The drug "Diabetes": reviews of doctors, instructions for use, a description

Diabetes is a problem that brings big problems to the measured life of people. The strictest diet, taking pills on schedule, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, giving up bad habits, having a good rest - all this should be followed by a diabetic. But unfortunately, not always people are able to completely change their diet. Help to quickly cope with the change in diet, as well as to prevent the occurrence of complications from diabetes, a unique product called "Diabetes" can. This development of Russian scientists and physicians is able to return patients to a full life, and also to prevent the emergence of health problems. Today we find out what this drug is, how it looks, what composition it has. And also find out what the doctors themselves think about him. diabetes reviews of doctors

Diabetes remedy: product description

This drug is a dietary health food. This is not a biologically active additive, nor is it a medicine. The tool "Diabetal" has no analogues, it is completely natural. This drug was developed by Russian scientific institutes, where special attention is paid to the diet and diet of diabetics( concerns both children and adults).

The "Diabetes" means a sable gel( jelly), placed in a special jar. This form of release of the drug guarantees faster, as well as gentle treatment, unlike tablets or capsules. The gel form of this product is more effective, and also gentle with respect to the stomach. At the same time, the organism of a diabetic quickly absorbs therapeutic nutrition.

Diabetic is a low-calorie, sugar-free product. This Russian medicinal product has a cumulative effect, so its effect persists for a long time. diabetes product description

Advantages of

The drug "Diabetes", according to the manufacturer, has such advantages in use:

  1. It is an ideal tool for a therapeutic diet.
  2. Perfectly combined with other medicines.
  3. Reduces the risk of complications caused by diabetes.
  4. Increases the effectiveness of therapy, which allows you to postpone the intake of insulin.
  5. Cleanses the body.
  6. Improves the patient's well-being. diabetes instructions

Composition of the preparation

Means "Diabetal", the instruction to which must necessarily be applied to the jar with the drug, consists of such components:

- Fucose. This component is obtained from marine brown seaweed of the Fucus family, which have a striking composition. They contain as many as 42 elements, including magnesium, sulfur, zinc, calcium, iodine, iron, phosphorus, silicon, barium, etc., as well as an extensive list of vitamins, pantothenic and folic acids, fiber, amino acids.

- Cranberry. Juice from this berry is a valuable source of vitamin C, a complex of minerals, as well as organic acids. Cranberry is able to excrete toxic substances from the organism of a diabetic.

- Jerusalem artichoke syrup. This element contains inulin, which does not allow glucose to enter the intestine. And also Jerusalem artichoke syrup increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin.

- Chrome in organic form. This component regulates the level of glucose. The lack of chromium in the diet can cause hyperglycemia( a clinical syndrome in which there is an increase in blood sugar).And this component helps to normalize blood pressure.

- Purified water. diabetes medicine

What results can you expect?

According to the manufacturer, an excellent support for diabetics is the drug "Diabetes".The description of the product was considered, but what to expect from it - no. So, this tool gives such effects:

- Improves eyesight and retina( everyone knows that diabetics often have vision problems).

- Helps to control weight.

- Improves metabolic processes.

- Prevents the appearance of complications.

- Improves the emotional state of the patient.

- Helps reduce cholesterol in the blood.

- Improves the condition of the heart and blood vessels.

- Strengthens the body's defenses.

- Improves libido, struggles with impotence.

- Prevents the appearance of numbness in the limbs.

Diabetes remedy: instructions for use

Use this product of Russian production is easy enough. In the bank with the drug contains 10 portions, that is, 10 times. For 1 time the patient needs to take 50 g of this healing jelly. It does not matter when to swallow it: before eating, after or during meals. And the Diabetes remedy can be mixed with various juices and water. So, it is enough to take 1 dose of this jelly once a day to soon enjoy a full life.

The cost of

The drug "Diabetul", the price of which for many people may seem unprofitable, can be purchased on the Internet. Unfortunately, in the pharmacy to find this healing jelly is unlikely to work. What is the cost of this Russian remedy aimed at improving the condition of a diabetic patient? So, in Russia about 3500 rubles are necessary to pay for 1 bank of the drug "Diabetul".The price is indicated for 10 servings, that is, this drug is enough for the patient only for 10 days. If you count for a month, then comes a tidy sum: 10 500 rubles. It is happy with the high cost of the product aimed at maintaining the normal state of the diabetic. diabetes instructions for use

Contraindications. Storage conditions

The "Diabetes" remedy, which you can read below, can not be used only in one case: with individual intolerance of the product components.

Store the preparation in a dry place protected from the sun. You also need to hide it away from children. Despite the fact that there are no harmful elements in it, all the same to boys and girls this drug should not be seen. The optimal temperature of saving the gel is Diabetic + 2 degrees. Shelf life of the drug is 6 months.

Produced in the Russian Federation, in Moscow. diabetes price

Positive feedback from specialists

The Healing product "Diabetes" reviews medical specialists is different. Since this is a relatively new drug, many doctors have not yet heard of it. But those who have already encountered his action, note that the gel "Diabetul" really does wonders. Doctors believe that this drug fulfills its most important function - it returns the body to the diabetic ability to properly absorb sugar. Penetrating into cells, fucose - one of the components of the remedy - restores the functions of insulin receptors, and also renews their ability to react properly to glucose in the blood. Doctors believe that the product "Diabetes" not only eliminates symptoms, but also struggles with the causes of the disease. Also, experts note the unique composition of this drug, which does not contain any preservatives, and also does not undergo thermal treatment. All elements of this Russian product are natural and useful. A high price of the drug, according to doctors, fully justifies itself. diabetes

Negative feedback from experts

Unfortunately, the tool "Diabetes" reviews of doctors is not only flattering, but also disapproving. So, many doctors have not yet encountered this product, which appeared on the market relatively recently. Therefore, doctors can not give an adequate assessment of this remedy. However, many of them comment on the actions of their patients, who not only heard about this drug, but also used it. It turns out that the patients, without consulting with the treating endocrinologists, simply threw their usual treatment with pills against diabetes and acquired the "Diabetes" remedy. And in the end it turned out that the patients' condition only worsened. Some percent of the blame in this situation doctors shift to the product "Diabetes".But of course, the root cause of the deterioration is the patient himself. After all, you do not need to give up medication prescribed by a doctor. Specialists say that you can take the product "Diabetes", but only in parallel with the treatment that the endocrinologist prescribed. After all, the gel itself can not save a person from type 2 diabetes.

And endocrinologists ask people before buying this Russian product, consult with them to exclude the appearance of negative consequences.


Now you know what the "Diabetes" means is, the reviews of doctors about it, the composition, the rules of admission, we also considered. They found out that this drug appeared recently, so some doctors have not yet encountered it. And those specialists who were lucky enough to learn about this Russian curative product, only respond positively to it. Patients should know that the cost of this drug is high enough, but for sure many people are ready to give a lot of money for living a normal life, not overshadowed by various health problems.