How is the plastic of the chin

As you know, the attractiveness of a person, especially a woman, consists of many details. A correct face oval, harmonious lips and nose, a cut of the eyes - every feature, of course, is of great importance, can not only give the image a finish, but also disrupt it as a whole. For example, a lowered chin due to age changes can not only worsen the profile, but also become an aesthetic defect of the whole face.

Today, every person is helped by the plastic of the chin or otherwise by the mentoplasty. This procedure implies a correction of the shape of the chin, which in turn allows the experienced specialist to eliminate the existing cosmetic and aesthetic defects. Chin plasty, as a rule, is assigned to those patients who, due to age changes, soft tissues have sufficiently weighed down. It should be noted that specifically in this case, the plastic of the chin is often carried out together with a contour facelift.

On the other hand, the plastic of the chin is also preferable in the case when a drop-shaped form is observed at birth from a person, or on the contrary after serious accidents, serious deformations appeared on the face.

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Mentoplasty is currently performed in two ways: an external incision is used in the natural fold of the skin directly under the chin itself, or an internal incision is used in the mucosa of the lip. Most often, patients choose the second option, since in this case, after the operation itself, there is no scarring or bruising.

Plastic surgery of the second chin makes it possible not to use serious surgical intervention, since this procedure consists of simple liposuction.

Initially, the surgeon must separate the sagging muscles over the years, and then directly sew together. After a thorough and detailed measurement of the skin, its excess is easily removed. This procedure ends with the imposition of a small cosmetic suture and a tight bandage.

Contour plasty of the chin is usually performed under local anesthesia, therefore, immediately after the operation the patient can go home. A tight bandage should not be removed within two weeks after the mentoplasty. As a rule, the healing time and rehabilitation period range from two weeks to one month.

Often, specialists after the full completion of the rehabilitation period recommend a course of restorative procedures, for example, mesotherapy, biorevitalization, etc. There are a number of other cosmetic procedures that not only have a beneficial effect on the skin, but also have a therapeutic effect.

Thus, thanks to this particular article, you can be sure that the plastic of the chin at the moment is a fairly simple and short-term procedure, the result of which will not take long to wait. A constant desire for beauty is, perhaps, the natural desire of absolutely every person.