Spermogram on Kruger: norm, deviations, transcript

During the period of fertility research, couples are increasingly being asked to give certain tests. Only one test can tell whether a representative of the stronger sex has the ability to conceive. For the diagnosis of the female body requires more than any various activities. That's why doctors prefer to start with her partner. One of the frequently recommended studies is a spermogram with a Kruger morphology. What it is, will be described below. You will learn about the features of the analysis. Also you can find out the basic norms and deviations of the indicators.


When is it necessary to conduct a study?

Analysis of spermogram by Kruger is not performed in all medical institutions. Most laboratories do not have sufficient equipment for such diagnostics. That is why, if you are assigned such a procedure with such a careful examination of the ejaculate, then you need to clarify the possibility of its carrying out in your chosen clinic.

In what situations does a man need to take an analysis? Diagnosis is always recommended before the procedure of artificial insemination. Such a study will allow the doctor to be prepared for some surprises. Also, manipulation is prescribed when a man wants to become a sperm donor. With prolonged infertility, every member of the stronger sex must undergo a diagnosis.

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Spermogram on Kruger: how to prepare?

Nothing special in the preparation for this study. You do not have to perform some kind of supernatural tricks. It is enough only to observe the recommended rules. The training period is from 5 days or more. It is at this time that a man is forbidden to visit saunas, stay for a long time under the scorching sun and drink alcohol. All these factors can negatively affect spermatozoa and provoke a false diagnosis. Also, doctors advise to cancel all medications, except for vital medicines. If you are forced to take any remedy, then you must tell the doctors about it.

The Kruger spermogram assumes abstinence from sexual intercourse for 3-5 days. If this gap is shortened, an insufficient amount of sperm can be obtained, whereas a longer abstinence results in the death of many spermatozoa.

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How is the research done?

The Kruger spermogram, as well as the usual ejaculate test, involves obtaining material by masturbation. The process is strictly within the walls of the laboratory. Before this, it is worthwhile to perform hygienic procedures and wash your hands thoroughly. The ejaculate is collected in a sterile container. For carrying out this type of diagnosis, it is very important not to lose part of the sperm. If this happens, then for accuracy analysis it is worth repeating the manipulation after 5 days.

How to interpret the spermogram according to Kruger? Decoding of the received data is made exclusively in the doctor's office. Independently of the figures presented, you can not understand anything. That's why you should not roam the Internet and read abstruse books. Contact a specialist who will help you correctly decrypt the data. The same doctor, if necessary, can give you some recommendations for treatment, if required.

An analysis can be decrypted a few hours after diagnosis. Ejaculate is examined immediately, it is not possible to postpone this analysis. Therefore, you can get your result within one hour. Let's consider the main parameters, which contains a spermogram according to Kruger.

spermogram test of the Kruger

The volume and color of the

material Experts say that the normal amount of ejaculate is in the range of 3 to 5 milliliters. If the fluid is less than 2 ml, then it may be about the insufficiency of the male genital glands. This pathology is called microspermia. With an ejaculate volume of more than 6 ml, there is a suspicion of an inflammatory process in the male reproductive system.

The color of the test material can be from white to some shades of gray. The presence of pink or red inclusions indicates an inflammatory process or a recent trauma. A yellow shade of ejaculate testifies to a deviation in liver function. However, this characteristic can also occur during the course of taking vitamins.

Thickness and acidity of

If you are assigned fertility diagnosis and the Kruger method is suggested, the spermogram should always contain the acidity and liquefaction time of the ejaculate. Normally, the viscous material acquires a liquid consistency in about 40 minutes. In some clinics, this process can be carried out within an hour. If there is an increase in this time interval, then this is a sign of a prolonged and slow inflammatory process( prostatitis, vesiculitis, etc.).

The acidity of male sperm should be at the level of 7.2-2.8 pH.If there is a deviation from these positions, then there is a suspicion of infection. In such an environment, male gametes simply can not properly perform their function.

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Density and total number of male gametes

When a spermogram is produced, the Kruger test always takes into account the total number of spermatozoa. It is calculated by revealing the cell density. For this purpose, under the microscope, the lab technician calculates how many gametes are in 1 milliliter of material. This amount should be 20-120 million. A decrease in this level is called oligozoospermia. If it is a question of excess, it is polysooospermia. Both diagnoses require additional studies of male health and subsequent treatment.

The total number of spermatozoa should be between 40 and 600 million. Range spread is quite large. Deviation in one direction or another occurs for the reasons described above.

spermogram with strict morphology on the Krueger

Mobility of

cells The study necessarily takes into account the viability of spermatozoa. To do this, the technician marks the way they move. Gametes can move rectilinearly or on a different trajectory. They are active or slow moving. Active sperm with rectilinear movement should be at least 50 percent of the total mass. Deviation from this range is called asthenozoospermia.

It should be noted that the spermogram with strict Kruger morphology provides for the diagnosis of only active cells with rectilinear or vibrational motion.

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This paragraph studies the number of normal spermatozoa that are capable of fertilization. In Russia, the norms of this characteristic are set from 40 to 60 percent. If normal sperm is less than 20%, then it comes from teratozoospermia. It is worth noting that often pathology is temporary. That is why it is so important to pass a second analysis a few weeks after the first study to confirm the diagnosis.

If the Kruger morphology determines that a man has more than 40 percent of sperm that can fertilize an egg, then he is considered healthy. Pregnancy from such a partner can come naturally without additional manipulation. When a decrease in this level is found, the couple may need the help of reproductive specialists.

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Supplementary data

In 1987, Professor Kruger suggested that those spermatozoa that are able to penetrate the cervical canal within 8 hours after ejaculation should be considered normal. To study this point, the sperm is taken and studied under a microscope. In addition to the ability to move properly, the cell must have an ideal structure. Such spermatozoa have oval heads, which contain a nucleus carrying genetic information. Next comes the body of the gamete. It is thin and always compares with the size of the rounded part. Normally, the body of the spermatozoon is about 1.5 parts from its head. The tail is a very important detail. It is with the help of it that the movement of the male gametes occurs. The tail of the sperm is smooth throughout its entire length, it does not twist in a spiral. Physicians allow a slight narrowing of this part in the middle.

Kruger says that if the amount of normal gametes in a man is higher than 4 percent, then there is a high probability of natural fertilization. However, modern data have slightly different figures. If there is a deviation from the norm and healthy cells make up only 1%, the couple can turn to modern methods of reproductive science for help. In this case, a selection is made, which is called ICSI.During the manipulation, laboratory technicians seize good spermatozoa and fertilize them. The probability of successful IVF in this case increases several times.

spermogram with morphology on the

Instead of concluding

You learned a lot about the male survey and were able to find out what the norm is in this respect. The Kruger spermogram is the only diagnosis that can accurately determine a man's health status. The remaining studies are considered additional. The average cost of the described procedure is from 5 to 10 thousand rubles.

If you need to know about the condition of your reproductive system, then apply for a Kruger study. Only after deciphering the obtained data the doctor can speak with great accuracy about the norm or deviation. All the items that are considered in this study are presented in your article. Health to you and good results!