What is the normal pressure? Healthy person to note

Often, every person asks himself the question: "Why is it necessary to know the value of your blood pressure?

According to medical statistics, even a slight increase in blood pressure( only ten millimeters) leads to an increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease by thirty percent. People who suffer from increased blood pressure are seven times more likely to have strokes, four times more likely to have ischemic heart disease, almost twice as likely to injure leg vessels. Frequent manifestations of discomfort associated with headache, weakness, dizziness, are the result of changes in blood pressure.

Millions of mercury are used as units of blood pressure. The numerical value 120/80 informs that the person has normal blood pressure. The norm of the value of the upper( systolic) pressure is one hundred twenty millimeters of mercury. The indicator of the magnitude of the lower( diastolic) pressure is eighty millimeters of mercury.

For the measurement of blood pressure level, the following are used:

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  • electronic blood pressure monitors. They are mainly used for household purposes. There are also semiautomatic and automatic meters that do not require additional training for their users;
  • mechanical tonometers. They are based on the Korotkov method. Require their users to have certain skills and knowledge. They are used in professional medicine.

To find out what the pressure is, in 1999 the classification of different pressure levels( in mm Hg) was developed and adopted:

  • optimal level 120/80;
  • level is normal 130/85;
  • level increased normal 135 / 85-90;
  • level of initial hypertension 140/90;
  • level of moderate hypertension 160/100;
  • level of severe hypertension 180/110.

It's very difficult to talk about how much pressure the norm is. The indicator largely depends on how many years the person and on his individual characteristics, professional activities and way of life.

Also emotional and physical overloads postpone their imprint. Mental instability, nervous stress lead to an increase in the normative index of pressure. But the professional athletes on the contrary - blood pressure 90/50 is completely normal and does not cause discomfort and poor health.

In addition, in childhood, blood pressure( normal) depends on the age of the baby. Since the fewer years the child, the more developed the capillary network in the circulatory system, and the lower the blood pressure in the channel of the elastic vessels.

As the child grows, baby pressure also changes. His rate begins to increase little by little. So, the babies born have a normal pressure value of 66/55 millimeters of mercury. In a year - 90/55.In the transitional age of 12 years, the pressure can range from 100/70 to 135/85 mm Hg.post. And before reaching the age of five, the pressure index is the same for both boys and girls. And after five years, the normal indicator of pressure in boys is five to nine units greater than that of girls.

A woman of retirement age and a young girl who has just finished school will also have a difference in terms of normal pressure. At the age of eighteen, you want to laugh and enjoy life when the arrow of the tonometer stops at 120/80 or 110/70.But in sixty with a tail this indicator will say that a person has low blood pressure. The norm to this age increases to 150/90 millimeters of mercury.

Individual body features, weather conditions, time of day, heavy physical work can also increase or decrease blood pressure( which, with an eye for these factors, will be considered normal)

The main step towards normalizing such an important indicator should be to make changes inthe mode of the day and the way of life of a person. It will be necessary to revise the menu, be sure to add physical activity and abandon bad habits. For example, the loss of five kilograms of weight can reduce the upper value of vascular pressure by five units, and the lower one by 2-4.And this is without any medication!