Why do they get fat when they quit smoking: possible causes and ways to solve the problem

Everyone knows that smoking is harmful. And those who have a smoking experience are estimated for decades, and those who never took a cigarette in their hands. Quitting smoking is much more difficult than starting. And only people who are not familiar with this terrible habit, believe that giving up smoking is a simple process that does not require much effort. In fact, the real anguish of the body for nicotine mixed with psychological discomfort( poor sleep, increased irritability) and almost always weight gain. Of course, the harm caused by smoking to the human body can not be compared to these troubles, especially if we consider that after a few months everything returns to normal. Why do they get fat when they quit smoking? And can this be avoided? This we will discuss in detail in the article.

why are they getting fat when they quit smoking

Why get fat when quitting smoking

If you quit smoking, weight gain does occur. To minimize it, you need to understand the reasons for this process. So why get fat when quitting? The reasons are as follows:

  • A perekur is replaced by a snack, which inevitably leads to a set of extra kilograms.
  • Why, when people quit smoking, they get better? After giving up the cigarette, the taste buds are gradually restored, the food seems more delicious, and the appetite intensifies.
  • Nicotine affects digestion processes, slowing them down, in addition, cigarettes markedly blunt the feeling of hunger.
  • Restoration of the mucous membrane of the stomach and esophagus with smoking cessation leads to faster digestion and increased appetite.
  • Why do people get fat when they quit smoking? Exchange processes of the smoker under the influence of nicotine are markedly higher, with the cessation of smoking they slow down to a normal level.

It is important to know: when quitting smoking all these troubles are temporary. After the complete disposal of the bad habit, all the body systems are restored with time.

why when you quit smoking gain weight

Milk and dairy products

Now you know why they get fat after they quit smoking. To minimize the danger of recruiting extra pounds, you need to try to re-evaluate the diet. And it's absolutely not about the diet, because combining the rejection of cigarettes with a certain diet is not worth it. The organism under these conditions gets a double stress, and the probability to break and light again is very high.

You just need to make sure that the number of tea parties and snacks does not increase because of the refusal of the cigarette. From the acute desire to smoke can help consumption of small sips of 0.5 cup of milk or kefir. This additionally enriches the body with calcium and vitamins of the PP group( nicotinic acid), reducing the acute desire to smoke.

In addition, it has long been noted that milk and dairy products change the taste of a cigarette, making it more nasty for a smoker. The consumption of butter, cottage cheese and cheese will be especially useful in the first days of quitting smoking. However, it should be remembered that high fat content of dairy products can be the reason for gaining excess weight.

why when you quit smoking you start to get fat


So that you do not bother with the question, why, when you quit smoking, you start to get fat, you need to increase the amount of consumed juices. Tomato, carrot, apple and many others that replaced cigarettes, will not give up hated kilograms and are just a storehouse of vitamins and useful micronutrients.


Consumption of cucumbers, bell peppers, aubergines and broccoli will make the process of giving up a cigarette less painful psychologically, will not allow to postpone excess weight and will help to easily transfer the first, most difficult days of abandoning bad habits, because they contain in large quantitiesNicotinic acid, the lack of which the smoker especially feels.

Liquid consumption

In the initial period of smoking cessation it is necessary to consume a sufficient amount of liquid. It can be ordinary or mineral water, soothing herbal teas, for example chamomile with mint. However, it is worth giving up drinks with a high content of caffeine, tea or coffee, as well as energy and alcoholic beverages. They are not only high in calories, their consumption can lead to a breakdown and a return to a hateful cigarette.

why get fat after quitting smoking

What better not to do

Why, when you quit smoking, gain weight? You already know about this. Therefore, remember that it is not worth replacing breaks by consuming crackers, chips, seeds or sugar candies. All these products contain a large number of calories, and most importantly, with this replacement, the task of avoiding a bad habit is not formed, it is simply replaced by a new one. As soon as the understanding comes that because of the consumption of cigarette substitutes appears excess weight, the hands will be pulled to the cigarette again.

