Children's dentistry: Murmansk, st. Sophia Perovskaya. Reviews

Among the parents of babies, there is an opinion that children do not need dental care. After all, frequent problems with the teeth, which are in children, are the loss of milk teeth and caries. Some adults mistakenly believe that these health problems go with age, but, as qualified dentists say, this is far from the case. Not only do dental diseases in children cause unbearable pain, they can also lead to serious problems with oral health in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to take the child to the dentist at least once every six months for preventive examination or for the first symptoms of a dental disease.

Pediatric dentistry - an innovative direction in medicine


Previously, all people without regard to age with a toothache turned to one dentist, since there was no division into children's and adult doctors. But this practice gave poor results, because children often remained untreated after a visit to such a doctor. Therefore, with the growth of demand in medicine, a new direction has appeared - pediatric dentistry. Murmansk today offers a large number of clinics that deal with the treatment of dental diseases in toddlers. All of them have advantages and disadvantages. But the most popular is the department "Children's Dentistry" on Sofya Perovskaya, Murmansk. Let's find out what is the secret of success of this medical institution.

Advantages of a dental clinic for children

Pediatric dentistry at Perovskaya Murmansk

Dental Clinic No. 1 has a department called "Pediatric Dentistry".Murmansk offers a large number of such medical facilities, but only this hospital has the following advantages:

  • Quality equipment for children. Many medical institutions still conduct therapy, using old equipment, which has long since fallen into disrepair. Do not talk about the quality of such treatment: at best, the patient will not feel any results. For babies this method of therapy is absolutely unacceptable. Therefore, children's dentistry in the polyclinic № 1 of Murmansk offers only serviceable equipment for diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases in children.


  • Qualified doctors and medical personnel. Every doctor who works at the polyclinic of the dental office No. 1 has enough knowledge to successfully treat his patients. But doctors specializing in the treatment of young children have special requirements: they must also be able to get along with the child, comfort and calm him. Only in this case it is possible to achieve positive results in the therapy of dental diseases in toddlers.
  • Reasonable prices. The clinic, along with free services, offers commercial services, the cost of which is affordable to any average parent of a small child. This medical institution does not overstate the price, as most dental clinics do. For example, a child's examination will cost only 250 rubles, anesthesia - 375 rubles, an x-ray - 160 rubles, if there is no way to do it for free.

Here are listed not all the advantages that the dental clinic No. 1 offers, namely the direction "Children's dentistry".Murmansk has a small number of such medical facilities. It is worth saying that in the city there are still similar in terms of service facilities. This is in the private clinic "Danti" children's dentistry( Murmansk).

Services of the dental department for children

Pediatric dentistry at Sophia Perovskaya Murmansk

The children's department in the dental clinic № 1 is engaged in the provision of the following services:

  1. Prevention. Preventive measures include first examining the oral cavity of a small patient and teaching the child the initial hygiene procedures that will help keep your teeth healthy and beautiful throughout life. A dentist knows how to properly teach a child to brush his teeth and interest him with it.
  2. Treatment of all diseases associated with the oral cavity. Often the parents of babies who complain of toothache do not attach much importance to this, because such symptoms are characteristic of the stage before the loss of milk teeth and during the growth of new ones. Nevertheless, the pain can be indicative of serious diseases, which eventually develop into a chronic form. Neglect of oral health of the baby can lead to the fact that over time he will become self-contained and insecure, because beautiful teeth are the key to success in society.
  3. Children's orthodontics. In the department of the polyclinic "Children's Stomatology № 1"( Murmansk) your child can also put plates or braces that correct the anomalies of the location and structure of the dentition.
  4. Tooth extraction. To the milk tooth does not cause pain, it should be removed in time. In the children's department of the polyclinic № 1 innovative technique of anesthesia is used, which allows to perform the procedure absolutely painlessly.

As we can see, pediatric dentistry at Perovskaya( Murmansk) offers a full range of services so that your baby's oral cavity remains healthy.

Stages of treatment

Denti children

To begin with you should make an appointment with a doctor in the department of Pediatric Dentistry. Murmansk provides a few dental clinics with qualified doctors, such as in a medical facility on Sofya Perovskaya. Many of them undergo additional courses of professional development, strive to constantly develop in the field of dentistry and keep up with new technologies in medicine. All this helps the doctors of the clinic to serve customers at the highest level.

Next, you need to bring the child to the appointed time. After the examination, the doctor will make his verdict: what to do next and how to conduct therapy for the disease.

How to prepare a child for a visit to the dentist?

Do not frighten the kid with a dentist: then he will negatively react to a visit to the doctor, and you, together with a specialist, will find it difficult to calm him. Tell only positive stories, and then visit to the dentist will take place without various incidents and problems.



Many people search the Internet for reviews about this dental clinic for this query: "Children's dentistry Murmansk, reviews".It is worth noting that the visitors of this medical institution note that the service is conducted at the highest level. The staff is attentive to the patients, so young children and their parents feel comfortable during a visit to the clinic.

But it also does not dispense with criticism of this medical institution. Many parents complain about the big queues in front of the dentist's waiting room. Adult people are hard to stand for several hours, waiting for a specialist to conduct an examination, but children are even more uncomfortable to stand in line.