"Dentokind": review, instructions for use, analogues

Many parents face daily problems with their children. So, right after birth, the baby experiences digestive problems. Eight out of ten babies face colic. When this stage passes, there are other difficulties - teething. Surely, there are no parents in the world who would not be worried about this problem. Often, doctors prescribe in this situation, "Dentokind."Reviews about this product will be presented to your attention.

The article will tell you about the information that the annotation contains. Also you can get acquainted with the analogues of the drug "Dentokind"( tablets).

dentokind feedback

What is this medication?

About the drug "Dentokind" reviews will be presented to your attention below. To begin with it is necessary to say about the composition of the drug and its affiliation.

The preparation includes exclusively vegetative components. It contains belladonna, kamomilla, ferrum and other components. Among the additional substances, lactose and cellulose can be isolated. The drug belongs to the homeopathic group. That's why it is released without a doctor's prescription and practically does not have any negative impact on the patient's body.

The action of the

formulation The drug "Dentokind" reviews is positive because of its influence. The ingredients of the drug have an anti-inflammatory, soothing and normalizing effect. Active natural substances contribute to the painless dentition of the child's teeth. If necessary, they anesthetize, eliminate salivation, calm and normalize the stool.

Also positive feedback about the drug is caused by the fact that the plant components are not capable of harm. That is why the drug has virtually no adverse reactions even in the case of an overdose.

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Indications for prescribing

About the drug "Dentokind"( for children) the instruction says that it can be used as an independent medicine or in combination with other means. Indications for use are the following situations:

  • increased irritability, tearfulness, restless night sleep;
  • abundant salivation, loss of appetite;
  • inflammation of the gums, redness or bluish mucous membranes;
  • diarrhea or constipation, as well as other digestive disorders;
  • joining viral and bacterial infections against a background of decreased immunity;
  • fever, febrile syndrome.

About the drug "Dentokind" doctors say that it is used for all of the above indications only when they are associated with teething. So, for example, the temperature that appeared as a result of a cold, it does not help. Also, the medication will be powerless in the diarrhea of ​​bacterial etiology.

dentokind instructions for use

Are there any contraindications to using this safe means?

About Dentokind tablets, the instruction for use informs you that it is not used for hypersensitivity to individual components of the drug. Also, if there has ever been an allergy to constituent substances, the use of this medication can be very dangerous.

Tablets are contraindicated in lactose deficiency, as well as in the deficiency of this substance. In extreme cases, the drug can be used concomitantly with enzymes, replenishing such a deficiency. However, an individual application regimen should be assigned by a specialist after a preliminary analysis.

how to use a dentokind drug for dentition in children

"Dentokind" for children: instruction on the use of

The drug is prescribed for children under the age of six. Of course, the drug can be used and after this period. However, the effect of correction in this situation will be greatly reduced. For infants of the first year of life, it is recommended to pre-dissolve the tablet in a teaspoon of water.

  • Children under the age of 12 months, the drug "Dentokind" instructions for use prescribe to take one pill every hour. However, no more than six tablets can be used per day. Further, when the complaints disappear, the medication should be used three times a day until the tooth is completely erupted.
  • The children are given a drug "Dentokind" after a year in a different dosage. Instructions for use include the use of two tablets at a time. A day can take no more than 12 pills. After this, the composition is used according to the above scheme three times a day.

Duration of use is always determined by the physician individually. Many doctors recommend to stop using after complaints and anxiety are gone.

dentokind for children instruction

Can I replace the drug with another drug?

"Dentokind" medication for teething shows high efficiency. However, some patients can not take it under the appropriate contraindications. In this case, substitutes are used. The composition of "Dentokind" analogs has only relative. So, quite often it is replaced with rectal suppositories "Viburkol".Indication and mode of action this drug has similar.

You can also choose a symptomatic substitute. Such a medicine will have antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. However, the safety of such medications is not so high, many of them cause side effects.

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Comments of consumers about

The parents of the children who took this remedy say that it acts very quickly. A few hours after the first application there is an effect. The drug has a calming effect, the child becomes less tearful, increases appetite, painful gums disappear.

Instruction for use indicates that the formulation is applied after preliminary dissolution in water. However, some mummies just put the pill under the child's tongue. The composition dissolves very quickly under the action of saliva. This scheme of application shows a more effective result in treatment.

Some consumers report that the price is very overpriced for Dentokind. This is due to its safety. After all, it is better to buy a product that is proven and effective, but which has a higher price than giving the baby dangerous cheap medicines. The composition of "Dentokind" price ranges from 700 to 900 rubles.

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What do they say about the composition of the physician?

The drug "Dentokind" reviews doctors only good. Many doctors prescribe this remedy for their small patients, who suffer from painful dentition. Pediatricians talk about the safety of medication. The composition of the drug is selected in such a way that it does not cause any negative reaction. In most cases, the medicine is transferred perfectly even with prolonged use.

Doctors say that only isolated cases are known when these tablets caused allergies. Usually this happened because of the increased sensitivity to the components, which was ignored by the parents.

The word to pharmacists

Sellers of medical products say that in recent years, the drug "Dentokind" has gained great popularity. It is regularly used by parents of children under the age of three. Despite the high price, this product is bought much more often than analogues and substitutes.

Pharmacists say that this compound should be purchased exclusively at specialized points of sale. You can not buy tablets "Dentokind" from dubious persons without the availability of appropriate documents and certificates. The use of such formulations can lead to completely unexpected reactions. As a result, the medicine will not only be useless and will not eliminate the troubling symptoms, but will also cause a lot of side effects.

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Instead of a conclusion, or a short summary of the article

You became aware of a new effective drug that helps cope with the problems of teething in young children. Remember that even such safe formulations should not be used arbitrarily, especially when it comes to your small child. Before using the tablets, you need to visit a doctor and consult on this issue. The pediatrician will tell you in detail about the process of teething, as well as the methods of its relief. Read carefully the instructions for use before using various medications. Health to your baby and well-being!