Toothpaste "Marvis".Description, composition, reviews

Toothpaste "Marvis" came to Russia from Italy recently, and quickly acquired its fans. It can not be called a product of the mass market, since its price is very high. But, according to those who used it, the price is fully justified.

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The unique composition of the paste was invented by a pharmacist in Florence. At this step, he was pushed by a harmful habit - smoking, among the unpleasant manifestations of which unaesthetic appearance of the teeth and stale breath. Since he did not intend to refuse cigarettes, he was visited by the idea of ​​why not create a paste that will remove the yellow plaque from his teeth and quickly refresh his breath. And after all the experiments such a composition was invented, and in 1958 - patented.

But the real glory toothpaste "Marvis" was received later, when the trademark changed its owner. Ludovico Marielli bought the Marvis brand, because he considered that he has serious prospects and can bring a significant income.

Originally a toothpaste was created to solve tooth problems with smokers, so it began to move forward as a product for those who do not want to get rid of bad habits, but want to have a snow-white smile and fresh breath. Of course, the demand for this miracle-tool began to grow rapidly.

In order not to bore your customers, the company began to experiment on a palette of flavors and flavors. At the same time, the basic functions remained the same: cleansing of the tooth surface and bleaching. They have become a real business card of the brand.

Over time, the target audience has expanded somewhat. If at first it was purchased by smoking men, over time, they were joined by smoking women and even people who did not have or had long since abandoned the bad habit. The vast majority of people want to have a snow-white smile, so they try different pastes with a whitening effect.

Many were interested in toothpaste "Marvis" whitening, reviews of its smoking friends create additional advertising for her.

Assortment of

toothpaste marvis reviews

The base taste was and remains mint, which is presented in several versions: saturated, fresh and classic. But the company has developed several interesting combinations with her participation. For example, mint and jasmine - a taste that, according to some, leaves an unusual floral trail. In addition, you can buy mint with cinnamon or mint with ginger. Toothpaste "Marvis" is also presented with licorice taste. In total, there are seven pastes in the assortment range.

Composition of

A distinctive feature of this brand's paste is its consistency. It is very dense and more like a cream. This quality is noted by everyone who came across the toothpaste "Marvis".Its composition includes cellulose gum. It creates a consistency, does not allow the mass to separate and dry up.

toothpaste marvis whitening reviews

Silicon dioxide and aluminum hydroxide are soft abrasives that clean the surface of the teeth from plaque, without harming the enamel.

Included in the composition of fluoride and xylitol strengthen the teeth and protect them from tooth decay.

The fluoride content may differ in different pastes, but this value does not exceed 1500 ppm, according to WHO recommendation.

Customer Reviews

It can not be said that everyone who used, is delighted with the effect that the Marvis toothpaste has. The reviews are mostly positive. And many believe that they have found the ideal tool for oral care. But there are others who have not noticed any difference from its use and feel sorry for the money spent. A pity is, about which, the paste is not cheap, and a small tube of 25 ml costs about 400 rubles. A large tube( 75 ml) will cost almost 1000 rubles.

toothpaste marvis composition

Among the advantages are high efficiency, high-quality cleaning of enamel from plaque and long fresh breath.

The main disadvantage is the high cost.

Among the contentious disadvantages - the content of fluoride, from which the teeth can, conversely, turn yellow. In fact, it can only be in case of an excess of this substance in the body. This is why WHO has introduced a restriction on the amount of its content in toothpastes.

And also the toothpaste "Marvis" not everyone likes your taste or the effect does not justify the expectations.

Regular oral care is very important, so many attach greater importance to the choice of pasta than other cosmetics."Marvis" is an interesting product that is worth trying.