The drug "Tioktatsid BV" 600: instructions for use, reviews, composition and description

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What substances contain a medicine such as "Tioktatsid 600 BV"?The instructions for use, the composition and the form of this preparation will be described below. We will also provide information on how much this remedy costs, for what purpose it is prescribed to patients and whether it has contraindications. tioktatsid bv 600 instructions for use

Composition, description, form and packaging of medicament

Buy this medication in two different forms:

  • Oral preparation "Tioktatsid BV"( tablets).Instruction for use says that it has a convex shape, as well as a shell of yellow color or with a greenish tinge. In the sale of such tablets come in bottles of 30 pieces. The active substance of this agent is thioctic acid. Also, the medicament also includes additional elements in the form of low-substituted hydroxypropyl cellulose, magnesium stearate, hydroxypropylcellulose, hypromellose, macrogol 6000, quinoline yellow aluminum salt, titanium dioxide, talc and aluminum salt of indigo carmine.
  • Solution "Tioktatsid BV" 600. Instruction for use informs that this form of the drug is intended for intravenous injections. The clear solution is yellow and comes in ampoules made of dark glass. Its active component is also thioctic acid. As additional substances, purified water and trometamol are used.
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What is the medicine "Tioktatsid BV" 600?Instructions for use, reviews of doctors say that this is a metabolic remedy.

In human body, thioctic acid acts as a coenzyme, which participates in oxidative reactions of phosphorylation of alpha-keto acids, as well as pyruvic acid. In addition, it is an endogenous antioxidant. According to its principle of action( biochemical), this component is as close as possible to the vitamins of group B. tioktatsid bv 600 Instruction for use price

According to experts, thioctic acid protects cells from the toxic effect of free radicals that are formed during metabolism. It also helps to neutralize exogenous toxic compounds that penetrated the human body.

Properties of the drug

What are the properties of the drug "Tioktatsid BV" 600?Instructions for use inform that thioctic acid is capable of increasing the concentration of an endogenous antioxidant such as glutathione. This effect leads to a significant decrease in the severity of signs of polyneuropathy.

We can not say that the drug under consideration has hypoglycemic, hepatoprotective, hypocholesterolemic and hypolipidemic effects. It is also able to improve trophic neurons.

As a result of the synergistic action of thioctic acid and insulin, glucose utilization is increased.


What are the kinetic features of the drug "Tioktatsid T"( 100 and 600)?Instructions for use indicate that the absorption of the active substance of this drug occurs quickly and completely. tioktatsid bv 600 user manual

Simultaneous intake of food can significantly reduce absorption of the drug. Its highest concentration in the blood is reached approximately 35 minutes after ingestion. The absolute bioavailability of thioctic acid is about 20%.

This drug is metabolized in the liver, and is excreted along with the urine.


In what cases is a drug such as "Thiocytase BV" 600 prescribed? Instructions for use indicate the following indications for use:

  • polyneuropathy caused by the reception of alcoholic beverages;
  • diabetic sensory-motor polyneuropathy.


Due to a lack of sufficient experience in the use of this drug and clinical studies, it is highly discouraged to prescribe it to nursing mothers and pregnant women.

Is it possible to give a child a drug "Tioktatsid 600BV"?The use of this drug in children and adolescents is prohibited. Also it should not be used in case of allergic reaction to any of the components. tiocacid t 100 and 600 instructions for use

Drug "Tioktatsid BV" 600: instruction for use

Use this medication only for the intended use of the therapist. Tablets should be taken as a whole, on an empty stomach( for example, 40 minutes before breakfast).

Typically, "Tioktatsid BV"( 600 mg) is prescribed to patients in the amount of one tablet once a day.

As for intravenous administration, this procedure is very slow( 50 mg per minute).

The initial daily dose of the drug in question is 600 mg. After 4 weeks, this amount can be reduced by half.

Do not leave ampoules with medicinal substance in the light.


With internal administration of the drug, the patient may develop such undesirable effects as:

  • allergic reactions in the form of rashes and itching on the skin, as well as urticaria;
  • side effects from the digestive tract( diarrhea, nausea, pain and vomiting).

As for the injection form, it often causes: tiocacid bv tablets

  • skin rash, anaphylactic shock and itching;
  • shortness of breath and sudden increase in pressure( intracranial);
  • bleeding, seizures, vision problems and minor hemorrhages.

Drug overdose cases

If the recommended dosage is exceeded, the patient may develop symptoms such as seizures, lactic acidosis, bleeding disorders and hypoglycemic coma.

When observing such reactions, you should consult a doctor, as well as induce vomiting, give him enterosorbents and rinse the stomach. Also it is necessary to support the life of the patient until the arrival of an ambulance.

Drug Interaction

According to the instructions, the preparation "Thiocycide BV" should be combined with "Cisplatin", metal containing agents, insulin and preparations from diabetes mellitus with extreme caution. It is also not recommended to take it together with alcohol because of the possible decrease in the effectiveness of the drug.

The interval between the intake of magnesium or iron preparations and "Tioktatsida BV" should be 7 hours. tioktatsid 600bv use in children

Analogues and cost of

You can replace such a drug as "Tioctacide BV" with the following preparations: "Berlithion", "Alpha-lipon", "Dialipon", "Tiogamma".

As for the price, it can be different for different forms and manufacturers. The cost of the tablet form of "Tioktatsida BV"( 600 mg) is about 1,700 rubles for 30 pieces. Medication in the form of a solution can be purchased for 1500 rubles( for 5 pieces).

Reviews about the drug

As you know, the drug "Tioktatsid BV" is intended for people who suffer from severe metabolic disorders. The patients' comments on the tablet form are ambiguous. According to their reports, this tool is very effective. But unfortunately, tablets often cause side reactions that manifest themselves in the form of nausea, urticaria, and sometimes even in the form of tides and changes in the state of health and mood of the patient.

Now you know what the medicine "Tioktatsid BV" 600 is. Instructions for use, the price of this medication has been described above.

Reviews about this remedy are left not only by those patients who take its tablet form, but also those to whom the injection solution was prescribed. tiocacid 600 bv instructions for use composition

According to the reports of such people, side effects with intravenous administration of the drug are much less common. Moreover, they are not as pronounced as when taking tablets.

Thus, it can be safely noted that "Tioktatsid BV" is a very effective tool designed to combat the signs of polyneuropathy, which arose after a long reception of alcoholic beverages or against the background of diabetes mellitus.