Increased sweating in women: causes and treatment

Increased sweating in women - this is a very common problem that worries many of the fair sex. This phenomenon is very unpleasant, and leads to strong female experiences. In this article we will consider the main causes of hyperhidrosis, as well as methods for its elimination. It is very important to know that increased sweating in women can indicate the presence of extremely serious diseases in the body. Therefore, it is very important to understand the causes of such an unpleasant phenomenon, and start treatment.

What is sweating?

Sweating is a very important function performed by the body of every person. During this process, a special secret is revealed, as well as metabolic products. It is also worth noting that sweating performs a thermoregulatory function. That is, your body will begin to sweat at too high ambient temperature, as well as when excessive physical activity. This phenomenon is considered absolutely normal. By the way, our sweat glands work constantly, without interruption, even when we are in optimal comfortable conditions, or sleep. But if your sweat glands work with excessive effort without any apparent cause, then you need to think about your health. In this case, your body can have very serious violations.

increased sweating in women

As you know, the sweat itself has absolutely no smell. But when bacteria start to multiply in it, you can feel an extremely unpleasant odor. Pathogenic microorganisms will not only cause an unpleasant odor, but can also become the basis for the development of inflammatory processes in the body.

The main types of hyperhidrosis

Some representatives of the weaker sex sweat intensively in a dream. If this happens with you, be sure to pay attention to the conditions in which you sleep. The room can be very stuffy, or your clothes and bedding are made of synthetic materials. In this case, increased sweating in women will be very easy to eliminate.

Increased sweating can have several localizations on the female body. Depending on this, several types of this disease are distinguished. Consider them in more detail:

  • plantar hyperhidrosis is characterized by increased sweating, arising in the palm;
  • with palmar disease very much sweat feet;
  • but the axillary type of the disease is characterized by increased sweating in the armpits.

increased sweating in women causes

Such types of hyperhidrosis occur quite often. Much more rarely, increased sweating in women occurs immediately throughout the body.

The right choice of clothes is the key to good health.

One of the most important reasons for excessive sweating of the body is the wrong choice of clothes. Of course, all the fair sex are trying to care for their body and properly perform hygiene procedures. However, about the correct selection of clothes for some reason, many simply forget. The way the dress you bought is very important. However, even more important, from what material it is made. Synthetic fabrics are very harmful to the human body. They do not allow the skin to breathe, which means that the body's thermoregulation is broken. Very often women suffer from excessive sweating in the armpits when wearing fabrics such as acrylic, viscose or polyamide. Of course, blouses stitched from synthetic materials look amazing, but at the same time they have a disastrous effect on your health. Imagine what will happen to your body if it does not breathe for twelve hours.

Excessive emotionality

Increased sweating in women, whose causes can be very diverse, often occurs in women who have a very strong emotional reaction to certain life situations. For example, very often a public appearance leads to excitement, which in turn causes emotions, which lead to excessive sweating. Some women are very shy, so they begin to worry when they are drawn to general attention. This situation can also lead to the fact that sweat glands will begin to work more actively.

antiperspirant against increased sweating for women

Increased sweating in women, the causes of which are described in detail on this resource, can begin as early as childhood. For example, if a girl was very worried when a teacher at school called her to the board, and this started to sweat profusely, then such a problem with age will only worsen.

In fact, such a problem is not so easy to solve. The first thing you need to learn to do is to control yourself and your emotions. If you can not come to this yourself by yourself, be sure to contact a psychologist, he will help you cope with excessive emotionality, and solve the problem of excessive sweating.

Cardiovascular system has deviations

It's no secret that very often cardiovascular system disorders can lead to such problems as increased sweating in women underarms and other parts of the body. Most often, such a disease can begin to develop in hypertensive patients. At the same time, increased sweating can be the very first symptoms of such a serious disease. Note that hypertension is a disease that develops very slowly and gradually. You can feel perfectly normal before a certain moment comes. If you notice for yourself that you start sweating for no particular reason, the first thing you need to do is contact a cardiologist. This is particularly true for women who are overweight and who are about forty-forty-five years old.

Why is increased sweating in women - this is a question that excites many of the fair sex. There can be many reasons. And one more of them is the presence of vegetative-vascular dystonia. With such an ailment, women are much more common than men, but age does not matter. The first symptoms of this ailment will be low body temperature, and very frequent dizziness. Vegetosovascular dystonia worsens when the fair sex comes menstruation. The patient may be suffering from chills, which will be accompanied by a phenomenon such as increased sweating in women. At night, such a phenomenon can also be observed, especially if the woman sleeps in uncomfortable conditions. Most of all will sweat hands, feet and armpits.

increased sweating in women at night

Another reason for excessive sweating is hypotension. This disease most often manifests itself in the morning, immediately after the woman woke up. This low pressure will be present until the female body adapts to the vertical position. Pay attention to women who can not start work until they have a cup of coffee. This phenomenon indicates a reduced pressure. Excessive sweating can indicate that the pressure has greatly decreased.

