"Anti-papillum"( gel): instructions for use

Papillomas are small, tumorous tumors that slightly rise above the surface of the skin. Usually their size hardly exceeds several millimeters, but there are also large specimens. Papillomas can appear on various parts of the body, including on the hands and face. Despite the benign character, neoplasms do not look quite aesthetically. Therefore, those who wish to get rid of them very much. To combat pathology, doctors recommend using ointments or creams. One of the most effective drugs is "Anti-Papillom"( gel).

Description of the medicament: Composition and form of release

For cosmetic removal of small warts, the "Anti-Papillom" is excellent. With the help of this drug can be at home to get rid of tumors in the skin in the shortest time. Its use is absolutely safe. The medication passed a multistage quality control system. anti-papilloma gel

Its main components include distilled water, sodium hydroxide and gellant. The medicine goes on sale in plastic bottles. The volume of the tube with the drug "Anti-Papillom"( gel) - 5 ml. This amount is enough for one course of treatment.

How to use

It used to be that the papillomas are transmitted solely through sexual contact. Today, scientists have proved that the virus that causes them can penetrate the body and the way of life. A theory is also considered regarding the effect of ultraviolet rays on the occurrence of cutaneous neoplasms. They practically do not interfere with the usual way of life. With an increase in their size and rapid reproduction should immediately consult a doctor.

To combat pathology, doctors often prescribe immunostimulants, topical medications. Among a wide variety of manufactured products, "Anti-Papillom" cosmetic gel deserved special attention. Reviews of real patients suggest that the effectiveness of the drug increases with proper application.

  1. Before starting treatment, it is necessary to steam out the affected area of ​​the skin. It is enough to take a shower or a bath.
  2. Around the papilloma, the skin should be greased with a fat cream or petroleum jelly. Thus, it is possible to avoid the use of anti-papillomas on unprotected dermis areas.
  3. Gel instructions, patients' reviews recommend to apply extremely neatly to the neoplasm.
  4. After about 1-2 days, the process of exfoliating the keratinized areas will be noticeable. After 5 days, the affected areas of the skin should be completely cleansed. If a positive result is not obtained, repeat the procedure.

anti-papillomas gel instructions reviews


When should I stop using the drug Anti-Papillom? The gel is not recommended for use in case of individual intolerance of the constituent components. Therefore, before the start of the course of therapy, it is important to study the instruction, the composition of the medication.

It is forbidden to engage in self-medication. When there is papilloma on the skin, you need to visit a dermatologist. Only after consulting a specialist you can proceed directly to therapy. When symptoms of irritation of the dermis( redness, severe itching) appear, you should contact your doctor again. anti-papilloma gel 5 ml

Useful recommendations

"Anti-Papillom"( gel) is a drug of individual application. Use a tube is recommended for therapeutic purposes to one person. It is extremely undesirable to apply the drug in caring for the face, underarms and mammary glands. Also, the instructions say that the gel can not be rubbed into the dermis.

If you get medication on the eye mucosa or healthy skin areas, they should be gently rinsed under running water. After this, you can prepare at home a lotion based on 5% citric acid solution.

Feedback from consumers

What do real patients say about the use of the drug "Anti-Papillom"?Gel, if you believe the consumers, can save even large tumors. Positive dynamics are usually observed already on the second-third day. Another advantage of this drug is a low price. For one packing of the means it is necessary to give 150-180 rubles. The gel form allows the preparation to be used economically. gel anti-papillomas cosmetic reviews

Negative patient feedback is usually caused by improper use. The medicine has a strong enough effect, and illiterate application to the skin can cause a burn. Therefore, before the start of the course of therapy, it is important to read the annotation.