"Romashkino"( sanatorium-dispensary group "Tatneft"): description, photos, reviews

In the Zainsky district of Tatarstan, near the city of Almetyevsk, there is a recreation center "Romashkino".The sanatorium is surrounded by pine forests, adjacent to the lake. The complex offers to enjoy healing water from sources and professional medical care.

About sanatorium

Sanatorium-preventorium "Romashkino" is equipped with advanced modern equipment. In the arsenal of environmental treatments are mineral mud with a unique composition. There is an experienced medical staff, who wants to bring maximum benefit to each holidaymaker. Sanatorium "Romashkino" offers patients procedures, the main component of which are mud silt mud. They are mined directly in the locality where the institution is located. The rich mineral composition and therapeutic properties of mud preparations are confirmed by laboratory tests and numerous patients who have received a positive result in treatment.

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For recreation and treatment in the ecological zone all conditions are created that contribute to a quick recovery of the forces, serene rest and speedy recovery. The complex includes:

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  • Four residential buildings, where at the same time can accommodate 248 people.
  • Two medical buildings, which can be accessed by internal passages.
  • Two swimming pools: for adults and children.
  • Sports complex.
  • Four terrenkur.
  • The room of therapeutic physical training.
  • Treatment room for inhalations.
  • To the halochamber.
  • Billiard room.
  • Dancing hall.
  • Library with an extensive book collection.
  • Concert hall.
  • Fountain decorating the territory.

The infrastructure of the health-resort complex is focused on the clients who came to rest from the bustle and devote time to their health. The tranquil atmosphere of the natural landscape and the orderly flow of life will give you a sense of peace during your stay at Romashkino. The sanatorium is located 35 kilometers from the city of Almetyevsk, which, if desired, can be visited at any time. A short distance separating the city and the health zone allows you to reach the destination in a short time by public transport.

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Medical profile

Treatment and quiet rest are the components of success in "Romashkino".The sanatorium provides medical profile services for treatment and prevention of a large list of diseases, as well as general strengthening procedures for individual body systems. The main directions are:

  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Problems of the musculoskeletal system, including post-traumatic conditions.
  • Diseases of the respiratory system, treatment and prevention for children and adults. Particular attention is paid to people suffering from bronchial asthma, chronic inflammation of the lungs and other ailments.
  • Diseases of the peripheral nervous system, which includes radiculitis, lumboscialgia and others.
  • Successfully treated various chronic ailments of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Provide treatment procedures for functional disorders in the nervous system. They usually persecute people who are prone to stressful conditions. Among them, vegetative dystonia, neuroses, insomnia and so on are distinguished.
  • Diseases and chronic conditions of the genitourinary and endocrine systems.
  • Urological and gynecological problems.

Before the appointment of a course of treatment for each patient, the doctor examines, analyzes are carried out. For medical reasons, an individual treatment plan and subsequent recovery procedures are prescribed, in which contraindications will necessarily be taken into account if they are present in the patient.

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Tours to the sanatorium are calculated for a certain number of days, after paying for which, the patient automatically receives a list of services included in the cost of staying in "Romashkino".The sanatorium provides services for the terms:

  • 12 days - the minimum period;
  • 14 days;
  • 18 days;
  • Day 21 - a full course of treatment procedures.

In addition to free medical services, if necessary or desired, the complex can receive qualified assistance on a fee basis. The cost of the tour includes the following types of procedures:

  • Diagnostics: hardware, laboratory, clinical, functional. Consultation of the doctor, the appointment of treatment.
  • Mud therapy - ozocerite.
  • Healing baths and showers( 12 types).
  • Two types of inhalation: oil and ultrasound.
  • Two types of saunas: infrared and dry-fire.
  • Manual medical massage( local).
  • Halotherapy.
  • Hypoxicotherapy according to the program "Mountain air".
  • Aromatherapy( 4 types of treatments).
  • Hardware physiotherapy on modern equipment.
  • Drug therapy as directed by a physician in the treatment room.
  • Climatotherapy, hirudotherapy, diet therapy, psychotherapy, dentistry.
  • Urological and gynecological procedures.
  • Oxygen cocktails.
  • Physiotherapy, where everyone can take up Nordic walking, swim in the pool.
  • Psychologist's help in group or individual classes.
  • Fitobar, a gym with an experienced instructor for the appointment of a doctor.

