Mokritsa-grass. Healing properties and not only

wet grass herb medicinal properties Medium-sized starfish( mocrica) is an herb, the medicinal properties of which have been used for a long time. It is a herbaceous annual plant from the Clove family. Has a branching stalking stem and reaches a height of 10-30 cm, the leaves are pointed ovoid. Flowers of small size, usually white in color, look like stars. The flowering period is from May to August, while fruits of dark brown color are formed in the form of a box with seeds of round or kidney shape. Getting into the soil, the seeds are able to maintain germination to 5 years. The mokritsu can be found in the fields, orchards and gardens, where it is considered a weed. The grass often grows along rivers, on damp glades, near habitation.

Useful properties of the starlet

The mokritsa-herb medicinal properties are very diverse, and all thanks to the content of such elements as carotene and ascorbic acid. The plant is rich in vitamins E and B, saponins, flavonoids, lipids, tannins, etc. Starry average contains magnesium, iron, copper, cobalt. The plant can be eaten both in fresh and processed form. It is easy to make from it a vitamin salad or a non-alcoholic drink. Often, people add grass to the first dishes, replacing it with spinach, also used as an aromatic seasoning.

wet grass grass photo The plant has a lot of useful characteristics, therefore it is widely used in homeopathy and folk medicine. Mokrytsa-herb medicinal properties is very diverse: from hemostatic and analgesic to antiseptic and cholagogue. Has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Starry average is called "heart" grass because of its ability to clean the vessels and stimulate the work of the heart. Mokritsa-grass( photo you can see here) is considered an excellent honey tree due to a long flowering period. The grass is loved by domestic animals, it is believed that thanks to it the chicks strengthen their immunity, the chickens gain weight faster, and the cows have more milk.

Mokritsa. The healing properties of

In folk recipes there is grass in fresh form, juice, broths and tinctures are made from it. In the course are the stem, flowers and leaves of the star. In dried form, the plant is used quite rarely, mainly for making infusions. Of these, make baths and lotions for the treatment of diseases of the skin, hemorrhoids, stop bleeding, etc. Warm compresses are good for rheumatism, radiculitis, polyarthritis and sprain. Mokritsa is able to normalize the hormonal background of the body, and is also used to treat diseases of the thyroid gland.
mokritsa medicinal properties Plant juice is good for cataracts in its initial stage. Mokrytsa is a herb whose medicinal properties are indispensable for stomach ulcers, colitis, liver diseases, is shown to all breastfeeding mothers, because the starch has a beneficial effect on increasing lactation. Broths of grass promote softening and resorption of various kinds of tumors. Its use is recommended at a lowered level of hemoglobin, anemia, general weakness, dizziness. It should be remembered that decoctions of the lice drop the pressure, and the grass growing on calcareous soils can cause an allergic reaction.