Burn from grass: a description, prevention and treatment of effective drugs

The burn from the grass may not be as harmless as it seems at first glance. Sometimes, contact with some herbs can cause severe burns, which require subsequent treatment. To avoid trouble, you should carefully study the most common plants that can be dangerous to human life and health. It is important not only to know everything about dangerous herbs, but also be able in case of what to render first aid and correctly handle the burns received.

Dangerous plants

The most common plant that can harm human life and health is usually considered ash. It contains a huge amount of essential oils and grows almost everywhere. As soon as the plant comes into contact with the skin, immediately a person receives a second degree burn. If no measures are taken to handle the site of the lesion, then in ten hours you can observe huge blisters filled with liquid. Burn after the grass is dangerous in that as soon as the bubbles burst, in their place open wounds are formed, which for a long time then heal.

The second place is occupied by cow bream, which grows throughout the European continent. Recognize this plant is not at all difficult, as it is high, and the flower stalks are collected in umbrellas, which are difficult not to notice. Borshchevik is not afraid of chemical treatment and is resistant to severe frosts. burn from grass The main danger lies in the leaves and stalk of this plant: when they come into contact with the skin, blisters develop and the skin becomes sensitive to sunlight. The most poisonous plant is in the period from July to August, just at this time cow-bream is actively blooming. The plant is dangerous for humans, not only because it leaves burns, the cowboy grass for some can prove fatal. If a person is allergic, then he suffocates and swallows the larynx.

For some people, nettles can be dangerous. The fact is that the grass known to all has special hairs on its stem, leaves and flowers, which contain silicon salts on the tips. When a person touches these hairs - their tips break off and fall into the skin, causing irritation. Of course, nettles are not as harmful to humans as the herbs listed above, but for some people who suffer from allergies, even it can be deadly.

What are the symptoms?

First of all, pigment spots begin to appear, which are accompanied by painful sensations. Recognize the burn from the grass is not so difficult - after returning from a walk through the forest, you need to carefully examine yourself in the mirror. If there is redness of the skin, it can signal a burn. Consider the main features:

  1. The skin appears swelling.
  2. Skin starts to itch.
  3. Blisters appear on the skin. Cow-grass grass burns
  4. Joints begin to swell.
  5. There are problems with the mobility of the joints.

In addition, there may be other symptoms, for example, fever, nausea, a person feels a general weakness, fever and dizziness begin. If a person's temperature rises sharply or the burn is on his head, then he should immediately go to the hospital.

First aid

If a grass burn has occurred, the treatment, of course, is best done with the help of specialists, but it is not always possible to immediately consult a doctor or find the nearest pharmacy. Therefore, you have to provide first aid yourself. A quick reaction will help avoid many complications that may occur afterwards. It must be remembered that to relieve the pain or reduce cold water, therefore, the damaged area of ​​the skin should be placed under a stream of cold water, preferably for about 20 minutes. burns from grass how to heal The sore place is covered with a dense tissue, through which the sun's rays will not penetrate.

In case the main cause was a burn from the grass, but the victim was near the house, you can use the funds that are in the home medicine chest. First of all it is necessary to put a thick solution of soap on the skin, wait a few minutes, and then rinse the body with plain water.

In the home medicine chest can be found "Furatsilin", then a napkin is put on the napkin and tightly bandages to the body of the victim. The resulting blisters can be treated with lotion from oak bark or black tea. It should be remembered that such treatment will be effective only if the lesion site on the human skin is only 10%, in any other cases it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor.

How to treat blisters?

In virtually all cases, the herb causing burns, when in contact with the body, forms blisters. The doctor will definitely appoint three tablets of activated carbon three times a day: this is necessary in order to remove toxins from the body, because the poisonous juice of the plant penetrates deep into the skin. Antibacterial drugs may also be prescribed. Blisters not only cause a lot of trouble( the fact that they collect liquid), they can still get very sick, therefore, as prescribed by the doctor, you can take an anesthetic. grass burn water bubbles Do not puncture blisters in any case, but it is necessary to treat them with special ointments that help the healing of wounds.

