Glister - concentrated mouthwash: the choice of millions of consumers

Company "Amway" is known for its complex and versatile oral care products. All the developed compounds are excellent assistants in the effective fight against excessive microbial accumulation, stale breathing and inflammation of the gums. One of these means is Glister, a concentrated mouthwash that helps to keep an attractive smile for a long time and to delay the visit to a specialist for a long time.

Main characteristics

The rinsing agent from the company "Amway" significantly reduces the amount of plaque in comparison with the use of a brush and toothpaste. Glister - concentrated mouthwash with mint flavor, economically consumed, one bottle is designed for more than a hundred rinses, even despite compact packaging. The amount of the drug in the vial is 50 ml. The result after use is a beautiful snow-white smile, fresh breath. Glister - a concentrated mouthwash, the photo of which is presented below, it is convenient to take with you on trips, it will fit even in a small handbag.

Glister concentrated mouthwash

Description of the product and composition

Concentrated rinse aid will help to cope with several tasks at once: remove plaque on the teeth, freshen breath and thoroughly clean the oral cavity. According to the test results, the remedy helps to get rid of these problems even better than high-quality toothpaste."Glister" from "Amway" passed numerous tests, conducted under the supervision of independent experts. Stimulation of regenerative processes in the oral cavity is achieved due to biologically active substances contained in the agent. They are able to maintain immunity, preserve for a long time the health of the mucosa, gums and teeth.

In order to make others happy with a snow-white and beautiful smile, many dentists recommend using Glister regularly. Concentrated mouthwash liquid, the composition of which has been repeatedly tested in laboratories for indicators of naturalness of components, is completely safe for health. The main constituents of the remedy are:

  • Lemon juice.
  • Menthol.
  • Essential oil of peppermint.
  • Aseptics of plant origin.
  • Sugar cane.
  • Common mint oil.
  • Snake venom.
  • Alcohol serving as a preservative.

Glister concentrated mouthwash

How to use

One bottle of the drug will last for 100-300 rinses: it all depends on the concentration. Used as an antiseptic of natural origin, helping to fight bacteria and microbes. The liquid perfectly refreshes the breath, after brushing teeth and brushing and rinsing the effect intensifies several times. Therefore, Glister is preferred in many countries. Concentrated mouthwash, the use of which helps to get rid of many unpleasant problems, can be used throughout the day.

Glister concentrated mouthwash

The kit includes a measuring cup, in which you need to spill liquid from 1 to 5 times. Then fill with clean water until the mark on the container. Rinse your mouth need at least half a minute in the morning, in the evening and if necessary.

Usage for medical purposes

Glister is a concentrated mouthwash, the instruction manual for which is included in the kit, can be used for various medical purposes due to the natural composition of the product. In addition to the effect of freshness and the removal of plaque, the liquid helps to quickly get rid of the flux. To do this for the whole night to the diseased gum, apply cotton wool with 1 drop of the drug. In the same way you can pimple the pimple. In addition, it is an ideal source of quenching thirst in hot weather: one glass of cool water is recommended to make one or two injections.

Glister concentrated mouthwash

Well concentrated liquid helps with catarrh. Just 2 injections per glass of water will quickly get rid of unpleasant sensations. The agent rinses the nose. In case of epidemics of influenza or acute respiratory viral infection, the elixir can be sprayed indoors( 10 injections per glass of water).In addition, Glister - an excellent remedy for the control of sore throat, sore throat, tonsillitis. Removes plaque on the tonsils after rinsing, promotes wound healing, reduces discomfort.

Specialists recommend the remedy even with acute intestinal poisoning, in which the temperature rises, frequent nausea and vomiting occur. In a measuring glass should be made about 8-10 injections and drink boiled water. Glister - a concentrated mouthwash, effectively helps with herpes at the initial stage, eye discharge, fungus of the mucous membranes and skin due to the ability to make effective baths, lotions or use a concentrated solution. The agent acts as an analgesic and antiseptic for punctured and lacerated wounds, in addition, quickly stops blood.

Advantages of using

Glister - concentrated mouthwash is a unique remedy with a pleasant mint flavor, characterized by its versatility and efficiency. Dentists recommend it as a preventive tool for periodontal disease. The advantages of rinse liquid include:

  • concentrated formula;
  • components of natural origin in the composition;
  • refreshing taste of mint;
  • efficiency - 1 bottle is enough for a long time;
  • high efficiency compared to competitors of a similar price category.

Glister Concentrated Rinse Fluid Photo

World approval of

The Amway rinsing liquid is characterized by its natural composition, the ability to use it outside the home, and is effective in controlling many dental diseases, including tooth decay, periodontal disease, stomatitis, and throat infections. The tool earned trust among users in many countries, received a certificate of "Sign of approval" in the dental field. The entire line of "Glister" products, which includes several items( toothpaste, refreshing sprays), is absolutely safe for both human health and the environment.