The first symptoms of HIV

In 1983, the human immunodeficiency virus was first detected. HIV infection can be in the body for a long time before it goes to the final stage of development - AIDS.In an adult with good immunity, the incubation stage of the disease usually lasts 8-10 years. During this period, the virus gradually destroys the immune system, and in the end the body becomes unable to resist other infections. During the incubation period, a person can easily tolerate many diseases, but gradually his immunity is getting worse and worse. It is very difficult to notice the first signs of HIV infection, since this disease has almost no symptoms.

The main channels for the spread of HIV are sex, blood transfusions and non-compliance with health standards in medical institutions. The virus is not viable in the environment. HIV rapidly dies when boiled and when exposed to any chemically active reagents with disinfectant.

In specialized laboratories and AIDS centers, tests that detect HIV antibodies are carried out. However, the negative result of such tests does not guarantee the absence of HIV infection in the body. Therefore, doctors recommend to re-run the study after 3-6 months.

As a rule, the first symptoms of HIV appear several weeks after infection. These symptoms are almost always classified as flu or cold. A person's body temperature rises, his throat hurts, lymph nodes increase. Then the latent asymptomatic period begins, which lasts from 2 months to 20 years. And only after that in patients different infections and malignant tumors progress.

Typical symptoms of HIV infection are weight loss, chronic colds and diarrhea, loss of muscle tissue, frequent headaches. Often this disease is accompanied by impaired vision, shortness of breath, pain in the chest area. The first symptoms of HIV are sometimes expressed in herpes, periodontal diseases, inflammation of the mucous membrane in the oral cavity. This includes various condylomata, papillomas. Quite often, HIV is accompanied by pneumonia or tuberculosis, as well as viral hepatitis.

In drug addicts, the first symptoms of HIV are usually most noticeable. Such people are more often sick with tuberculosis and pneumonia, they face heart damage.

For infants exposed to infection through the mother's body, the first symptoms of HIV are fatal, since the human immune system is strengthened only by the age of 6-15 months.

The presence of this infection in the body is not a verdict. Many people live with such a diagnosis until old age, regularly undergoing treatment, communicate with people and do not despair. The life expectancy of an HIV-infected person depends on many factors. Not the last value is age, state of human health, bad habits and somatic diseases. In our country there are special communities of people diagnosed with HIV, forums where patients support each other and share advice. The psychological mood of a person is of great importance. As a rule, the disease progresses faster in the person who lives with the idea of ​​an imminent death, does not get out of depression and is closed from the outside world. Recently, specialists have found methods of treating HIV, significantly prolonging the life of patients and giving them hope for a complete cure. Favorably affect patients a good climate, the presence of loved ones, ready to support, no matter what, and the thirst for life.

To protect yourself from becoming infected with HIV, do not use drugs, do not visit questionable medical facilities and do not have sex with unfamiliar people. It is better to deny yourself once again in a little pleasure, than once to hear this terrible diagnosis.