How to reduce the appetite to lose weight: reviews, effective ways and practical recommendations

It's no secret that almost every woman, regardless of age and social status, dreams to be slim and beautiful, to attract admiring men's looks and at the same time feel good and easy.

In practice, this goal can not be achieved by all the representatives of the beautiful half of society. The thing is that in order to maintain your body in good physical shape, you must strictly observe the balance of incoming and outgoing calories, so that surpluses are not put off in problem areas on the body.

The speech in the article will go on how to reduce the appetite to lose weight. Feedback on the methods listed below are positive. Most women say this works.

how to reduce the appetite to lose weight reviews

How to lose weight?

How to reduce appetite? How to lose weight in general? These questions are of concern to many women. To achieve the goal and lose weight can be in many ways:

  • With the help of physical activity - walking, cycling, regular sports, active games and so on.
  • Dietary food - strict food restrictions for a certain period.
  • Decreased appetite and reduced calorie intake.

In the crazy rhythm of modern life, sometimes there is simply no time to visit gyms or jogging in the morning. At the same time, the diet, in addition to the fact that with its cessation the weight lost returns with an increase, it also brings psychological discomfort - depression and bad mood.

An alternative to these ways to lose weight is to reduce the craving for food, that is, the taming of appetite. How to reduce your appetite? Comments and ways are presented below.

How to reduce appetite and lose weight

Ways to reduce appetite for weight loss

There are several basic rules that will help to tame your appetite and reduce the amount of food consumed to the required rate.

List of the best ways to reduce appetite:

  • Drink more fluids - the daily water norm for a person varies within 2 liters. Drinking is very important, because water helps not only to improve the digestion process, but also directly participates in the energy expenditure by the body to bring it to body temperature. In addition, thanks to water, the feeling of hunger is somewhat dulled.
  • Replace in your diet confectionery products with sweet fruit, for example, bananas or apples, dried fruits. Fruits quickly give a feeling of satiety.
  • Use as little salt and sharp spices as possible, which increase appetite. These foods irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach, so that food can be eaten more than necessary.
  • Any alcoholic beverages, except perhaps a small amount of dry red wine, should be excluded from the diet. Alcohol not only increases appetite, but also slows the metabolism and elimination of excess fluid from the body. Consequently, losing weight will be much slower.
  • Introduce low calorie foods in the diet, but they bring rapid saturation and require long digestion - vegetables, fruits.
  • How to reduce appetite and lose weight in folk ways? Infusions of herbs and herbal teas are good help in reducing appetite. In addition, they enrich the body with vitamins. More on this later.
  • All kinds of dietary supplements and pills to reduce appetite, according to some sources, also help keep the appetite under control. However, their use must be strictly limited and agreed with the doctor.

how to reduce appetite reviews and ways

General principles of behavior for reducing appetite

How to reduce appetite? Weight loss is one of the most common problems of the female sex. How to be, if the extra pounds do not give rest? In addition to reviewing the diet, the principles of food intake, that is, the culture of nutrition, play an important role in reducing the appetite for losing weight. Here are the most important features.

  1. The food should be divided, that is, it is divided into several meals, but in smaller portions. The maximum serving size should not exceed 300 g. This method will not feel an acute sense of hunger between the main meals. At the same time, snack should not be too heavy and high in calories.
  2. During a meal, you need to slowly and thoroughly chew food so that enough juice can be produced in the stomach. In this case, eating in front of the TV screen is not necessary, because it inevitably leads to overeating.
  3. It is desirable to strictly observe the regime of the day, that is, in no case to miss breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a couple of snacks. It is important that food is delivered to the body at about the same time.
  4. The use of water must be meaningful. You can drink between meals or 20 minutes before or after eating. In no case should you drink and eat at the same time, as this will inevitably lead to overeating and stretching of the stomach.

how to reduce your appetite

Tricks, helping to reduce appetite and lose weight

How to reduce your appetite and lose weight? In addition to complying with all of the above rules, in order to reduce cravings for food and deceive your stomach, you can resort to some tricks, that is, fraudulent maneuvers.

