The damage to the protein: where is the myth, and where is the reality?

Most athletes use protein shakes and natural protein to build muscle mass. Protein is a concentrated protein that forms the basis for the synthesis of new white compounds in the body. There are many articles that describe the benefits and harms of protein. Let's try to understand them.

Taking a protein that seems so useful, you need to be aware of some possible side effects to the body that it carries.

The harm of a protein, first of all, is that in its reception a measure is needed, otherwise an intoxication of the organism may occur. On average, its standard daily dose for a sposrmena-bodibildera - 300-500g.

Initially, in Soviet times, the protein was introduced into a row of anabolic steroids, and so, to this day, there is often a sharply negative attitude toward it. However, not everything is so deplorable. In principle, the harm of a protein, like any other product, can manifest itself fully in an "overdose".But, we will repeat, such can occur at use of any agent or a foodstuff.

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For proper use of protein, you should know a few of its main features. So, we note that it is absorbed in the body by 60% and only in combination with a certain amount of carbohydrates. The most acceptable formula for compatibility is about 30% protein compounds, about 60% carbohydrate and 10% lipids. But in reality this is very difficult to achieve. As a rule, the shortage is in the protein.

For normalization and full digestion of protein, remember that:

  1. It is not recommended to take protein in the evening. It is useless, it is not digested. The best time of reception is the morning immediately after training. Then a double effect is achieved: the restoration of the body's tone and the increase in muscle mass.
  2. You can take a protein cocktail between lunch and dinner. But you do not need to cook it from the cheapest protein powder, otherwise the harm of protein cocktails will be on your face - it just will not digest or the body will not accept it.

Many people who have had side effects after consuming protein bought either a bovine or soy product. A possible reaction of the body is an allergic rash. But this is by no means dangerous. Rash occurs rarely with individual intolerance. In other cases, problems do not arise.

Protein is best purchased in specialized stores for athletes or via the Internet. And buy a better large package: saving money and time.

Protein damage may occur if taken too much. This affects the liver and heart muscle. Everywhere is important measure, and in such a serious matter - even more so.

Another nuance of taking a protein cocktail: you need to drink it only through a straw. The fact is that he destroys the tooth enamel, thereby increasing the sensitivity of the teeth.

The damage to the kidney protein is investigated by scientists. As objects that were exposed to the protein, animals were first selected. In the USA and Belgium similar experiments were conducted with the involvement of professional athletes. There were no side effects on the kidneys. Experiments have shown that such fears are inexpedient. However, there is evidence that the use of powdered protein leads to the washing away of calcium from the bones. Thus, you need to take natural and artificial protein in the complex. The athlete must "eat" the powder not more than twice a day.

Despite the fact that the side effects of protein use only occur when it is used excessively, keep in mind that if you are moderate in exercise, additional protein intake is not necessary. If you are a bodybuilder, it is absolutely necessary to replenish your body's expenses and the need for amino acids. The more protein, the more active muscle growth.

Remember that everywhere a measure and a reasonable approach is important! Then you will succeed!