Alcohol and antibiotics are not compatible and are harmful to health

Friends, let's talk today about antibiotics and alcohol. Compatibility of them is not just very doubtful, but on the contrary, rather destructive for the human body. It is strange to read the opinions of people who claim that the danger of such a combination is too exaggerated and even absent.

Come on, I'll tell you my story, in which the interaction of antibiotics with alcohol played a cruel joke with me. I can not remember exactly how I could mix alcohol and antibiotics, but the result of their "fruitful" interaction was perfectly remembered. And the result was, as they say - on the face, only in my case on the oral cavity and throat. It's a shame that in fact, I practically do not use alcohol, but it was during the treatment days that I met a classmate and we drank literally a glass of wine.

From the very morning I felt bad, and the whole mouth, including the sky, was strewn with ulcers. Sore and throat. This condition lasted at least a week and brought suffering: it was painful to swallow, the constant allocation of saliva, well, in general, mouth ulcers - this is, at least, discomfort for any person. Here, for example, how alcohol and antibiotics can act together. They caused stomatitis.

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Of course, I had to consult a doctor who initially prescribed rinsing of the mouth. Without going into details, it is worth noting only that rinsing did not help, and the cure only occurred after the doctor prescribed other antibiotics already directed to the treatment of stomatitis.

It's possible that alcohol and antibiotics of certain groups are compatible, but is it worth it to conduct such experiments on your body? The fact is that doctors say that such experiments can lead even to the death of a "test", that is, a person who can not control himself.

Actually, there really are other opinions on this issue, including those with references to the opinions of competent specialists in this field. That is, supposedly nothing terrible does not happen at the joint use of the given components. Alternatively, alcohol and antibiotics, with rare exceptions, are quite compatible, and incompatibility is a myth.

Usually such statements follow from drinkers. But are they right? Even if a person directly drinks drugs with alcohol and does not get sick obviously on the same day, he should understand that once you do not have to! In addition, not every disease manifests itself immediately. Some pathologies can not appear for a long time, and when they show up, it may be too late.

It is characteristic that the Internet claims that the incompatibility of taking antibiotics with alcohol is a myth, has become widespread. But even in articles aimed at destroying the "myth" about the incompatibility of alcohol and antibiotics, nevertheless a reservation is made: "There may be a certain reaction in a number of cases."

This phenomenon is accompanied by such symptoms:

  • chills,
  • nausea,
  • severe headaches,
  • convulsions.

So myth or reality? Compatible antibiotics and alcohol or not? Personally, I do not see any paradox. Specialists have just popularly explained that such mixing can not lead to pathology, but there are cases when the destructive effect takes place. Other doctors say almost the same thing, but warn that a joint intake of antibiotics with alcohol can lead to extremely tragic consequences.

Well, if such a combination does not harm, then how do I deal with my story? Suppose it was a mere coincidence? It's up to you, but I made conclusions for myself. What these conclusions are not difficult to guess. I have also talked about this and will talk, I will write, which I am doing at the moment in the hope of keeping readers away from experiments of this kind.

I wish you all health, friends and common sense with any choice!