Can I drink milk for the night? Features of milk consumption, properties, benefits and harm

Many of us believe that milk is desirable to drink in a warm form, and before bed. In addition, a warm drink in combination with propolis, cinnamon or honey helps to cope with many diseases. You can drink milk at night or not and how useful this drink is, let's consider in our article.

Use of milk at night

Before going to bed, drink is not drink to quench your thirst. Many of us believe that in the evening hours the benefit of this drink is as follows:

  • sleep is normalized;
  • cures colds;
  • restores the hormonal background;
  • improves the work of the brain and central nervous system;
  • weight decreases.

Is it possible to drink warm milk at night, and does it really bring real benefits? Let's consider each of the items in more detail.

Sleep normalization. The drink really improves the quality of sleep, except when dribbling the liquid causes you to run to the toilet at night. Many medical experts claim that insomnia cures autosuggestion. Therefore, everything is in our hands.

Cold .Due to the content of lysozyme and immunoglobulin in a dairy product, it is assumed that the immune system is strengthened. But the substances do not enter the blood, because they are destroyed in the digestive tract. Proteins are cleaved to amino acids, which have no influence on the state of immunity. On the question of whether you can drink milk at night, you can answer in the affirmative. But for cold it does not help.

Hormonal background .The product does not affect the work of the thyroid gland. The level of hormones in the blood does not increase or decrease the drink.

Weight. The liquid does not burn fat in the morning or in the evening, so it does not make sense to lose weight for losing weight.

Cognitive functions of the body .The milk does not influence the work of the brain. There is no psychotropic substance in this drink, therefore it does not affect the central nervous system either as a soothing agent or as a stimulant.

can I drink milk at night

Harm to the drink

There are many myths about this drink. For example, some believe that milk:

  • should be drunk separately from food intake, because when it contacts the stomach with other foods, milk turns into a toxin;
  • to destroy harmful substances, the liquid must be boiled;
  • in our body there are no enzymes digesting the drink, so the digestive tract does not digest it.

Some people are not sure if you can drink milk for the night, and are afraid to harm yourself. As if it will change the properties in the morning and become useful.

The real harm that a drink drunk before going to bed brings:

  • Flatulence. If you are sleeping with someone in the same room, then another person may be uncomfortable.
  • Bad sleep. At night, you may want to go to the toilet. Excess weight. The liquid is quite caloric, so if you drink it at night every day, you can quickly gain excess weight.

Is it possible to drink warm milk at night?

Milk for the night with additives

To strengthen the therapeutic effect of milk, other ingredients are added to the beverage. Consider several effective recipes:

  • Milk and honey .This drink is taken with a cold, with a sore throat. When asked if it is possible to drink milk with honey at night, the answer is unequivocal - yes. To prepare a medicinal drink, in a glass of warm liquid you need to dissolve a teaspoon of honey. Drink in bed a few sips several times a day. Milk and Propolis .To prepare a drink, add a drop of propolis tincture to the glass of the liquid. To calm the central nervous system and improve the quality of sleep, a drink is recommended to be drunk at night. The effectiveness of this tool is at the level of autosuggestion.
  • Milk and cinnamon .Some believe that such a drink burns fat. But cinnamon does not accelerate metabolic processes in the body and has no influence on appetite. Without diets and trainings this drink is completely useless.

Milk at night for children

Many young mothers often wonder whether it is possible to drink milk at night for children. Pediatricians claim that until two years of age, cow's milk for children is contraindicated. Doctors say that cow's milk in a child's body can provoke a calcium deficiency. It is better to replace this product with a mixture recommended for a certain age.

Children over the age of two can not only drink milk, but they also need it, including before bedtime. The drink contains calcium, protein and animal fat, so necessary for the child's body.

can I drink milk at night for children

Is it possible to drink milk at night for children, and in what form should this product be given? Babies are recommended to give it in a warm form. If the child does not have a honey allergy, it can be added to the milk. In this drink are many useful vitamins and trace elements. Give a drink preferably an hour before bedtime.

Milk for weight loss at night

Some people are sure that milk, drunk at night, helps to reduce excess weight. And explain this effect( in response to the intake of additional calories in the body begins the splitting of fats) with the following arguments:

  • milk drink removes slag from the body, which complicates the process of weight reduction;
  • in milk contains vitamins and microelements that restore metabolism in the body;
  • proteins contained in milk, accelerate metabolism.

Is it useful to drink milk at night for losing weight?

And is it useful to drink milk at night for weight loss? In fact, with the use of dairy products at night, you can lose weight only if you completely give up dinner. Weight reduction in this case will happen only because of the fact that a person a day will consume fewer calories. If you think that the drink contributes to the splitting or burning of fat in the body, then the opinion is mistaken. Without changing the daily menu and not starting to play sports, you will not be able to lose weight.


Milk drink, at any time of day it does not drink, does not have a pronounced therapeutic effect. Sometimes milk helps to cope with insomnia, but it only helps when a glass of milk drunk at night does not cause night trips to the toilet. In milk there are no substances that contribute to fat burning, and you can lose weight only if you refuse dinner. Adding other products( cinnamon, propolis, honey) to the drink will not turn milk into an effective medicine, but will only help to speed up the effect of drug treatment a little.

But in any case, milk can not only be drunk, but it is necessary!