What is forbidden to do with skin lesions of the cow grouse

Most often there are terrible burns of cow-grass, so we will consider in more detail what can not be done when treating burns from this herb. First of all, it is worth remembering that it is extremely dangerous to open blisters from a cow-grass cow, as you can immediately put an infection and the inflammatory process will increase several times.

Some people think that lotions with milk or fat help to remove the burn, but doctors say that this way you can only infect the wound even more. To ease the condition, the maximum that can be done at home with a large lesion of the skin, - apply zinc ointment.

Step-by-step instructions for the treatment of burn data

Many people want to get a specific answer to the question of how to treat burns from grass. Therefore, we will consider in detail how to proceed in the event of a burn.

  1. Initially, you should provide first aid to the victim before the doctors arrive. If everything happened in nature, then the victim should be planted in the shade, so that the sun's rays do not fall on him.
  2. If there is alcohol, the damaged skin can be rubbed with alcohol.
  3. To combat burns, you can use "Panthenol".
  4. Do not underestimate the resulting burned grass - water bubbles can burst at any time, and then the infection will spread throughout the body. Therefore, it is recommended to treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide and apply a tight bandage. Keep the affected area clean.
  5. Only a doctor under sterile conditions can open up huge blisters and continue treatment for wound healing.

These are the main measures that can be applied for initial treatment.

What is the treatment?

Many wonder: "If a person is burned with grass - what should I do?"First of all - do not panic, but give the victim first aid and turn to specialists.

  1. The doctor can immediately determine the area of ​​the lesion and, if the victim is allergic, give him a drug that will reduce puffiness.
  2. When burned with grass, vitamins are prescribed, which help the body to cope with toxins faster. burns after the grass
  3. Pain relief is given to relieve pain, for example, it can be Ibuprofen, which, in addition, will lower the body temperature if it starts to rise.
  4. Antihistamines are taken at bedtime, such as Tavegil and Suprastin.
  5. In addition, the doctor will be able to select the correct ointment for wound treatment, which will promote their healing.

It should be remembered that all drugs are selected individually and prescribed by a specialist, self-medication can cause irreparable harm to health.

Treatment at home

It is worth noting that treatment at home can only take place if a person does not suffer from allergies and the area affected by poisonous grass on the skin is small. In any other case, you can not do without a qualified doctor. Consider in detail how to treat burns from grass at home:

  1. An effective method to combat a burn is a solution of soda. It is necessary to dissolve the soda in a glass of water and wipe the place where redness has already appeared or even a blister has formed. Soda solution will be an excellent disinfection, in addition, it will dry the wound.
  2. If a severe itching occurs after a burn, then it is necessary to apply the calendula tincture - to anoint it with the affected area, but you can not comb the blisters.
  3. You should eat more honey, it is rich in vitamins, which will help the body cope with unpleasant sensations after a burn.

If the treatment does not bring the expected result within three days and the symptoms become even more pronounced, then it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor.

What will help to avoid burns from poisonous grass?

In order not to get into an unpleasant situation, it's worth to get acquainted with all herbs that can harm your health. It often happens that a person gets burned only because he does not know what the poisonous grass looks like. Also, remember that you should carefully choose a place for a picnic, especially if the company has children. To protect yourself at least a little, you need to wear long-sleeved clothes and close your legs as much as possible. grass that causes burns On the backyard, such grass must be destroyed as soon as it begins to grow.

Prevention of burns from hogweed

Such a common herb, like cow's, can meet anywhere, so you should know the basic prevention measures. A dangerous period is a period of flowering, at this time the grass is especially poisonous. Going into nature, it is necessary to wear a tracksuit that will protect the whole body. Taking into account the fact that the cow's can reach a height of one and a half meters or more, care should be taken to protect your eyes. You can use sunglasses, because the pollen of this plant, if it gets on the mucous membrane, can also cause burns. burn grass treatment With special care it is necessary to watch children who touch absolutely everything with their hands and can try the grass even for taste, which will immediately cause swelling of the larynx.

The burn from the grass can be deadly to many, so you should not risk it again, especially if the injured person is a small child. Doing self-medication or not giving the burn proper attention, you run the risk of bringing the situation to a fatal outcome.