Stomatitis in a child, 3 years: than to treat, causes and prevention

Prevention, symptoms and treatment of stomatitis in children is information that all responsible parents should have in order to be able to provide timely assistance to their child. The disease is quite unpleasant, and in neglected form it can bring a lot of disorders. Children's immunity is quite weak, and at the age of 3 years in children, aphthous stomatitis( treatment is best practiced under the supervision of a pediatrician) can lead to moods, bad mood and insomnia. How to get rid of the problem?

stomatitis in children treatment of mosquito

Where did trouble come from?

It is believed that usually stomatitis is caused by a cold, infection of the body and is a complication of an undeserved disease. Indeed, it is known from medical statistics that the disease appears more often against the background of ARI, ARVI, but this is due to the weakening of the immune system. Doctors say: stomatitis in the mouth of a child is not a complication of the common cold, but a concomitant disease.

Some mistakenly suggest that with questions about the treatment of pediatric stomatitis you need to contact the dentist. In fact, therapy always begins with a visit to the district pediatrician. The doctor conducts a complete examination, reveals a stomatitis in the mouth of the child, analyzes the peculiarities of the situation and appoints further studies, or recommends a therapeutic program to overcome the problem.

Stomatitis: trouble does not come alone

Often the temperature with stomatitis in a child is provoked by the fact that the disease develops against the background of a cold, a virus infection. At the same time, doctors pay attention: there is no direct connection between these pathologies. If the body has undergone a viral attack, the airways dry up. This also applies to the oral cavity. Increased dryness provokes additional inflammatory processes. If a fever is found during stomatitis in a child, it is necessary to visit a doctor and take tests to understand what causes the weakening of immunity and how to eliminate it.

If a cold provokes a violation of normal salivation, the oral mucosa is defenseless against aggressive factors, and colonies of microorganisms quickly appear in the mouth. This leads to inflammation, which is known as stomatitis. Usually the disease is easy to notice: children cry, become moody, complain of pain in the mouth. Many of these symptoms are disturbed by sleep. Know what to treat stomatitis in a child, should any modern parents, so that the child did not suffer, and adults could sleep well at night.

First manifestations of

Drugs for the treatment of stomatitis in children 3 years are necessary if the disease was diagnosed accurately. To suspect a problem it is possible on following signs:

  • labiums burst;
  • mucosa is affected by small ulcers;
  • tongue is covered in white.

Vinylin in stomatitis in children

The most common stomatitis of fungal origin. This disease manifests itself as a whitish coating covering the mucous membranes of the mouth. On careful consideration, such a defeat is similar to coagulated milk. Usually, with this disease, the child loses his appetite, since eating is associated with painful sensations. Often, such stomatitis is provoked by antimicrobial drugs used to treat another disease.

Aphthotic and herpes stomatitis

Currently, doctors do not know a sufficiently accurate explanation of the development of aphthous stomatitis. It is assumed that the disease can provoke a lack of vitamins, trace elements. Often aphthous stomatitis is observed in children with weakened immunity. Pathology can develop against a background of severe stressful situations.

Herpes usually appears during a period of increased activity of a previously introduced virus. Usually this is the first type of herpes. The disease is characterized by numerous rashes on the oral mucosa, which eventually spread to the skin around the mouth.

Disease: Why does it appear?

Before resorting to folk treatment of stomatitis in a child, it is necessary to understand which form appeared and for what reasons the pathology developed. This will help you choose the best option for dealing with the violation. Often, problems are provoked by a banal violation of hygiene rules: with a weak immune system, dirt on the hands can cause inflammation. The likelihood of developing stomatitis in the summer season is increased, as children spend a lot of time on the street, not thoroughly washing fruit and vegetables before eating.

oral stomatitis in the mouth

When the parents make the decision on the first symptoms of the disease: "Well, we treat stomatitis in a child at home!" Many people do not even think about that the mucosa in children is much thinner and more tender than in adults, so you need to practice a special approachto treatment. Do not use harsh, aggressive drugs that can cure an adult. Mucous baby mouth is very susceptible to aggressive environmental factors, which determines the increased likelihood of the disease, and the choice of techniques to deal with it. It is known that at the age of three years the system of salivation in the child is not completely formed, and saliva is a fluid rich in enzymes necessary for protecting the body. When the mucosa is withered, the infectious processes are prolonged, activated, proceed with difficulty and with complications.

First Steps

Finding out how to quickly cure stomatitis in a child, parents should first of all understand that the best effect will be if you contact a specialist at the first signs of the disease. As soon as possible, it is necessary to make an appointment with a local pediatrician. The doctor will examine the child, interview parents, identify the causes of the disease and will be able to choose the best course of treatment, otherwise appoint additional studies and tests. Independently to experiment, trying to find out how quickly to cure stomatitis in a child, it is not necessary - this is an extra risk that can provoke unpredictable complications.

