"Dipan": instructions for use, reviews, analogues, photo

The liver in the human body plays a very important role. And above all, it is an excellent blood filter. But most of the factors have a destructive effect on it. This alcohol, preservatives, chemical compounds. Is the liver itself able to neutralize the number of poisons that penetrate it daily? To help the body cope with them and fully function, hepatoprotectors are recommended. It is this drug that is considered the drug "Dipan", the instruction for its application will be considered below.

dipana instructions for use

Description of the drug

The medicine "Dipan" is a hepatoprotector. This product is distinguished by its plant origin. The main function of the drug is to protect the liver from a variety of harmful effects. This is how the instruction for use is approved by the drug "Dipan".The photo given in the article allows to consider this medicine.

The drug has the following effects:

  • protection of the liver from toxic substances( medicines, alcohol);
  • stimulation of cell renewal;
  • normalization of the protein-synthetics function;
  • improvement of the digestive process.
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The medicine is given in tablet form. Pills of a light green hue, covered with a shell. They seem to be biconvex, oblong. Have a specific smell.

Composition of the preparation

To understand how a medicament affects the body, it is necessary to consider the components of the medicine "Dipan".Instructions for use include a list of herbal ingredients.

dipana instructions for use review

The composition of the preparation includes dry aqueous extracts of the following plants:

  1. Rhizomes of pyrocirrhosis of curroa, flowers and leaves of andrographis paniculate. These components are characterized by a hepatoprotective property. They prevent liver damage by a variety of toxic substances.
  2. Fruits and leaves of black nightshade. These ingredients stimulate the cleansing function of the organ, activate enzyme systems.
  3. Leaves and roots of the white ecliptic, the leaves of the water hyssop. are distinguished by their antioxidant properties. They significantly improve the patient's well-being.
  4. Roots of spreading burhavia. The plant provides improved bile outflow.
  5. Leaves and roots of filranthus niruri, stems of heart thainaspora. They have excellent immunomodulatory properties.
  6. The rhizome of ginger. The natural component reduces dyspepsia, normalizes the function of the bile ducts, improves intestinal motility.
  7. Fruit of long pepper. The component protects against liver fibrosis. In addition, it improves the effect of all other extracts contained in the drug.

Indications for prescribing

Given the composition and effect of the drug on the body, you can guess at what pathologies the most popular drug is "Dipan".

Instruction for use recommends the use of medication for the following conditions and pathologies:

  1. Hepatitis: medicinal, toxic, infectious;taking place in the chronic and acute stage.
  2. Fatty liver disease, of various origins.
  3. Alcoholic organ disease.
  4. Cirrhosis of the liver.

dipana instruction manual

This drug is very effective not only in the treatment process. It is often used as a preventive agent for chronic poisoning. The medicine is able to protect the liver from damage even with prolonged use of alcohol.

Recommended dosage

Tablets are for ingestion. It is best to take them before meals. After swallowing the pill, you should drink a sufficient amount of liquid.

Despite the vegetative basis of this medication, it is important not to forget that this medicine. Therefore, before resorting to drug therapy, be sure to consult a doctor.

The "Dipan" medication is recommended for use in the following way:

  1. When diagnosing fatty degeneration, treatment of alcoholic liver disease. The medication is taken in the form of monotherapy. Usually, 2 to 3 tablets are prescribed at a time. It depends on the severity of the pathology. Most often it is recommended to use the drug twice a day. If necessary, the doctor will increase the number of receptions or reduce. This course of treatment can last from 8 to 12 weeks.
  2. For hepatitis, medicinal, toxic damage, and cirrhosis. In this case, the drug is most often included in complex therapy. With such conditions, it is recommended to take the medicine on 2 pills. In a day it is necessary to use the drug three times. The duration of therapy is 4-8 weeks on average.
  3. For chronic poisoning, for the prevention. Such patients are recommended to take 1-2 tablets. During the day, they take the medicine three times. The duration of preventive therapy varies within 4-8 weeks.

dipana instructions for use and reviews


To protect your body from possible harm, you need to understand that this tool has certain limitations to use.

The instruction accompanying the "Dipan" preparation leads to such contraindications:

  • hypersensitivity to hepatoprotector components;
  • gestation period;
  • Breastfeeding.

The drug is not recommended for use by children under 10 years of age. This restriction is dictated by the fact that the experience of using the drug "Dipan" for this age group is absent.

Side effects of

Sometimes, unwanted reactions to therapy with Dipan may occur. Instructions for use and patient testimonials indicate that during treatment may appear allergic symptoms.

In addition, the medication can provoke a number of other negative effects:

  • nausea;
  • feeling of dryness in the oral cavity;
  • spasms in the intestine;
  • sleep disorders;
  • appearance of diarrhea;
  • occurrence of a headache;
  • increased diuresis.

But it should be noted that such side effects are rare.

Analogues of medicament

There is not a single drug on the pharmacological market that has the same composition as the original remedy. Recollect, how many medicinal extracts describes the "Dipan" medication instructions for use. Analogues( structural) can not be selected.

dipana instructions for use

However, there are a number of drugs that have similar effects on the body.

Among such drugs:

  1. "Silimar". The preparation is made in tablet form. It contains only one active ingredient - an extract of milk thistle spotted.
  2. "Karsil Forte". The medication has the same indications as the original drug. The medicine was created on the basis of the fruits of milk thistle.
  3. Legalon 140. This is a German medicine made from natural ingredients. It is used for the same pathologies as the original medication.

dipana instruction

Opinion of patients

What do people who have used a medicine say about this drug? Is it really able to help with those ailments indicated by the "Dipan" preparation instruction on the application?

Patients' reviews confirm the effectiveness of the drug. People taking the drug testify that it has a much better effect on the body than many hepatoprotectors.

Patients claim that medication therapy has helped them to eliminate rather negative symptoms, such as skin peeling, severe pain, tingling, itching sensation. In addition, those treated have shown that their overall well-being has improved significantly.