Institute of Eye Diseases at Rossolimo. Research Institute of Eye Diseases RAMS

Bad ecology, a rabid rhythm of life and a huge number of gadgets - all this has a negative impact on human health. If earlier glasses were considered a mandatory attribute of an elderly person, today more and more young people are trying to solve their problems related to vision. On sale there is a huge number of lenses and stylish glasses. However, these accessories only help to cope with the symptoms, but do not treat the disease itself. The Institute of Eye Diseases at Rossolimo is a medical institution in which oculists with a high level of qualification are gathered. With their help, almost everyone will be able to cope with the eye disease at an early stage.

History of

The medical institution was founded in 1973 by a decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR.Initially, it was a research institute that dealt with ophthalmic diseases. The first director of the institution was Professor M. M. Krasnov, who made a huge contribution to the development of the ocular direction. The specialist carried out delicate operations that allowed many patients to maintain their vision. Since December 2001, the institute was started by the talented student of Professor S.E. Avetisov.

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Institute of Eye Diseases on Rossolimo Correction of vision is not the only direction of the institute's activity. Specialists here are engaged in the development of new diagnostic methods, as well as the treatment of complex eye diseases. New technologies are initially tested, and then are already being introduced into clinical practice. To date, the medical institution employs more than 500 employees. This is not only highly qualified doctors, but also junior staff.

Glaucoma Department

The main activity of this subsection is related to the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of glaucoma. Early diagnosis of the disease is of great importance. After all, if we talk about eye diseases in people, leading to blindness in the future, it is first of all worth remembering about glaucoma. Specialists use several diagnostic techniques at once. First of all, the biomechanical properties of the fibrous membrane of the eye are studied. This allows you to obtain more detailed information about the state of hydrostatics. Within the walls of the Institute, the question of using inhibitors of vascular endothelial growth as a method of treating glaucoma is being studied.

vision correction The Institute of Eye Diseases at Rossolimo is a place where people with poor vision can return to normal life. The launched form of glaucoma is not yet a guarantee of future blindness. The earlier a patient seeks medical help, the better the chances of recovery.

Department of the pathology of the lacrimal apparatus

This department was created relatively recently due to the talented professor VG Beloglazov. Eye diseases in humans can relate not only to the category of ophthalmology. It is no accident that doctors of two related specialties work in this department. One patient can be examined not only by the oculist, but also by the otorhinolaryngologist. After careful research, the specialists jointly develop the correct method of treatment for a particular patient.

eye diseases in humans One of the first to study the dry eye syndrome is the Institute of Eye Diseases at Rossolimo. Experts not only develop methods of treatment of the disease, but also propose preventive measures. When diagnosing a lacrimal apparatus, various research capabilities are used. The Institute of Eye Diseases( Rossolimo, 11-a and 11-b) has high-quality equipment for performing ultrasound. Magnetoresonance tomography is used.

Department of refractive disorders

The main activity is the research and implementation in clinical practice of new methods of treatment and diagnostics of defects in the optic system of the eye. Specialists manage to find solutions to problems that are inherent in nature. With the help of delicate surgical intervention, correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism.

st russolimo eye clinic Specialists have developed a system for correcting refractive disorders in children. Now the baby does not need to wait for a certain age to improve his vision. Doctors say that children's eye diseases at an early age are much more amenable to treatment. For surgical correction of astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness, high-quality equipment is used. During surgery, the patient does not feel any pain, or other unpleasant sensations.

Department of reconstructive surgery of the eyelids

The main achievements of the department have been the development of a surgical method for the treatment of paralytic lagophthalmia. For this, a special implant is used, which not only restores sight to the patient, but also forms a beautiful circle. The patient's eyes look natural. It is difficult for an outsider to determine that the patient has undergone surgery at all.

Institute of Eye Diseases ul Rossolimo The Institute of Eye Diseases at Rossolimo was able to accumulate vast experience in correcting traumatic orbital defects. After all, such problems are not only cosmetic. Many injuries lead to a significant deterioration in vision. An integrated approach allows you to correct several defects at once. The patient returns a beautiful facial expression, as well as a correction of vision. The department of reconstructive surgery of the eyelids also deals with the treatment of strabismus. In most cases, the problem can be solved with the help of only one intervention.

The polyclinic department of the

Research Institute of Eye Diseases of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences( Rossolimo Street, which can be reached from the metro stations Park Kultury or Frunzenskaya) is visited by people who felt only the first symptoms of visual impairment. More than 30 specialists work in the polyclinic department. These are doctors who are already able to diagnose when they are visually examined. However, treatment can not be prescribed without additional diagnosis. The department employs doctors who specialize in glaucoma. Particular attention is paid to monitoring patients with diagnosed. Each visitor gets a separate card.

Rossolimo eye diseases The department has an electronic registration form. This avoids queuing. The patient can get to the chosen specialist by first registering with the online form or by calling the registry number.

The physiotherapy room is located in the outpatient department. Here, patients perform procedures that improve the condition of the cornea or restore vision after surgery. All manipulations are performed under the strict supervision of the attending physician.

Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimation

Some complex pathologies can be cured only through a full-fledged surgical intervention. The patient will then have a difficult and long rehabilitation period. On the street. Rossolimo eye clinic has its own department of anesthesiology and resuscitation. Here, patients are carefully prepared for the operation, and after intervention they are under the watchful eye of medical personnel.

children There are 52 employees in the department. Chambers are equipped with modern equipment. At the same time there can be 13 complicated patients. About 150 operations are performed on average within one week. However, the great honor of interventions belongs to the category of lungs. Patients can leave the medical facility a few hours after the surgery.

Fixed department

Three surgical departments employ more than 70 employees. These are doctors, as well as junior medical personnel, who monitor the condition of postoperative patients. Also, in a hospital, there may be out-of-town patients who came to the institute for a preliminary examination. The department consists of 30 comfortable rooms. For an additional fee, the patient will be placed in apartments with all amenities. It is possible to establish an extra bed for relatives.

Eye diseases in humans tend to develop gradually. Therefore, it is impossible to get to the hospital without an appointment. All operations are planned. Some patients have to wait their turn for months.

In the department of the hospital there is a physiotherapy room. Here, under the supervision of junior medical personnel, patients perform procedures that allow them to be quickly rehabilitated after surgery.

Scientific and organizational department of

The medical institution not only treats eye diseases. Rossolimo is a street that is also known to many thanks to conferences, symposiums and seminars held at the Research Institute. Here, work is also underway to train graduate students, clinical residents, and specialists from other ophthalmological clinics. There is a large conference hall in the office. Activities are held almost daily.

The department includes not only scientific staff, but also programmers, patent specialists, translators, library staff. Here, modern methods of medical records are developed in electronic form. This experience is used not only by ophthalmological clinics, but also by other medical institutions. Over the past five years, the Institute of Eye Diseases has been able to obtain more than 80 patents for various inventions.

Clinical diagnostic laboratory

Providing all clinical analyzes is the main activity of this department. This work plays an important role in the formulation of an accurate diagnosis of patients, as well as in their preparation for hospitalization. The laboratory of the Institute fully complies with European standards. Modern methods are used to detect eye diseases at an early stage.