Very often excessive sweating is a signal that indicates the presence of serious diseases in the body. Therefore, always contact the hospital for diagnosis. After all, problems with the cardiovascular system can lead to death.

The presence of infections in the body

Increased sweating of the head in women sometimes indicates the presence of infections in the body. This includes the common cold, flu, sinusitis, pneumonia, as well as any other infectious diseases. The presence of infections in the body leads to inflammatory processes in the body, and this causes a fever. The main symptoms of such diseases are chills, weakness, joint aches, and sometimes also increased sweating. At the same time, it is the protective reaction of the human body to the presence of infection in it.

increased sweating in armpit women

Please note that very many infectious diseases can be found in the body in a latent form. A woman will notice a decline in working capacity and weakness, but such conditions will not last long. The fact that the body is hiding the infection will be indicative of excessive sweating. You will notice how your hands, legs, armpits, and also forehead become wet. If you sweat excessively at night, then this can mean that you have tuberculosis.

Increased sweating in underarm females( treatment will be described below) may be observed during poisoning. In this case, such a process will be quite natural and normal, since together with sweat, poisonous substances can also leave the body.

Female causes of hyperhidrosis

What to do if sweating is elevated? The reasons and treatment for women depend on many factors, so the specialist must find an individual approach to each patient. increased sweating of the head in women

In fact, very often elevated sweating does not indicate any problems. This phenomenon can begin to disturb a woman during a hormonal change, for example, during puberty, or the menopause. At such time intervals, the female organism undergoes the process of adaptation and is reconstructed, so there is nothing terrible in sweating. Very often sweating indicates that the girl is pregnant, so be sure to consider this fact.

Also, the fair sex can sweat a lot during the menstruation. To address to the doctor costs or stands only in the event that the problem has very expressed character, and stirs or prevents normal vital activity. In this case, the gynecologist may prescribe you to undergo a course of treatment with drugs containing hormones.

Antiperspirant against increased sweating for women

The rating of such tools as antiperspirants can be found on the Internet, but before doing this, you need to figure out which exactly the drug will suit you most. An improperly chosen tool will simply clog your pores, and lead to the multiplication of a large number of bacteria. Thus, you not only do not eliminate excessive sweating, but also become tired of fighting an unpleasant odor.

antiperspirant against increased sweating for women

There is a huge selection of different antiperspirants. Manufacturers produce them in the form of a spray, cream, powder, and so on. But the form of release is not the most important thing that you should pay attention to.

Antiperspirant against increased sweating for women can have cosmetic and therapeutic effects. Cosmetic antiperspirants can not completely save you from excessive sweating. Therefore, they are recommended for use in women whose hypohydrosis is not very pronounced. Such funds will have a very short-term effect.

But medical antiperspirants have a stronger impact on the body. However, use them is recommended only on the prescription of the doctor, so as not to harm the body even more. You can not use this remedy very often. Do this every three to four days, or even better, just once a week. If you use this medication regularly, it can cause the sweat glands to atrophy completely, and stop sweating at all. Consider the drugs most often recommended by doctors: Maxim, Orban, Klima, and others.

Treatment of hyperhidrosis

In fact, there is no exact method, how can you cure increased sweating in women, because the reasons for this phenomenon can be very diverse. Take into account, it is very important to understand for what reason this ailment arose, so be sure to consult a doctor in order to eliminate this cause.

Very often, experts recommend that women use drugs containing calcium. It is this microelement that can lead to a decrease in body temperature, and hence, to a decrease in the level of sweating.

Powders containing urotropine and boric acid also have a good effect. Experts recommend that women try Botox injections and laser treatment. However, such procedures have a fairly high price.


It is very important to eliminate the causes of such an unpleasant phenomenon as increased sweating in women. Treatment of this disease can be started only after its causes have been identified. Therefore, always consult a specialist and complete a survey. After all, such an unpleasant phenomenon can hide more serious problems. For example, you may have a serious infection or a specialist will find a serious cardiovascular disease. Therefore, take care of your health today. Start eating right, doing sports, getting rid of bad habits, and you will see how your health will improve significantly. Be healthy and take care, and do not forget that excessive sweating is not a sentence.