  • Relaxing bath and nice music. Such a simple trick allows for a while to distract the body from an immediate urge to eat. At the same time, the body will receive not only physical, but also moral rest, giving in to the relaxing effects of the surrounding environment.
  • Favorite lesson. A pleasant way to spend time and not think for a while about food can be a favorite hobby, reading a fascinating book or simply viewing old family photos.
  • Walk in the fresh air. A measured and leisurely walk along the fresh air before or after meals allows you to adjust the body to a harmonious harmony, helps to get rid of the stress and fatigue accumulated during the day, and also waste unnecessary energy.
  • Full breath. Few people think that proper breathing is also extremely important for the normalization of appetite and weight loss. Special breathing exercises allow you to activate metabolism and improve digestion. In addition, some breathing exercises can distract for a while from a feeling of hunger.
  • Essential Essential Oils. Such therapy can dull the feeling of hunger. Especially it concerns oils of a grapefruit, a green apple, cinnamon, mint. In some cases, it is enough just to smell a fruit, for example, an apple or a banana, and the feeling of hunger will decrease somewhat.
  • Decreased appetite due to cheating vision. This effect is achieved if you use dishes smaller than usual size, in cold, discreet shades - blue, violet, blue-green.

How to reduce your appetite to lose weight? Feedback about this method is the most positive. Specialists consider it sparing for the body. As already mentioned above, there is a whole list of products that contribute to a decrease in appetite, and hence, weight loss. Let's consider the features of each of them separately.

how to reduce your appetite weight loss


Thanks to the high content of fiber and vitamins, as well as low energy values, fruits can help to reduce appetite quite quickly. They quickly fill the stomach without carrying extra pounds. Among the fruit-fat burners the most valuable is grapefruit. Also useful: citrus( oranges, lemons);berries( cherries, figs, blueberries);pineapples.


Just like fruits, vegetables contain a large amount of fiber and vitamins. You can say that all varieties of cabbage are a storehouse of useful substances. Other vegetables also give a feeling of saturation, despite the fact that the body spends a lot of energy for their processing. It should be noted that the maximum benefit can be extracted only from raw vegetables that have not undergone thermal treatment.

how to reduce the appetite of folk remedies


Bitter chocolate with a low sugar content helps to reduce appetite and suppress cravings for sweets. A small piece is enough to dull the famine. However, only black bitter chocolate is useful, but not dairy.

Green Tea

The benefits of green tea have been known for a long time. This drink is truly a magical tool in the fight against obesity. At the same time, that green tea rebukes the metabolism, so it also quenches the feeling of hunger. A few cups of tea a day will not let you worry about excessive appetite.


Practice shows that eggs are an excellent option for breakfast. Because they contain a protein that quickly satiates the body, the feeling of hunger will not bother much longer. In addition, the amount of food consumed during the day will be significantly reduced.

list of the best ways to reduce your appetite

Herbs to reduce appetite and weight loss

How to reduce the appetite of folk remedies? Medicinal herbs also help to cope well with the appetite and lose weight. They are used in the form of broths, tinctures or tea.

  • The leader among such plants is flax and flax seeds. They contain a large amount of mucus that envelops the stomach and intestines. Thanks to such properties of flax, appetite decreases, and the body is freed from toxins.
  • A decoction of sage, taken twice a day, will help to reduce the feeling of hunger.
  • Nettle infusion is also a good way to reduce appetite.
  • Decoction prepared from green parsley, allows for a while to enter the stomach to delude and satisfy hunger.
  • Angelica is often used to normalize the work of the digestive tract and eliminate toxins, in addition, it reduces appetite.
  • Althey, due to its astringent properties, increases the time of digestion of food in the stomach, and, therefore, the feeling of hunger appears somewhat later and the appetite decreases. This has a positive effect on the process of losing weight.
  • Milk thistle is a good hepatic agent, normalizing its work and relieving of fatty deposits.

How to reduce the appetite to lose weight? Reviews on ways to reduce weight

Today you can meet a lot of reviews about various ways to lose weight. Some feel the result of changing the culture of nutrition, without experiencing any inconvenience. Many people lose weight by increasing physical activity. In a positive way, consumers also respond to biological supplements and slimming sprays. The opinions of doctors on this account are somewhat different. According to their firm belief, any diet pills can not be taken uncontrollably, otherwise you can cause harm to health very quickly.

So, you already know how to reduce your appetite to lose weight. Feedback about the above methods is only positive. You need to think carefully about the most acceptable option for yourself and not be lazy. Then the results will not keep you waiting.