Folk remedies for parasites: description, application

There are many varieties of parasitic diseases. Unfortunately, even the appearance of modern effective hygiene means does not exclude the risk of infection. Moreover, according to the calculations of American scientists, only in the prosperous US every second person is a hidden carrier of infection. Combating parasites of various forms is possible, using both medical and folk remedies. From parasites, the latter help often very well, while they are distinguished by the softness of the action.

Types of parasites

Malicious organisms living in human tissues and organs are classified into several groups. First of all, it is, of course, helminths. However, parasites such as

  • of various fungi can also attack the human body;

  • protozoa;

  • Arthropods;

  • pathogenic microorganisms.

The treatment of parasites by folk remedies is performed depending on their variety.

folk remedies for parasites

Types of helminths

Worms are one of the most dangerous types of parasites. Physicians subdivide helminths that affect a person, into two large groups:

  • intestinal;

  • extraintestinal.

According to biological characteristics, helminths are classified into:

  • nematodes( or worms round);

  • cystodes( ribbon helminths);

  • trematodes( worm-flukes).

Nematodes in the human body

Most often people are infected by representatives of this particular group of worms. The body of nematodes has a rounded shape and pointed tips. The most common parasites of this variety are pinworms and ascarids. Also sometimes people become infected with whipworms and Trichina. Ascarids live in the small intestine of man and secrete a lot of toxins. Pinworms live in the large intestine and are most commonly found in children.

Vlasoglav and Trichina are the most dangerous nematodes. Treatment of parasites in the human body by folk remedies in this case, most likely, will prove ineffective. It is better to use medicines prescribed by a doctor. Vlasoglav lives in the caecum. Symptoms of infection with this parasite are similar to those of appendicitis. Trichines can live in the human heart, eye muscles, etc.

treatment of parasites by folk remedies

Banded parasites

This type of worm has a flat form, divided into segments. Nutrients tape helminths absorb the entire surface of the body. Adult individuals of this group are divided into lentils and chains. The length of the latter can reach 18 m. Most often the human body is affected by such tapeworms as pork, bovine, dwarf chain and wide ribbon. The treatment of parasites by folk remedies in this case can be effective. However, chains are still not oysters. And to visit a doctor if they are suspected of being infected, it is necessary.


Worm-trematodes have a flat and broad body. Unprocessed seafood is something from which these parasites usually penetrate into humans. Symptoms( folk remedies are often powerless in this case) infestations of such worms are different, since they can live not only in the intestine, but also, for example, in the liver, middle ear, gland ducts, etc. Such worms feed on blood, mucus, the contents of the intestine. The most common trematodes living in the human body are the liver and Siberian trematode, as well as the pulmonary fluke.

How to deal with nematodes with folk methods

Since these are the most common human helminths, there are many ways to combat them. The main symptom of infection with pinworms is a strong itch in the region of the anus. It appears when the female worms begin to move toward the "exit" to lay eggs. Folk remedies for parasites of this variety can be used different. Most often, pinworms are expelled from the body using pumpkin seeds, garlic, wormwood or green peel of walnuts. Of these products make tinctures for oral administration or enemas.

Very effective against pinworms can be, for example, a decoction of citadel wormwood. Prepare this medicine as follows:

  • cut two tablespoons of leaves and inflorescences of wormwood;

  • pour them a liter of water;

  • is boiled for a few minutes;

  • remove the pan from the fire and wrap it in a blanket.

Decoction is taken on a tablespoon in an hour on the first day, after 2 - in the second, after 3 - in the third. On the sixth day you will need to drink the drug every 6 hours.

A normal medicine for pinworms is also common rice.50 g of this cereal should be soaked overnight, and then boiled. The resulting porridge is mixed with 2 tbsp.l.ginger and 1 tbsp.l.ground cloves.2 hours after the portion has been eaten, you should drink a glass of salted water( 1 tsp salt per glass).The course of treatment of porridges is carried out for 6 days.

folk remedies for parasites in the human body

Ascarids: how to expel

Folk remedies for parasites in the human body in this case can be used about the same as in the treatment of pinworms. Banish ascaris, if they are wound up in an adult, you can try using pumpkin seeds. They will need a pound. Seeds should be thoroughly crushed in a mortar. Then they are poured into half a glass of boiled water. To make the mixture more pleasant, you can add a little jam or honey to it. Take the resulting mush should be on an empty stomach. The whole mixture should be eaten within an hour.

Pumpkin seeds can be treated ascarids in children. But in this case, their number will depend on the age of the patient. For example, a child under 2 years old will be enough to have 50 grams of seeds, up to 4 years - 80 grams, to 7 - 100 grams, to 12 - 150 g. Three hours after taking the medicine, you need to drink magnesium. Its amount also depends on the child's age( from 10 to 30 g).Half an hour later, an enema is made for cleansing the intestines.

Sometimes for the treatment of ascaridosis in children also use green walnuts. They should be crushed and poured with boiling salty water. The mixture is insisted for half an hour, and then filtered. Nuts should be consumed throughout the day in any quantity. In parallel, the child should be given a laxative.

