Liquids Skills - American means for refueling cigarettes

Not so long ago, a variety of Skills fluids were on sale. This is a new tool for refueling electronic cigarettes, manufactured by American specialists.

Description of product

On the shelves of Russian stores selling accessories for non-standard way of smoking, a wide range of specialized products is presented. On sale, as a rule, there is everything, starting with the electronic cigarettes themselves and ending with individual parts. In addition, the steamers are offered a large selection of liquids for refilling atomizer cartridges. Buyers can purchase products of various brands and brands. Among them, a special place is occupied by Skills fluids. Their production is handled by an American company, which has already proved itself quite well in the international market.

Fluid Skills

Liquids Skills come on sale in original packages, which stand out prominently on the background of other products. Tare is made in the form of plastic bottles with a capacity of 15, 30 and 10 milliliters. Depending on the flavor, each series has its own color label. This greatly simplifies the selection process. Liquid bottles Skills are very practical. They can even be carried in your pocket without fear of leaks.

Mixture composition

Liquid for electronic cigarettes Skills has one very important distinctive feature. For its production is used not quite a standard basis. If most mixtures have a glycerin-propylene glycol ratio of 70:30, then the American samples may vary. There are compositions on sale, where this figure is 50:50, 60:40 and even 90:10.All this affects the quality of the produced steam. Depending on the amount of vegetable glycerin, its saturation and density will change.

liquid for electronic cigarette skills

In this case, the decision will need to be made by the buyer himself. True, it is better to consult with the seller after all. In addition to describing the basic characteristics of the product, it can show each customer a certificate that confirms the quality of the product itself. All goods coming to Russian stores are pre-approved by special clinical trials. Therefore, it is practically harmless and absolutely safe for health.

Trio of aromas

Recently, people increasingly began to purchase liquid for filling their electronic devices Skills. The flavors of the new brand are represented by three flavors:

  1. Birdie's Milf. This name can be translated as "bird's milk".Indeed, to taste the mixture resembles a dessert known to many. This type of product is somewhat different from the other two high in glycerin, which allows you to get more thick steam. Although I must say that not every smoker seeks this.
  2. Cocoblast. A unique combination of exotic coconut, sweet melon and menthol has been approved by many buyers. Smoke has a pleasant aroma, after which the mouth has a refreshing aftertaste.
  3. Strawreal - a gentle sweetness of strawberries. It tastes like an air donut, sprinkled with fragrant berry glaze. This scent is more often chosen by women.

fluid skills tastes

In addition, all liquids are divided into groups depending on the content of nicotine in them:

  • 0 milligram - total absence;
  • 3 milligrams is a super-light version;
  • 6 milligrams - relatively light.

When selecting an item, both indicators must be taken into account.