5 hospital( Sokolniki): photos and reviews

Hospital No.5 in Sokolniki - is a diversified budgetary institution engaged in providing planned and emergency medical care to the adult population. We will tell you more about her work in this article.

More about

Hospital The clinic is named after the Bakhrushin brothers, who are considered to be the founders of this institution. In 1882 they organized the construction of a hospital for incurable people. They kept them at their own expense. Now this institution provides a variety of medical care not only to Muscovites living in Sokolniki, but also to out-of-town patients. Today the - is a large multidisciplinary center consisting of several buildings. The head of it is Doctor of Medical Sciences - Gainulin Shamil Mukhtarovich. On the basis of the institution there is a polyclinic providing consultative diagnostic assistance to the population. Its capacity is about 750 people per shift. Over the years, the clinic has received many awards and thanks.

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If the patient has a medical insurance policy, the treatment is usually provided to him free of charge. However, Clinical Hospital No. 5( Sokolniki) provides a lot of paid services. For the hospitalization of people here is provided for more than 450 beds, and also allocated about 40 places in intensive care. As a rule, the hospital accepts the patients for routine treatment, but here they also provide emergency medical care to people brought here on the ambulance.

№5 hospital( Sokolniki): address

A budgetary medical institution is located in Sokolniki on Stromynka Street, house 7. It is easiest to reach it by car or metro. The closest thing to the hospital is the station "Sokolniki"( about 500 meters).To reach it on foot, you need to get off the subway and go towards the fire department. Next, you need to go through the quarter and turn to the Big Ostroumovskaya street. It is through her pass the checkpoint to the hospital. Additional entrance is also from Stromynka Street. The entrance for cars is through the barrier, which is located on the side of the 1st of the Field Lane.

Structure of hospital

№5 hospital( Sokolniki) - is a large medical complex consisting of several buildings. For competent and timely assistance to patients, it is divided into several large structural divisions. In turn, they also have several branches in their subordination. So, the structure of the institution includes:

  • a 24-hour hospital that provides patients with planned and emergency medical care;
  • day hospital;
  • polyclinic providing outpatient services;
  • branch of paid services;
  • a 24-hour emergency station.

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Hospital of the hospital consists of many departments that provide patients with professional medical care. To receive treatment here it is possible in a direction from the attending physician or in emergency cases, for example, at an exacerbation of chronic diseases. The following profile structures operate on the basis of the hospital:

  • traumatology department;
  • psychotherapeutic department;
  • resuscitation department;
  • Department of General Oncology;
  • neurological department;
  • mammological department;
  • gynecological department;
  • Department of Radiology and MRI;
  • Department of Ultrasound;
  • surgical and neurosurgical department;
  • Department of head and neck tumors;
  • radiological department.

Admission and admission regulations

To go to hospital for treatment, you need to contact her admissions office. It is located in the building number 3.Here, patients are taken to receive treatment for their doctor, as well as patients who are taken to the ambulance and transferred from other medical institutions. The department independently conducts primary diagnosis of arriving patients and provides them with first aid. If necessary, they undergo medical examination, ultrasound, X-ray and endoscopic examination, and also pass tests. According to their results, patients are transferred to profile departments.
The help block of the reception department is open on weekdays from 08:30 until 17:00.

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People who apply here are entitled to a planned hospitalization within 30 days of receiving their referral.№5, the city clinical hospital( Sokolniki, Stromynka) for distribution to the hospital requires the following set of documents from its patients:

  • the direction of the attending physician and the therapist for admission;
  • passport;
  • health insurance policy;
  • results of common blood, urine and feces analyzes;
  • results of fluorography and ECG;
  • blood test for HIV, hepatitis and syphilis.

Day hospital

A day hospital visit is intended for patients who do not need a doctor's round the clock. On its base there are the departments of therapy and neurology. The advantage of this method of treatment is the fact that the patient most of the time can be at home surrounded by his family. The day hospital consists of several chambers, an examination room and a treatment room. In a separate room there is a refrigerator, dining tables and a thermos with hot water, in it patients can have lunch.