How to get rid of the chain

Very good folk remedies for parasites are salted herring and man's fern. They are used to get rid of tapeworms. The first product should be eaten without bread on an empty stomach for 3 days. It is impossible to eat anything more. Fern treatment is as follows:

  • Two days before the course begin to eat only liquid vegetarian food.

  • On the eve before taking the medication, drink a laxative salt in the amount of 30 grams( a glass of boiled water) and eat a piece of herring with onions.

  • In the morning on an empty stomach take the first pill with an extract of a male fern( you can buy at a pharmacy).After 15 minutes.drink one more pill. With the same periodicity, all 10 pills should be taken.

  • Half an hour after the last tablet is drunk, 30 grams of salt is again taken in a glass of water.

Treatment of parasites in the human body by folk remedies in this case should result in an enema( if in three hours there will be no stools).Feces need to be examined. The parasite should go out with the head. If she remains, then in 1-2 months in the intestine will grow a new worm. If necessary, the enema should be cleaned up to 3 times( until the head comes out).

treatment of parasites in the human body by folk remedies

How to drive a trematode

Folk remedies for parasites in the human body in this case are rarely used. Trematodes with incorrect diagnosis and treatment can cause irreparable harm to the human body. Earlier flukes were expelled with the help of the so-called triple. Its components are made as follows:

  1. Take 15 green shells from walnuts and cut them. Pour the composition with alcohol( 0.5 liters) and insist a month in a dark place.

  2. Leaflets and fruits of ripened wormwood are dried and crushed thoroughly.

  3. Grind the clove seeds. You can use those that are sold in bags in the store.

To remove parasites from the body by folk remedies prepared in this way, it is possible by the following scheme:

  1. On the first day in a glass, half filled with water, add one drop of tincture from the peel of the nut and drink the mixture. The next morning, take two drops dissolved in the same amount of water. On the third day, drink three, the fourth - 4, the fifth - 5. On the sixth day, take two teaspoons in a glass of water. Then within five days, drink 2 tsp.on 50 g of water twice a day. In the subsequent tincture should take 2 tsp.once a day for a year.

  2. Simultaneously with the tincture on the first day, take 1 pin of wormwood powder before eating. Then the dose is gradually increased. In two weeks it should be already ½ st.l. A powder of wormwood should be taken. Then this folk remedy for parasites in man will be the most effective. The fact is that the liquid infusion does not affect the large intestine and does not affect the parasites living there.

  3. Chopped clove seeds are taken from 1 to 10 days three times a day. In this case, gradually increase the dose from 1/5 to 1/3 of the st.l. In the future, drink one teaspoon once a week.

The components of the triple, according to folk healers, affect the entire body and can relieve not only trematodes, but also other types of parasites.

control of parasites in the body by folk remedies

Dangers of folk treatment of worms

Before you start taking folk remedies for parasites of the helminth group, of course, you should visit a doctor. Tinctures and powders, prepared independently, should be used only in addition to the medicines prescribed by the doctor. And, of course, the possibility of using them in combination with pills with a doctor is always worthwhile to consult. Independently, usually only relatively harmless pinwheels are expelled. But in this case it is better to go to the doctor.

Self-control of parasites in the body by folk remedies, in addition to the impossibility of establishing an accurate diagnosis, conceals in itself another danger, such as toxicosis. Dead worms, left after treatment in the intestine or other organs, begin to decompose. As a result, harmful substances enter the bloodstream. Owners of cats and dogs, for example, are well aware of the dangers of self-healing helminths in animals. Very often it happens that after taking medications the animal dies precisely from toxicosis. Therefore, helminths should be treated only under the supervision of a physician. In particular, this applies to children.

The simplest in the human body

Parasites of this variety are very small( 1-2 mm).Their body can be permanent or variable. Under adverse conditions, protozoa form cysts. These parasites are classified into such major groups:

  • flagellates( lamblia, Trichomonas);

  • infusoria( blantydia);

  • sporoviki( coccidia);

  • sarcodic( dysentery amoeba).

Most often the human body is affected by such a simple, like lamblia. Infection by it can occur through ordinary water, food, etc. The disease caused by this parasite is a lambliasis. Its main symptom is a disorder of the small intestine. To get rid of parasites in the body by popular means in this case is also possible.

Treatment of Giardiasis

These parasites enter the body in the form of cysts. After that, they are transformed into trophozoites, quickly divide and quickly fill the entire mucosa. The main symptoms of giardiasis, in addition to intestinal disorders, are:

  • gastric and headaches;

  • nausea;

  • mucus discharge during emptying.

Folk remedies for parasites of this group are often used the same as in the treatment of worms. For example, you can try to get rid of lamblia with pumpkin seeds. To prepare a mass of them in this case, take 300 g. Eat gruel for an hour in small doses. After taking this medication, drink a laxative and make an enema. Thus, giardiasis is treated in adults. Children prepare the medicine from 100 g of seeds.