In order for the refusal of a cigarette to be less complicated, it is necessary to exclude from the diet sharp and smoked dishes, to reduce the consumption of sweets and flour products. Replace fatty pork, for example, with chicken or turkey and increase the amount of non-fat fish and milk porridges in the diet.

Other ways not to gain weight

Intensive sports, which many try to combine with the period of quitting, is a big mistake. You can not combine several goals. This almost inevitably leads to a breakdown. Returning to a cigarette often convinces a person of the futility of their attempts, drives him into a depression and for a long time discourages the desire to get rid of his harmful predilection.

why people get fat when they quit smoking

The role of sporting activities

To succeed, you need to define priorities. In this case, the priority is the refusal of the cigarette. Sports activities at the same time allow you to diversify leisure, find like-minded people, prevent weight gain. During this period, the lessons should not be too intense. Perfectly suitable for walking, cycling, scooter or roller, swimming in the pool. The main thing is to make these classes regular, and to replace the habit of starting every morning with a cigarette to acquire a new addiction to a healthy lifestyle and to regular sports activities.

It is necessary to remove from the house all items related to smoking: cigarette lighters, ashtray and other attributes of the smoker. It is not necessary to replace a conventional cigarette with an electronic cigarette, there will not be any sense of not giving up smoking, after a while the smoker will definitely return to the cigarette. To quit smoking was more comfortable, you need to sleep enough to give the body time to recover. In addition, lack of sleep leads to increased aggressiveness, and it is quite high in the period of quitting smoking and without it.

Often people who quit smoking, disregard the advice to increase physical activity. With this approach, weight gain in the initial period of abstinence from a cigarette is almost inevitable. If the sports complex is far away, and you do not want to skate on roller skates, you can simply leave the transport when returning from work for 1-2 stops to the required and pass this distance on foot.

why when people quit smoking they get better


Not to be interested in the question of why, when you quit smoking, gain weight, dance classes are recommended. This will help get a charge of positive emotions, find new friends and like-minded people and provide the body with the necessary physical exertion. For women and girls who quit smoking, dancing is an excellent alternative to the usual activities in the gym, which many seem simply boring.

why get fat when quitting smoking reasons

Support for close

The role of family members in supporting a person who decided to quit smoking is difficult to overestimate. Usually even the most malicious smokers understand that the addiction to a cigarette has a negative impact not only on their own health, but also on the health of all family members. Particularly affected in this case are children who are forced to be near a smoker. They not only get a nicotine charge, inhaling harmful cigarette smoke, but they also constantly see before their eyes not the best example of managing their own health. No conversations with children do not have the desired result, if mom and dad smoke. Under such conditions, after growing up, the child will certainly be drawn to a cigarette. After all, unfortunately, children copy the behavior of adults, especially those who are the authority for them.

Mobile games

After giving up smoking, spend more time playing with children. Moving games by the whole family will provide the necessary physical load, give joy from communicating with your own child and distract from thoughts about a cigarette. Excellent game with ball, badminton and even regular jogs. In winter - skating, snowballing, skiing. All this will unite the family, and the smoker will help to forget about the bad habit.


Why get better when you quit smoking? Essence you already know. Sooner or later, every smoker comes to the need to refuse a cigarette. One bothers to spend impressive amounts of money on a bad habit, while others, noticing the first malfunctions in the work of their own organism, decide not to aggravate the situation, yet others understand that close relatives suffer from their harmful predilection. Often the decision to stop smoking comes not at once, and the smoker tries to move the moment of parting with the cigarette as far as possible.

Refusal to smoke at any age and for any length of service will bring nothing but great benefit. Recent medical studies prove that when smoking is abandoned, the organs and tissues affected by nicotine are restored. A person gets rid of coughing and shortness of breath, the complexion improves, and many of the diseases that the smoker considers incurable are no longer pursued. Even the kilograms recruited after giving up the cigarette leave quickly enough. By the way, for the sake of justice, it should be noted that not all people who quit smoking gain weight. Very often this does not happen at all.

But the fact that giving up a cigarette will give you a few extra years of healthy, active life, is beyond question. Give up the bad habit, stop looking at the world through the veil of tobacco smoke. And let the question why they get fat, when they quit smoking, do not bother you anymore. Be healthy and happy!