What ointment from decubitus is most effective?

Bedsores occur in seriously ill people who are in a recumbent position for a long time. When they appear, you must immediately take up the medication to prevent the development of more serious skin problems. There is ointment from decubitus, which is quite effective against them. But do not immediately run after it to the pharmacy, because you can independently prepare such a healing agent. Here are some examples of recipes that will help get rid of pressure sores.

Make Ointment at Home

Recipe 1. First take 100 ml of butter. In this case, it is better to use olive or sunflower syrup. Then you need a piece of beeswax. It should not be too big - about with a walnut. Then we start to prepare. First you need to boil the butter, crumble the wax and add it to the boiling mass. These ingredients should be thoroughly mixed, so give them time to warm up well. After everything has cooled down, you will get a ready ointment from decubitus. Now you can safely put it on the damaged places in a very dense layer.

Recipe 2. Take 2 onions, 2 tablespoons of oil and a little beeswax. Also it can be replaced with a conventional wax candle. Grind the onion in a blender and add it to a well-heated oil. Cover the mixture with a lid and leave to simmer on low heat. After 20 minutes, add the finely chopped wax and wait for it to dissolve. Stir the resulting gruel all the time to make it homogeneous. This ointment from decubitus, after it cools, should be applied to the diseased parts of the skin in the morning and in the evening. Vaseline and flowers of calendula. Grass should be crushed thoroughly. You can use a coffee grinder or a blender for this purpose. Add it to Vaseline and mix thoroughly. Thus, another ointment was obtained from bedsores, which should also be used twice a day until the skin becomes healthy. There are a lot of such recipes. But do not wait for such problems. Try to warn them all the same. Do the person the easiest massage and turn it over often.

Prophylaxis for bedsores

Special attention should be paid to the patient's nutrition. Try to enrich it with all the necessary vitamins and microelements. Be sure to purchase a mattress against decubitus. Try to have one load of the body not exceed two hours. It is necessary to lift arms and legs in turn, to bend forward, to rise on elbows. There should be no wrinkles in the bed. Pay special attention to the purity of the skin. Do not forget to examine it carefully. Do not listen to the advice of friends, relatives or relatives, so as not to aggravate the existing problem. By the way, the information found in books or on the Internet is also called self-treatment. What was useful to one person, another can cause harm. It is better to seek help from a doctor. He has experience in solving such problems and will certainly provide you with qualified assistance.