It is urgent to make an appointment if the child refuses to eat or noticeably that it hurts to swallow food, drink. The help of the doctor is necessary at rising of temperature, occurrence of a touch, bubbles in language. The specialist needs to show an overexcited child who is very difficult to calm down, as well as with sleep disorders: if the baby does not sleep at night or there are other notable deviations from the normal schedule.

Than to treat stomatitis in a child in 3 years

Therapeutic strategy is chosen by a doctor, based on the manifestations of the disease and provoked its causes. In general, it is necessary first of all to revise the baby's diet. Usually, doctors recommend eliminating solid foods that irritate an already damaged mucosa. Do not use sour, spicy food. As can be seen from the recommendations of Dr. Komarovsky, treatment of stomatitis in children is accompanied by constant monitoring of the baby's diet. Parents should constantly check the temperature of food: you can not feed the child neither cold nor hot.

temperature in children with stomatitis

As can be seen from the recommendations of various doctors( including Dr. Komarovsky), the treatment of stomatitis in children is accompanied by a special attention to oral hygiene: daily it is necessary to gently clean living tissues, using antiseptic drugs for mucosal disinfection. If the temperature rises, under the control of the pediatrician use antipyretic medications. With regular use of sodium tetraborate in stomatitis in children( or other means recommended by the treating pediatrician), and also with the observance of hygiene rules, the disease passes in one or two weeks. If symptoms persist longer, you should urgently seek help from a doctor.


Knowing what to treat a stomatitis in a child in 3 years, should any parents, at the same time you need to understand: victory over the disease is always the result of joint efforts of the parents, the doctor and the child himself. It is important to follow the recommendations of a specialist, to monitor the comfort of the child and not to indulge his whims - it is known that children do not like to be treated. To make the healing process go faster, you can rinse your mouth every day with antiseptic compounds and use herbal infusions, decoctions. A good help will be calendula, chamomile. You can use "Vinilin" for stomatitis in children, but only when agreed with the pediatrician. The doctor will tell you how to use the funds correctly.

Parents should monitor daily routine compliance with the therapeutic program items. They are responsible for maintaining oral hygiene. Of course, a special drug, for example "Vinilin", when stomatitis in children will help get rid of the disease, but if the parents do not follow the child, he will always lick dirty objects or hands, and no drugs will help to cope with the disease. Therefore, it is important to monitor the behavior of the baby, as well as follow medical recommendations.

Care and Patience

Often, getting rid of stomatitis is delayed for a long time, requires constant attention from parents, so the process is quite laborious. And yet it should be understood: it is parental care - this is the first, than to treat stomatitis in a child in 3 years. The kid will probably be capricious, and parents will have to spend a lot of energy to cure him.

A good help can be provided by folk methods coordinated with the treating doctor. Before using any prescription, you need to make sure that such therapy will not conflict with the medicines prescribed by the doctor. Predominantly presented on sale ointments from stomatitis for children are safe and well combined with a variety of substances, compounds, and yet care is not a hindrance. In addition, you need to consider whether the child has an allergic reaction to a particular product. For example, it is known that a natural strong antiseptic honey has a very good effect with stomatitis, but many children have an allergy to it.

What else will help?

Than to treat a stomatitis at the child in 3 years, except for special medicines? You can try using ordinary raw potatoes. Root is rubbed, put the baby in his mouth with a spoon with a gruel and ask to hold this mass, without eating, five minutes. It is advisable to practice this twice a day for at least a week.

ointment for stomatitis for children

It is believed that the egg white can be of use - it is diluted in a glass of water and rinses this liquid up to four times daily. This method does not replace a ointment for stomatitis for children, but it will help to cope faster with the disease when combining funds. It helps to activate the regenerative processes of the oral mucosa with peach, linseed, rosehip oil. This product is used after rinsing: the affected areas are lubricated with oil. Every day, the remedy is used up to four times.

Responsibility and attention of

It should be remembered that even if at least once a stomatitis infection has occurred, there is a high probability that in the future the problem will return. To prevent this, you need to regularly practice preventive measures. The best result will be stimulation of the immune system of the child. In addition, it is important to monitor that the baby has learned the rules of hygiene and respects them. Every year you need to visit the dentist two or three times.

Stomatitis brings a lot of problems, discomfort, so the approach to eliminating the problem should be as responsible as possible. Do not pull with the beginning of treatment, if there were first signs of defeat. Despite the widespread use of traditional methods to combat the disease, traditional medicine can not be neglected. You can combine both options with the permission of the attending physician, but you should not forget about special ointments, instead of using herbs and decoctions.

