Product of the corporation "Siberian Health" Trigelm: user reviews

"Trigelm", a product of the "Siberian Health" corporation, deserves respect for its deserved respect, the reviews about it are only positive. It is an effective remedy against parasites. With its help it is possible to carry out preventive maintenance and correction of the basic illnesses of an intestine and zhelchevyvodjashchej the systems caused by harmful organisms. Medicinal complex "Trigelm" "Siberian Health"( a corporation from Novosibirsk) produces three drugs. Each of them is a definite link of the antiparasitic complex scheme. It, therefore, combines effective methods of combating harmful organisms. Siberian Health Trigelm Reviews

The product of the corporation "Siberian Health" "Trigelm"( reviews confirm this) affects almost all parasites:

- flat( chain);

- flukes( opisthorchia);

- round( ascarids, pinworms, hookworms, whipworm);

- the simplest( amoeba, lamblia).

Cleansing bile ducts and intestines

Internal organs for a powerful antiparasitic action are also preparing a tool for the company "Siberian Health" Trigelm.

Reviews argue that this complex plant complex eliminates spasm of the biliary tract and intestinal constipation, provoked by harmful organisms.

Only by removing these barriers, you can be sure that the antiparasitic substances will achieve their goal. Trigelme Siberian health

The first preparation of the complex consists of senna, grass sporisha, echinacea, clover, horsetail, lingonberry, licorice, burdock, St. John's Wort, volostushki, krovohlebki, lime, tansy, blackcurrant, immortelle, saussure, sabelnik.

Strike on parasites

The second drug, included in the complex from the company "Siberian Health" Trigelm, reviews reportedly, powerful and effective impact on harmful organisms. In this preparation powerful antiparasitic components of vegetable origin are concentrated: extracts of grapefruit seeds and artichoke leaves, tansy flowers, but even natural natural remedies should not be used for too long.

Secondary prevention and recovery

"Trigelm"( reviews this claim) provides a smooth reduction of the antiparasitic background and restores the intestinal microflora. For this is the third preparation of the complex. It also protects a person from toxic action, destroys the remains of harmful organisms that are still preserved in hard-to-reach bile ducts. The third complex consists of essential oil extract of camomile and peppermint, microgranulated extract of immortelle sand, natural clove honey. trigelm reviews

In general, "Trigelm" has a bactericidal, mild laxative, antioxidant, choleretic, anti-allergic, wound-healing, detoxifying action. It causes death of parasites, restores appetite, increases general and cellular immunity, normalizes cholesterol level and intestinal microflora. Removes symptoms of infection by harmful organisms: nausea, heartburn, bloating, reduces the likelihood of the appearance of stones in the bile duct and bladder.

There is a complex of contraindications. It should not be used for acute ulcerative processes in the intestines and stomach, malignant tumors, general exhaustion, prolonged severe constipation, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.