Veins on the chest: what to do if they are very visible

All women are different, the external features of the mammary glands are also different. Therefore, not always clearly visible veins on the chest indicate a disease. The cause of this phenomenon can be and menstruation, and a sharp weight loss, and a serious emotional surge. But it is better to be safe, and if the vessels that have protruded cause even the slightest discomfort, consult a doctor. What should alert, what diseases are signaled by the visible vessels on the chest, and what measures can be taken - you will learn from this article.

Features of the female body and mammary glands

The chest of the woman is permeated with a variety of blood vessels. As a rule, they are not visible or slightly translucent, but there are also situations when the veins on the mammary gland are very visible. The woman starts to worry, to search for the reason, which is quite normal.

veins on chest

This phenomenon, as protruding veins on the chest, is of an individual nature. It can appear to different degrees in different women. This is due to fluctuations in the hormonal background, a particular malaise or even physique. It is almost impossible to find out for yourself what became the cause. For proper diagnosis and problem solving, it is best to consult a doctor.

Do not forget that for someone the veins that can be seen on the chest are quite normal. For example, girls who have a pale skin tone and a fragile physique, they will shine, regardless of the presence of diseases, medication and other factors. You need to worry only if the changes are really noticeable, and besides veins, there is also obvious discomfort in the thoracic region.

Why do the veins show up?

Reasons can be different. Including absolutely harmless and in any way not connected with health. For example, you have drastically lost weight. As a result of loss of kilograms in a short time, thinning of the fat layer occurs, and blood vessels become more noticeable. When the figure returns to the previous parameters, the veins that disturb you will also disappear.

The answer to the question of why veins are visibly visible on the chest can be associated with excessive physical activity. After you were engaged in hard work or intense sports, the veins can appear not only on the hands and feet, but also on the mammary glands. You just need to let the body rest - and the vessels will return to normal.

blue veins on chest

The reason may be sharp emotional changes. For example, you have experienced a lot of stress or, conversely, a huge rush of joyful emotions. This naturally causes the flow of blood to the vessels, which contributes to a more pronounced manifestation of veins on the skin.

Some hormonal medications can also cause vascular disorders. Many of them have an unpleasant side effect - they help to thicken the blood, hence the translucent veins.

In adolescent girls, during the formation of the breast, all body systems are restructured. Not always the skin has time to adjust to the rapid changes, so it stretches and thins.

In adult women, veins may be visible shortly before the onset of the cycle. This may be accompanied by swelling of the mammary glands and some discomfort. These symptoms should not be alarmed: from the first days of menstruation, the breast will return to normal.

Finally, many women report a manifestation of veins on the chest during pregnancy. This is considered one of the main symptoms of an "interesting situation".The reason is simple: the body automatically begins to prepare for maternity, and this process begins with the mammary glands. Breasts can not only acquire translucent vessels, but also swell, acquire excessive sensitivity, nipples can change color and even shape.

In addition to these non-dangerous signs, the appearance of visible veins on the chest can signal and problems with health. If you have even the slightest doubt, try to see a doctor as soon as possible.

during pregnancy

Veins during pregnancy

Very often, the blood vessels on the chest become more visible in pregnant women. It's not worth worrying: it's quite normal. Your breasts begin to prepare for motherhood and future breastfeeding. Dairy ducts expand, they begin preparation for the passage of milk masses. All this leads not only to swelling and increase in the size of the mammary glands, but also to a change in the structure of the vessels. As a result, they become noticeable and may even appear above the skin.

If the chest during lactemia or during pregnancy gives you a clearly uncomfortable sensation, do not delay the visit to mammologu. He will check the mammary glands for the presence of neoplasms and help diagnose the disease in the early stages.

Veins in the second and third trimester of pregnancy

At this time, swelling and an increase in the volume of veins is normal - because they have to supply blood not only to your own organism, but also to the body of a growing baby. Vessels become visible not only on the chest, but also on the legs. After the birth of the overwhelming majority of women they disappear.

Every fifth pregnant woman faces such an unpleasant problem as varicose veins. Vessels swell very strongly and protrude above the surface of the skin. This can become noticeable already at the beginning of pregnancy, and by the end of it only worsen - because the uterus begins to squeeze the veins more strongly, and the flow of blood to the lower limbs becomes difficult.

And if the veins did not disappear after the birth?

Veins on the chest in the early stages of pregnancy - a common thing, but sometimes they remain even after the birth of the child. Of course, there is little good in this, and a woman must experience aesthetic, and sometimes physical discomfort. But modern medicine can easily cope with this problem. There are two procedures by which you can get rid of the veins on your chest.

why the veins are strongly visible


This procedure consists in the introduction of a special solution directly into the mesh of veins. It leads to irritation of the walls of the vessels and their "sticking together".In a few weeks, the injection site will heal, and in time will be completely invisible. The more pronounced the veins, the more such procedures will be required.