Depending on the length of the tour the patient receives a doctor's order, following which a set of procedures lead to recovery or prevention of a certain type of disease.

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Paid procedures

For money you can not buy health. But his condition can be significantly improved to normal levels, which is important for every person. High-quality medical care and a large list of provided programs help the patient regain health and get rid of numerous health problems. This is well understood in Romashkino. The sanatorium has a large medical base. It offers patients additional procedures on a fee basis:

  • Hirudotherapy.
  • SPA capsule.
  • Dental services.
  • Body Drain.
  • Ultrasound diagnosis.
  • Mechanotherapy with the use of apparatuses.
  • Services of a psychologist.
  • Much more.

Having complemented your stay at the sanatorium with pleasant general health or medical procedures, the patient gets health and a good mood. And it also affects the overall well-being.

Inhabited fund

Guests in the sanatorium receive housing with several types of accommodation and pricing. Check out time is at 08:00.The building №1 provides one-, two- and three-room numbers. The cost of a single person for one person is 2703 rubles per day. Two-room( for one person) will cost 3885. If you take accommodation for two, then for 24 hours you have to pay 2456 rubles. Three-room suite accepts four people. For each cost will be 2456 rubles per day.

In the second building there are comfortable two-room rooms with accommodation of four people( 2104 rubles per day) or two guests( 4376 rubles per day).The third building offers visitors two and three rooms, which can accommodate from one to four individuals. The cost starts from 2456 to 4160 rubles per day. The upper tier under the roof offers the cost of settlement for 1530 rubles from the patient "Romashkino"( sanatorium).There are no comments about the attic floor. But in general, there are no complaints about living conditions. The rooms have a TV, refrigerator, shower box, telephone.

In the fourth building, those who wish can stay in the luxury rooms. The cost of one person's stay is 3938, and for two - 6563 rubles per night. For children from four to six years old it is required to purchase a ticket at a discount of 50% of the cost of an adult. Teenagers from seven to fourteen years old stay costs 75% of the total price.

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Power supply

The main menu of the institution consists of dietary dishes. They are designed for diet therapy of various types of diseases. Qualified kitchen workers prepare food according to all the requirements of the sanatorium stay of those categories of patients who are on treatment. Therefore, the menu includes healthy food. It is hardly possible to get a bouquet of taste sensations from it. But, for certain, such food is capable to correct work of internal organs. All categories of patients are provided with three meals a day: breakfast from 8:00 to 9:00 am, lunch is served at noon from 12:30 to 13:30, and dinner time varies from 18:30 to 19:30.If desired, you can create a custom menu. This service is also provided by the sanatorium "Romashkino".

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During its activity, judging by the opinions of patients, the sanatorium knew ups and downs. The impressions of the guests in the period 2011-2014 turned out to be mostly negative. Much has been said about inadequate and poor-quality nutrition. Some patients had to independently buy and prepare food for themselves and children, there were cases of poisoning. The censures concerned the work of the service and medical personnel. In winter, patients who came to sanatorium treatment froze. At the same time, the administration added impressions, closing the warm transitions from residential buildings to medical boxes.

Since 2016 reviews have acquired a completely different content: many good impressions from the work of employees. There is a high-quality provision of medical services, delicious food in the dining room, cleanliness in the rooms and friendly staff. Of the minuses, only the lack of entertainment components and organized leisure is indicated. At any time of the year, all patients, guests and holidaymakers pay a tribute to the nature surrounding the "Romashkino" sanatorium. Photo taken to commemorate the stay in the resort area, will retain all the impressions. It is to be hoped that the service in the sanatorium is already established. And negative feedback will give way to the positive emotions of many grateful patients.

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Useful information

In the "Romashkino" sanatorium the phone is as follows:

  • of the registry:( 8-85558) 5-80-15;
  • reception:( 8-85558) 5-80-05;
  • on duty number:( 8-85558) 5-80-03.

Address: Republic of Tatarstan, Zainsky district, c. Bukharay, sanatorium "Romashkino".To get from the city of Almetyevsk you can take a shuttle bus to the stop "Bukharay".From her to the place of rest, give a hand.