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Therapeutic department accepts people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory organs and the musculoskeletal system. Neurology deals with the treatment of the consequences of a stroke, spine and nervous system diseases. Here people turn to eliminate the consequences of craniocereberal trauma. No. 5, the city hospital in Sokolniki accepts people for treatment and other pathologies if they do not contradict the conditions of being in the day hospital. Patients undergo complex examinations of the body, administer medications via intramuscular injections or intravenously. If necessary, inhalation procedures and general physiological therapy are performed.

Operating unit

№5 City Clinical Hospital( Sokolniki, Stromynka, 7) has at its disposal a full-fledged operating unit, in which all procedures for surgical intervention are performed. It is equipped with modern and mobile medical equipment and high-quality consumables. This allows for successful neurosurgical, oncological, general surgical and gynecological effects. The unit consists of 11 modern operating rooms, which simultaneously accommodate 14 tables. There are experienced surgeons and nurses working here, usually having qualifications of the first or highest category.

Department of Palliative Medicine

Separately it is necessary to allocate palliative medical aid, which is provided free of charge to patients №5 by the city clinical hospital( Sokolniki).In this department, people who are seriously ill are treated, which for some reason can not be cured. Here they receive symptomatic help aimed at removing the pain syndrome and other aggravating conditions. The employees of the department also provide psychological support to patients. Typically, the free treatment period is 2-3 weeks, after which the patient can continue to receive assistance for their own funds.

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Oncological department

№5 hospital( Sokolniki) has at its disposal a department of general oncology, which can take up to 30 patients simultaneously. Here the following malignant pathologies are diagnosed and successfully treated:

  • colon tumors;
  • skin tumors;
  • stomach tumors;
  • is a retroperitoneal tumor;
  • pathology of the liver and gallbladder.

On the basis of the department, operations are carried out to remove tumors from the liver, as well as resection of the pancreas. Patients also receive the necessary post-operative care. The main distinguishing feature of - is the provision of psychological assistance to with oncological .No. 5 Hospital( Sokolniki) is the only institution in Moscow that provides such a service for free.

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Paid services

Like any other public institution, the hospital provides some services for a fee. As a rule, they include primary and subsequent consultations of doctors to patients who do not have a health insurance policy or who want to get help without queue.

At its own expense patients can order the following types of medical services:

  • consultation and medical examinations;
  • laboratory studies;
  • neurosurgical operations;
  • consultation of anesthesiologists and resuscitators;
  • gynecological services;
  • MSCT and MRI of the brain;
  • ultrasound and x-rays;
  • high-tech oncological and other operations without turn;
  • rehabilitative treatment.

City hospital №5( Sokolniki): positive feedback from patients

This hospital has a good reputation among its patients. Although they describe in their responses some of the shortcomings of local services, there are still many merits here. Patients undergoing treatment at the clinic usually indicate the following advantages:

  • In the mammological department, doctors take quickly, but qualitatively. They are attentive to patients and tell them in detail about further treatment.
  • Qualified oncologists and surgeons work in the hospital, who successfully and without complications perform operations to remove various tumors.
  • Most of the staff is very polite and friendly, which is not often found in government offices.
  • The gynecological department made a new high-quality repair and installed new equipment.

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Negative patient feedback

The hospital is often criticized for its patients. Someone categorically does not recommend being treated here. However, many also believe that for a government agency this level of service is considered quite acceptable. People advise the administration of the clinic to pay attention to its following shortcomings:

  • In the toilets of the hospital there is an unpleasant smell of sewage, and the plumbing itself is in a depressing state.
  • Terrible food in the hospital. Give undercooked or boiled food. In a thermos never boiling water.
  • Indifferent attitude of nurses to patients in a 24-hour inpatient.
  • The palliative department is run by rough doctors who are slow to provide assistance to patients.

№5 hospital( Sokolniki) - is a good medical institution that provides a wide range of medical services. Patients assess positively the majority of the departments, but some of the clinic's employees do their work poorly. In order not to get to such a specialist, before going to the doctor, find out about him in detail and study the responses of people who already went to his reception.