Sclerotherapy - the procedure is relatively safe and usually passes without consequences. In some cases, bruising and swelling on the mammary glands may occur.

Laser Therapy

This measure is considered the most successful method of fighting venous diseases to date. The laser as by magic destroys all small sosudiki, without damaging the skin at the same time. As a rule, after one laser therapy session, the result will be visible, in some cases the procedure is repeated.

Laser therapy is absolutely safe and does not cause any painful sensations. In rare cases, complications are observed, for example, burns may occur. But no bruises, no swelling, as from sclerotherapy, will not.

veins on the mammary gland

What diseases can the veins on the chest tell?

Unexpected protrusion of veins in nonpregnant women may indicate the development of venous diseases and disorders in the functioning of the vascular system. The most common of them, perhaps, is known to everyone - varicose veins. By the way, it suffers from him quite often and men. Varicosity is not uncommon in pregnancy, so during this period it is especially important to monitor the condition of blood vessels.

If the blue veins on the chest are not an occasion to sound an alarm, the appearance of so-called asterisks and bloating of the vessels should cause serious fear. These are obvious signs of varicose veins. If treatment is not started, the disease will develop steadily, leading to such serious consequences as trophic ulcers or venous thrombosis. A woman, especially a pregnant woman, should immediately consult a doctor at the first suspicion of varicose veins. After all, such serious violations in the work of blood vessels can create a risk of miscarriage. And if the disease was diagnosed before pregnancy, before planning the conception, you should consult your doctor and, if necessary, undergo a prescribed course of treatment.

Symptoms of varicose veins

The fact that an insidious disease is approaching can be stated even before the notorious "grid" and "stars" on the chest appear. As a rule, varicose veins begin with edema on the feet, which make themselves felt by the evening. The first signs - aching dull pain, heaviness, blue veins - should alert and become an excuse for a visit to the doctor. Then the disease will be easier to recognize at an early stage and prevent its further development.

But, unfortunately, not all women turn to a doctor in the early stages. This is fraught with complications and more obvious symptoms. Bumps and nodules appear in the chest, except for translucent veins. The mammary glands and nipples swell stronger than usual. Mastopathy can develop, accompanied by general malaise and fever. In a word, if you have veins on your chest, it's better to be safe and do not delay the visit to the clinic.

veins on the chest causes

Other diseases

There are other health problems, which can result in visible veins on the chest. There are many reasons: the development of cysts or lipomas, as well as other neoplasms in the breast tissues. Sometimes the vessels signal inflammatory processes. There is a vascular reticulum also with hidden cancerous tumors. Be that as it may, if you notice that the veins on your chest are more visible than usual, do not panic and adjust yourself to the worst diagnosis. Only a competent specialist - mammologist or phlebologist, will be able to calm you and give valuable recommendations.

What should I do?

So, if you notice that the veins on the mammary glands became more visible, it can signal serious illnesses, or it may be a natural consequence of some changes in your rhythm of life. In any case, it is better to be safe and consult a doctor. What will he recommend?


First of all, a specialist should perform diagnostics. It consists in palpation and visual examination of the chest, revealing the possible presence of cones and nodes in the tissues of the mammary glands. If necessary, the doctor prescribes ultrasound of the breast and other examinations to diagnose the condition of the blood vessels.

Treatment of

If the cause of the emerging veins is any disease, you will be prescribed treatment. Based on the nature of the disease, it can be chemotherapy or taking hormonal medications, right up to surgical intervention. If the situation is not so critical, the doctor can prescribe a special medical massage. The phlebologist is engaged in problems with veins, he too can stop on medicamental or surgical way.

veins visible on chest


What if the veins on the chest are visible more than usual? There are simple preventive measures that every woman can take:

  • Try to lead a healthy lifestyle, abandon bad habits;
  • Observe the basic rules of personal hygiene, stick to the same sleep patterns, eat at a certain time;
  • Avoid injuries and excessive loads on the mammary glands;
  • Do not burden yourself with intense physical exercises;
  • Do not overcool, keep the integrity of the skin of the breast;
  • Avoid stress and sudden emotional changes;
  • Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day;
  • If necessary, take a vitamin-mineral complex;
  • Eat sour-milk products, fresh vegetables and fruits - they help keep the vessels in a tonus;
  • Daily walk, be out in the fresh air;
  • If you have a sedentary job, try to develop for yourself at least a minimal set of physical exercises that prevent stagnation of blood in your legs.

The emerging veins: what is the norm?

It is believed that most often the veins on the chest in women provoke the onset of pregnancy. In fact, the cause of this phenomenon is deeper and is often associated with a hormonal background. The body accumulates the hormone estrogen - it affects the blood vessels and leads to the appearance of "mesh" and "stars" on different parts of the body, including the mammary glands.

In pregnant women, this phenomenon usually goes away after delivery. But if the appearance of veins is associated with the presence of a serious disease, you may need treatment. By the way, emerging veins - the problem is not only female, it can be faced by men with an elevated level of estrogen in the body.