Vacuum interruption of pregnancy: timing and reviews

Disappointing medical statistics indicate that every fifth pregnancy ends in an interruption. For an abortion, women choose the safest methods. But if the desired result is not achieved, then one must resort to surgical intervention. Today's article will tell you about how long a vacuum abortion is made. You will learn about the nuances of this manipulation and will be able to review the reviews.

Vacuum interruption of pregnancy

This technique is widely used in all medical institutions. Along with medical abortion, vacuum aspiration is recognized as a low-injury and relatively safe. However, there is a risk that parts of the fetal egg remain in the uterine cavity.

vacuum termination of pregnancy

Vacuum interruption of pregnancy is made only in the hospital. The patient before this, you need to undergo a test and take some tests. Manipulation is carried out using a special device - vacuum suction.

Dates of procedure

If you are offered a vacuum termination of pregnancy, the gestation period is not long. It is impossible to say exactly to what week the procedure is being conducted. Many clinics set their own limits. In different sources, the information diverges. In some it is indicated that a mini-abortion is allowed to be done until 5 weeks of pregnancy. Others talk about eight weeks. Experienced specialists can perform manipulation up to 12 weeks. There is evidence that if a suitable cannula is available, a vacuum termination of pregnancy can be made up to 15 weeks.

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vacuum termination of pregnancy terms

Despite this, many medical institutions adhere to a period of 8 weeks. It is until this period that there is still a strong connection between the fetal egg and the wall of the uterus. And this means that the result of manipulation will be successful in almost all cases.

Indications and contraindications

In order to make a vacuum termination of pregnancy, a woman's consent is necessary. This is the main indication for abortion. Also, manipulation is sometimes prescribed by a specialist without the initiative of the patient. Indications at the same time are as follows:

  • abnormalities of development of the fetal egg, incompatible with life;
  • the inability of a woman to give birth for health reasons;
  • frozen pregnancy or anembrionia;
  • viral diseases, transferred in a dangerous period( rubella, toxoplasmosis).

vacuum interruption of pregnancy reviews

Doctors say that there are contraindications to manipulation. They can be absolute or temporary. The latter include infection of the genital tract, disruption of blood clotting, fever and colds. After eliminating these pathologies, it is perfectly permissible to perform an operation, if the timing permits.

Complete contra-indications for vacuum abortion include abnormalities of the uterus( the presence of adhesions and septa), ectopic pregnancy, recent childbirth, uterine tumors and long gestation. In these situations, other methods are chosen to eliminate the fetal egg.

Preparing for abortion

The vacuum method of abortion requires some preparation. Every gynecologist will tell you about it. The opinions of physicians indicate that ultrasound diagnostics is always performed before the procedure. It allows you to establish the exact duration of gestation. Also, a woman gives swabs from the vagina to study microflora and to detect an infectious process.

before what term do the vacuum termination of pregnancy

In addition to the preparation described, the patient should be given a blood test. The study reveals the level of thrombocytes, the presence of antibodies to hepatitis, HIV and other diseases.

During the operation of

, women say that the vacuum interruption of pregnancy passes rather quickly. Reviews say that manipulation lasts only 5-7 minutes. The patient is located on the gynecological chair, as for the examination. After that, the doctor splits the cervix with anesthetics and antispasmodics.

If the woman did not give birth, the gynecologist will need to pre-expand the cervical canal with the help of tools. It does not need to give birth to patients. When everything is ready, the cannula is inserted into the uterine cavity. With the help of his own strength, the doctor pulls the suction handle. At this time, negative pressure is created in the cavity of the childbearing organ. The fetal egg is detached from the uterine wall and sucked into the manipulator.

After abortion: reviews of women

Patients say that mini-abortion is much easier to transfer than surgical scraping. For manipulation, no general anesthesia is required. Also, the traumatized area of ​​the mucous membrane remains small. After a vacuum interruption, there are rarely any complications with the neck. Whereas curettage can lead to damage to the cervical canal. After this, there may be problems with the subsequent bearing of the child and natural childbirth.

discharge after vacuum abortion

Allocations after vacuum interruption of pregnancy, according to women, are not so abundant and painful. They, in fact, are the usual menstruation. And after scraping, the damaged mucous membrane is bleeding. The recovery time from this operation is small. Under medical supervision, the patient must stay for one or two hours. After this, a woman can return to her former affairs.

Doctors prescribe medicines after a vacuum abortion. These are broad-spectrum antibiotics. They will help prevent the development of bacterial infection and complications. Women are also recommended drugs that cause uterine contractions, and painkillers. All of them are selected individually. Some women mistakenly believe that they can do without the use of drugs. With such negligent attitude to their health, complications often occur in the form of infections, inflammatory processes, delay of the mucous membrane in the uterine cavity.

vacuum method of abortion

Doctors say that after carrying out vacuum aspiration, the patient should appear for an additional examination in two weeks. This is necessary to confirm a complete abortion. If parts of the membranes are found in the uterine cavity, curettage is prescribed.

In conclusion

Vacuum termination of pregnancy is safe manipulation. Its effect depends on the timing of the operation. The sooner you go to the gynecologist, the more chances are that everything will go smoothly. If you wish to abort pregnancy, then never use grandmother's recipes. They can lead to very unpleasant consequences in the future. All the best!