"Enterofuril": before meals or after? Features of the drug and reviews

Antimicrobial "Enterofuril" contains in its composition nifuroksazid. The drug helps with various inflammatory and infectious processes developing in the intestine. The active substance does not enter the bloodstream, which means that the drug has practically no limits. It can be used even by newborn children and pregnant women( according to indications).It is important to know how to properly take "Enterofuril": before or after food, in what dosage and how many days. The article will help to answer all your questions.

enterofuril before meals or after

What does the instruction say?

How to take "Enterofuril"( before or after meals)?This question should be addressed to the annotation. The instructions for use say that the drug is available in two forms. You can choose a tablet or suspension. The last type of medication is prescribed most often to children. Contraindications indicate hypersensitivity and intolerance to fructose.

If you read about the way the drug is used, you can find out that it should not be taken more than 7 days. Also, there is information about dosages that differ at each age. But there is not a single word about how to use Enterofuril, before or after meals. Does this mean that you can take the drug at your own discretion? Let's look at this in more detail.

Enterofuril children before or after meals

"Enterofuril" for adults: features of application of

How should patients use the drug "Enterofuril": before meals or after? To answer this question correctly, you need to know about the symptoms of the disease. Intestinal antibiotic is prescribed for infections accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting. If there are such signs, the patient is always prescribed a diet. It is generally desirable in the first days of the disease to refuse to eat. Under such conditions, the question of how to take Enterofuril is solved by itself. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids during therapy. If there is severe vomiting, then use rehydration solutions.

Instruction for use recommends the use of capsules in the amount of 200 mg of nifuroxazide 4 times a day. The break between meals should be 6 hours. Pay attention to the dosage of the medicine, since the drug is released at 100 and 200 mg of the active ingredient in the capsule.

how to take enterofuril before meals or after

"Enterofuril" for children: before or after meals?

It is more difficult for children to restrict themselves to eating with intestinal disorders. If the child has an appetite, it is recommended to give him rice porridge, kisselike soups and rice broth. Other foods are acceptable, but they should be clarified by the doctor. How to give "Enterofuril" to children? Before the meal or after?

If you are feeding a child according to a diet and do not depart from the doctor's instructions, then you can give the medicine at any time. The use of the drug is not necessarily associated with eating. It is important to observe the correct dosage. To children after 7 years of age the medication is prescribed according to the same scheme as for adult patients. Children from 3 to 7 years of age should take capsules 200 mg three times a day. In children of this age, the interval between taking the drug is at least 8 hours.

enterofuril suspension before or after meals

Use of the drug in infants

How is Enterofuryl( suspension) used? Before meals or after - for this type of drug there is no fundamental difference. Medicament in a liquid form is prescribed to children from the first months of life. It can also be used by grown-up children. Do not rule out the intake of the suspension for adults.

With intestinal diseases, it is not possible to completely transfer the baby to a new diet. Especially when no additional food has been introduced. In this case, the child is fed according to the usual pattern, and the drug "Enterofuril" is added to the bottle. Mix the medicine for small children with water, tea, juice or breast milk. Choose the most suitable way for your baby to take the medicine. Do not forget about the dose. At the age of up to half a year the medicine is prescribed 2.5 ml 2-3 times a day. From 6 months to 2 years, the drug should be given at 2.5 ml, but already 4 times. The interval between meals is 8-12 hours.

enterofuril instructions before or after meals

Reviews on the way of using the drug

If you listen to the opinions of consumers, most of them will converge in one: people are rarely interested in the question at what time to take the drug "Enterofuril".Disorders of digestion are observed in patients with intestinal diseases. Most of them at all refuse any food.

Clinical trials show that the effectiveness of a medication is not dependent on eating. The effect of the drug can be reduced only with the simultaneous use of sorbents. Such medications are often combined with Enterofuril. It is important to take them separately with a break of at least two hours. In the rest, the intestinal antiseptic has no special limitations. Doctors do not focus their attention on the time of drug use. They recommend using it as it will be convenient for the patient.

enterofuril before meals or after

Summing up

The article presented your review with information that contains the information about the preparation "Enterofuril" instruction. Before meals or after taking medicine, everyone's personal business. The abstract does not give strict limitations in this matter. Therefore, all the points of interest need to be clarified by the treating doctor. For each patient, the answer to the question posed may sound different. It is important to take the medicine in prescribed doses and according to the scheme. Strong to you health!