Age and illness

Ruthless medical statistics clearly demonstrate that stomatitis often develops in children who have already crossed the age of one year, but those who are under five years old. This is due to the presence of special antibodies in the body of a child whose age is less than one year. These compounds are transmitted with breastmilk and provide immunity. Not only stomatitis, but also other pathologies under the age of one year are very rare, if, of course, the mother is healthy and feeds her baby with natural milk.

how to quickly cure stomatitis in a child

But at the age of five years and older the child has a fully formed immune system capable of repelling attacks of harmful viruses, microorganisms. In addition, by this time most children have already developed a reflex of hygiene compliance, so that living microscopic pests and dirt are much less likely in the mouth. At the same time, one must understand that not only in children, but also in adults, stomatitis can develop for a variety of reasons, nobody is immune to this problem.

Stomatitis: what other varieties can appear?

In some cases, allergic stomatitis is diagnosed in children aged three years. This form of reaction from the body is possible with a number of allergens. The most effective method of treatment is the identification of a component provoking such a response and excluding it from the child's daily routine. At the same time, mouth rinses are done to quickly eliminate symptoms.

In some cases, children experience traumatic stomatitis. It is provoked by mucosal injuries, the healing of which is slowed due to the weakness of the immune system at a younger age. In most cases, traumatic stomatitis is easily tolerated, not accompanied by fever, weakness. But exceptions are possible, especially if the child has poor health.

Bacteria and fungi

Bacterial stomatitis is usually caused by colds. The disease is transferred heavily, creates a strong load for the body. Colonies of harmful microorganisms produce toxic substances for humans, which is especially problematic at a younger age. It is with this form of the disease that a particularly careful approach to the improvement of the child is needed. It is also important to introduce preventive measures and teach the baby the rules of hygiene in order to prevent the development of this pathology, if possible.

Candida is another microscopic organism, normally present in the human body in a small amount, but with the growth of the colonies creating considerable problems. This is a fungus that can provoke stomatitis. The disease is usually accompanied by a white coating covering the surface of the oral cavity. The disease is known as thrush, it affects not only children but also adults. Often, this disease is peculiar to very young children - those younger than one year. Children older than three years face thrush rarely enough.

sodium tetraborate for stomatitis in children

Treatment of Candidiasis

If stomatitis is triggered by a fungal colony, you need to form the correct alkaline balance in the mouth of a sick person. This will lead to the fact that the symptoms will pass by themselves. Increased acidity allows faster elimination of inflammation, as well as minimizes the activity of the fungal form of life. It is recommended from three to five times daily to treat the oral cavity with a soda solution dissolved with boric acid or aniline dye.

A good effect is provided by antibacterial drugs for topical application. Usually resort to ointments "Nystatin", "Klotrimazol", "Pimafucin".A good result can be achieved using the drug Candide, designed specifically to combat these fungi and suitable for use in childhood. However, self-medication with the use of these medications you do not need to indulge: you should first consult your doctor. Moreover, only a doctor can determine the problem in the colonies of the fungus, or else the cause is quite different. In addition, it should be remembered that in some cases, with incorrect treatment, therapy not only does not have an effect, but also leads to the development of resistance to clotrimazole in microorganisms. To support the body and enhance the therapeutic effect during candidiasis, it is necessary to avoid fruits, carbohydrates, rough foods, and monitor the level of food heating, do not use anything hot, cold.

Herpes and stomatitis

Stomatitis, provoked by herpes, can sometimes be very difficult - up to the need for hospitalization. With an average, mild form usually treat a child at home with constant monitoring of the condition by the district pediatrician. It is necessary to use only prescribed medications and maintain the state of the child through a special diet. You can not eat sour, salted, canned, or fruit.

The help of medicamentous therapy can be rendered by regular processing of the affected parts of the oral cavity. Usually resort to herbal decoctions, use chamomile, sage infusion or aloe juice. A good result can be the use of propolis( on sale there are special sprays for children).Doctors often prescribe drugs "Acyclovir", "Carotolin".In some cases, therapy is based on the use of oxolin ointment.

stomatitis in a child 3 years than to treat

Aftoznyj a stomatitis: features of treatment

As it is not always clear, for what reason this disease develops, also its treatment represents a big enough problem. Usually the therapeutic course is chosen after examination of the patient by a gastroenterologist, an allergist and a dentist. When diagnosing it is important to limit all possible allergens and use antihistamines. Widely distributed were "Tsetrin", "Suprastin".

The help to medicinal treatment can be rendered by regular processing of an oral cavity by a soda, acid of a boron or grassy infusions, broths. It should be understood that there is no universal drug that eliminates the cause of any disease. Effective and rapid treatment of stomatitis at the age of three years is possible only in close cooperation with the doctor and strict adherence to the therapeutic course chosen by him.