You can also get rid of lamblia with garlic. To make the tincture, you need 50 g of this burning vegetable. Garlic must be crushed, put in an opaque container and pour vodka in the amount of 200 g. Insist the drug should be a week in a dark place. Take this medicine 20 drops 3 times a day, diluting with water.

folk remedies for parasites

Folk remedies for parasites in the body: treatment of trichomoniasis

This parasite is also considered quite common. Most often, it settles in the body in women and is the main reason for the appearance of so-called leucorrhoea. Dimensions of Trichomonads are so small that they can only be seen under a microscope. A good decision on how to get rid of parasites folk remedies, in this case will be herbal preparations. You can try to prepare a tincture, for example, of such ingredients:

  • birdwort - 30 g;

  • shepherd's bag - 10 g;

  • white mistletoe - 10 g;

  • sweet clover - 5 g;

  • flowers of mountain arnica - 10 g.

One teaspoon of the mixture should be filled with a glass of boiling water. The resulting mixture is insisted for 15 minutes. Drink strained medication for 2-3 weeks in the morning and in the evening.

Herbal teas in this case are not the only effective folk remedies in the fight against human parasites. Very useful in trichomoniasis can be douching. To prepare the medicinal composition in this case, take:

  • oak bark - 20 g;

  • flowers mallow forest - 10 g;

  • Chamomile officinalis - 25 g;

  • sage - 15 g;

  • walnut leaves - 25 g.

2 tbsp.l. This collection should be insisted in a glass of warm water for 4 hours. Douching is done daily for two weeks.

Which fungi can infect

The parasites of this variety, affecting the body, skin, hair, nails, etc., of a person, there are more than 1000. Diseases caused by them, in some cases are considered very dangerous, as they are seriously diagnosed and treated. Therefore, people's funds can be used only from the most harmless fungi. These include, for example, nail fungus.

How to cure onychomycosis

Fighting parasites with folk remedies in this case is usually done not with the use of herbs, but with the use of iodine in every home. This agent has excellent fungicidal properties. In addition, iodine promotes protein folding. And fungi, as is known, consist precisely of it. To treat the nails can be as simple, promazyvaya problem places with iodine solution, and through water baths. In the latter case, after the procedure, the fungus from the steamed nail is cut off and the plate is blotted with hydrogen peroxide( 3%).Finish the procedure by applying a bandage with antibacterial ointment.

Vinegar can be very effective in the treatment of onychomycosis. The fact is that the fungus does not tolerate an acidic environment at all. Vinegar( 9%) wet their feet at night and put them on their socks. Do with its use and water bath. But in any case, use vinegar should be as carefully as possible. Even this weak acid can easily cause burns.

Among other things, for the treatment of nail fungus, you can use:

  • birch tar;

  • table salt;

  • copper vitriol;

  • a tea mushroom.

struggle against parasites by folk remedies

Arthropod parasites

In humans, not only worms or fungi can be parasitized, but also different types of ticks( ear, scabies).Also, arthropod parasites include lice, fleas and larvae of flies. The danger to the body of these uninvited guests is also very large. Arthropods can feed on blood or a horny layer of skin. In doing so, they are often the carriers of various kinds of dangerous infections.

How to get rid of scabies

Symptoms of infection with this parasite are: rash, redness and itching of the skin primarily between the fingers. For treatment, you can try, for example, to lower the brush in hot salted kvass. Also from the scabies will help a mixture of butter and mashed laurel leaves( 1: 1).Use of mites and birch tar. They need to lubricate the problem areas and leave for a few hours. From herbs for treatment of scabies usually used verbena, burial ground or a shamrock( 30 grams per liter of water).

Treatment of pediculosis

In order to remove lice, you can also use different means. Sometimes, from these arthropods, for example, vinegar helps. It should be diluted 1: 1 with water and applied to the hair. To enhance the effect on the head for half an hour put on a plastic bag. Such a mask, however, can contribute to the destruction of only adults. But it will be easier to comb out the nits when using it.

The most radical treatment for pediculosis is carbofos. It is also diluted with water and applied to the hair. After carbofos, lice are not guaranteed. However, use this tool should be very careful, otherwise you can just poison yourself. And, of course, you can not use this drug to treat pediculosis in children.

How to get rid of fleas

These arthropods do not live on the human body for a long time. Therefore, they get rid of them by not processing the skin, but the main habitat - carpet nap, furniture, etc. At the same time, they usually use not chemical means, but chemical preparations. Treat as carefully as possible. People's remedies in this case can only be treated with the bites of these insects, which are usually very itchy. In order to remove the itch, it is possible to apply ice to a problem place. Bites should also be disinfected with alcohol or soap.

This problem in our time, unfortunately, is quite common - parasites in man. Treatment of folk remedies of such an infection is quite possible. Over the centuries, people have come up with a huge number of techniques to combat these uninvited guests. However, before using folk methods to expel worms, protozoa or even ordinary lice, you should always consult a doctor. The use of incorrect methods can cause irreparable harm to the human body.