How to remove a hangover at home - tips

Hangover syndrome is a terrible punishment for a great evening spent the day before. Symptoms are familiar to everyone who has ever "touched".A terrible headache, dry mouth, lack of desire to move. Sometimes even a chill occurs, the body temperature rises, plus a rapid pulse as a result of accelerated heartbeat. It can also lose appetite and overtake diarrhea.

The most banal feeling in a person in such an unenviable condition is aversion to alcohol. And, naturally, the question arises: "How to remove a hangover at home?"

If the body contains too much alcohol, the liver is not able to timely break all the incoming ethyl alcohol into water and carbon dioxide. And then in the body accumulates substance, which is the product of alcohol half-life - acetaldehyde.

How to remove a hangover at home? There are a lot of folk techniques. Usual buckwheat porridge, for example. If you eat it before consuming alcohol, the threshold of intoxication will go down. And if before this drink a glass of milk, then in the morning there will be no headache.

These are the simplest answers to the burning question of how to remove a hangover at home. But if such methods have not helped, there are still others. For example, the best medicine is a dream. Just great if you can sleep the next morning longer. Remove the hangover at home can be, if you drink more liquid. Sweet hot black tea will help you. It is imperative that he be strong. You can still use coffee - thanks to him, people also cheer up. However, they should not be abused.

Mineral water usually helps, since it regulates the salt balance of the human body. Mint tea or mint broth perfectly quenches thirst and cures painful irritability.

The most popular way to remove a hangover at home is always considered pickle. The best is cabbage, because it has a high concentration of vitamin C. The second place is cucumber. It normalizes the balance of salts in the body, and they, in turn, keep the water that is needed by man. In addition, the brine has the property of restoring the right amount of potassium, which is necessary for normal functioning of the body. However, this liquid must be consumed within reason. Also, in order to reserve potassium and salts was restored, it is necessary to add dried apricots and potatoes to your diet. Hot broths and soups are an excellent help and the only food that is recommended in case of a hangover.

Well, if this syndrome - a rare phenomenon. But if a person has become a habit, then his relatives( more often than himself) are tormented by the question: "How to cure alcoholism at home? Is it possible?".The broth of St. John's wort is an ambulance. It should be taken twice a day before meals. After two weeks of such treatment, a person will begin to be disgusted with alcohol. Also a good tool is a decoction of the seeds of oats( uncleaned), in which the flowers of marigold are added. At its reception before meal the craving for alcohol is noticeably reduced.