially, you need to go to the dermatologist. He will assess the condition of the skin, its damage, possible problems. Most often the doctor directs in this case to the tests, when it is necessary to investigate the work of the gastrointestinal tract. If the tests are in order, the dermatologist delegates his powers to the cosmetologist.

causes of internal pimples on the face

Facial cleansing

If an internal pimple on the face appears, how to get rid of it, the beautician will tell. So, first of all, most likely, he will recommend cleaning the skin. It can be of several kinds:

  • Mechanical, when cleansing from pimples is made by the hands of a beautician.
  • Chemical, when cleansing of the skin occurs with the help of specially selected masks.
  • Vacuum, which is carried out not by the hands of a doctor, but by a special apparatus. In this case, the soreness is practically zero, and the person does not suffer unpleasant sensations.
  • Galvanization procedure. In this case, the skin of a person is affected by a current of small force. This is necessary in order to strengthen the effect of drugs and masks applied to the face of the patient.


To cope with these problems, you can apply the peeling procedure. However, conventional drugs in this case are unlikely to help. It is best to contact a beautician for help. In this case, a specialist can recommend a hard peeling procedure, which is called microdermabrasion. In this case, microcrystals are used, which deeply clean the skin of the patient's face. Doctors also use acid peeling. The essence of this procedure remains the same - cleansing, but in this case, a deeper layer of the epidermis is affected.

internal acne on the face of the reason photo

Other cosmetology procedures

Understanding what are the internal acne on the face, the causes and treatment of these formations, I would also like to talk about other procedures that can also help to cope with the problem.

  1. Cosmeticians often use laser facial polishing, when special equipment removes the upper layer of skin cells.
  2. Doctors often also use mesotherapy. This is the introduction of the skin of certain medications with the help of a thin needle.
  3. To make the pimple ripe, the doctors also apply ozone-oxygen injections.
  4. The procedure for disinfestation provides for puncture opening and qualitative cleaning of the pus placement cavity. This should be done only by a highly qualified specialist. Otherwise, you can significantly damage your body, and on the face will remain ugly scars.
  5. Beauty salons also use Elos-therapy when inflammation is affected by light.

Severe cases of

It often happens that skin lesions can be classified as heavy. And the above procedures are completely ineffective as a result. What to do in this case? The doctor can advise the following:

  • Often specialists prescribe antibacterial drugs. It can be such medicines, as "Tetracycline" or "Unidox-solutab".
  • If it is a question of women, they in an organism can have a disadvantage of an estrogen. In this case, the specialist can prescribe the use of drugs, which contain estradiol.
  • Well fight against the problem of zinc preparations. It can be such means as "Zinctal" or "Zinc sulphate".
  • Topically applied can be ointments, which also contain antibiotics. Most often prescribed drugs such as "Triclosan", "Levomekol", tetrazeklinovaya or sintomitsinovaya ointment.
  • Also, the doctors attribute vitamins A, C, E and B, omega-3 and omega-6 acids. Brewer's yeast is effective in combating this problem.
  • Still experts can prescribe such procedure, as autohemotherapy. In especially severe cases, the patient may be administered intramuscularly his own venous blood.

Traditional medicine

If there is an internal pimple on the face, how to get rid of such a problem? If this is a single phenomenon, you can try to turn to traditional medicine. Effective recipes:

  1. It is good in this case, every day to wash the infusion of florets of marigold or St. John's wort. Prepare the remedy simply: one tablespoon of the ingredient selected at its discretion should be filled with an incomplete glass of boiling water.
  2. Eliminate the infusion of calendula from subcutaneous acne, sold in a pharmacy. Every day they need to wipe the affected skin.
  3. Effective lotion from water and lemon juice, prepared in a ratio of 1: 1.Wipe them skin twice a day.
  4. Also helps to get rid of subcutaneous acne pimples. His leaf should be cut along, slightly repulsed and attached to the affected area for half an hour.
  5. You can also make a home scrub. To do this, take one teaspoon of ground coffee and mix it with 25 ml of tea tree oil. This procedure can be conducted no more than twice a week.

internal acne on the face of the cause and treatment

Preventative measures

Having considered such a pathology as internal acne on the face, the reasons, the photo of this problem, I would also like to tell you about the ways in which these unpleasant formations can be prevented. So, you need to eat right, give up bad habits. It is important to have enough sleep without overloading the body. Also, we must timely treat various diseases, paying attention to chronic diseases. It is strictly forbidden to injure the skin( this is especially easy if you squeeze out pimples)!And, of course, you need to regularly carefully treat the skin of the face with well-chosen cosmetics or washings, prepared from the collection of herbs.