Purity of papillomas. Application

Warts( papillomas) are formations on the skin that are benign in nature. The nature of their occurrence is a viral infection. Papillomas are small processes on the skin. At the same time, they meet their various textures and colors( beginning with corporal and ending with dark brown).As a rule, these neoplasms do not cause physical discomfort. Their finding on skin integuments is usually perceived no more than a cosmetic defect. However, the papilloma virus( see photo below) may be a harbinger of a great calamity. The most dangerous thing that this infection carries in itself is the ability to cause oncology.

warts of the papilloma

The disease of papillomavirus is very ancient, so folk medicine has a lot of experience in getting rid of neoplasms on the skin. However, it is worth remembering that before starting the use of alternative treatment should consult a specialist. Its recommendations will help to avoid various complications, as well as the occurrence of irreversible effects that can provoke sprouting and abnormal development of papillomas.

celandine from papillomas

For the treatment of neoplasms on the skin, folk medicine men recommend the use of herbs and plants. Purity of papillomas is the most popular natural remedy. This healing plant grows in almost all regions of Russia.

The composition of celandine includes enzymes that promote the effective disposal of papillomas( alkaloids and chelidonin).The best natural remedy to eliminate the problem of neoplasms on the skin, is the juice of a plant such as celandine. From papillomas it is used as an external agent.

During the course of treatment with celandine juice regular lubrication with papillomas is made. However, it should be borne in mind that this natural remedy in case of contact with the skin can cause burns and scars. Therefore, grease the juice celandine need only the papillomas themselves. The course of treatment with the application of this method proceeds quickly, while it passes almost painlessly.

In order to speed up the healing process, it is recommended that the thread of the papilloma root is tied. After this procedure, the tumor begins to become inflamed. In this case, the celandine juice affects the papilloma most intensively. During the course of treatment, the thread is periodically pulled up. Using this method, celandine from papillomas should be used at a time when the moon is waning.

To get rid of new growths, the juice of a healing plant can be consumed inside. Three times during the day, at the beginning of the course of treatment, eight to ten drops are taken. Gradually the dosage increases, but it is important to take into account the toxicity of the celandine. At a time, do not take more than ten or twelve drops.

papilloma virus pictures

Purity from papilloma folk medicine recommends and for enemas. To prepare the necessary solution, take two milliliters of the juice of the healing plant and half a cup of water. The course of these procedures should be at least ten to twenty days. The enema containing the juice of celandine is made after cleansing. In this case, the solution must be kept in the body for at least one or two hours. After a twenty-day break, the procedure must be repeated. In this case, to prepare the solution, you need to use four milliliters of juice. All procedures are recommended to be performed under the supervision of a specialist.