What should be the weight if your height is 165 or 170?

Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle have recently become very popular. Many people follow what they eat and drink, play sports and try their body and weight to lead to universally accepted indicators. But few people think, are they correct and accurate. All indicators of the ratio of height and weight are very, very conditional. What should be the weight of this or that person with the same growth, just can not say any specialist, since they do not take into account a number of other factors. For consideration, you can take two, at first glance, equally slender people who will be the same height. One of them will weigh about sixty kilograms, which is acceptable indicators, and the second - eighty, which greatly exceeds the scope of established norms. What is the reason for this difference in weight? Yes, in many ways.

First, few doctors take into account the fact that each person has a different thickness of skin fold.

Secondly, the floor. Only recently doctors began to divide the indicators into groups: male and female. But some doctors continue to calculate the excess weight according to the old scheme.

Third, the age index. The older a person becomes, the more weight can be, and vice versa. It happens that doctors single-handedly tell you about the "excessive" weight, which is not really there.

Fourth, women after childbirth and never become pregnant. Their weight will be significantly different, since a woman who has children adds weight after giving birth( in relation to the weight that was before pregnancy), it can also happen the other way round, but these are isolated cases. It all depends on how your body recovers from childbirth. The difference in weight between such categories of ladies can vary within ten to fifteen kilograms.

There are a lot of nuances, the article lists only a few of them. Indicative indicators, what should be the weight for you will be given, but should be repeated, they are very conditional.

About 15 years in children( boys), growth can reach one hundred and sixty-four - one hundred and sixty-five centimeters, sometimes higher.

What should be the weight with the growth of 165 centimeters?

In children aged 15 years with this growth, the weight should be 53( for girls) - 55( for boys) kilogram.

At the age of sixteen to seventeen years the weight should be as follows:

- for girls: from 53 to 58;

- for boys: from 55 to 63 kilograms.

As boys in eighteen to nineteen years grow to 170 centimeters and above, indicators of this age will be given only for girls. Weigh young ladies should be between 56 and 60 kilograms.

What should be the weight of adults with a well-formed body?- Read further:

- for women - from 53 to 60, the indicators can vary to a greater or lesser extent within three kilograms;

- for men - from 54 to 68 kilograms, the same situation with weight fluctuations.

Now more details about what should be the weight at this rate of this or that age?

If you are between 20 and 29 years old, then your weight should be:

- women: 55-65 kilograms;

- men: 54 - 68.

If your age is 30-39 years, then the weight is desirable to be:

- female: 65 to 72;

- men: from 68 to 75 kilograms.

At the age of 40 - 49 years the following weight is allowed:

- women: 72 -76.5 kg;

- men: 75 - 78 kilograms.

After fifty to fifty-five weight begins to subside, provided that you occasionally, but play sports.

What should be the weight with the growth of 170 centimeters?

- in young men from 18 to 19 years: from 63 to 69 kilograms;

- for men( from 20 to 29): 68 - 73;

( aged 30 - 39 years): 73 - 78 kilograms;

( from 40 to 49): from 78 to 81 kilograms.

- in women( from 20 to 29): 63 - 70;

( aged 30 - 39 years): 70 - 76;

( from 40 to 49): from 76 to 80 kilograms.

If you want to know if you are obese, then you can divide your weight by height in meters( squared).Normal weight for men, if you get the value from 19 to 25, and in women: from 19 to 24. If the value is lower, then you have a lack of weight, and vice versa, if more - excess. After you counted and received a total of more than 30 - you have obesity of the first degree, with more than 35 - the second, and more than 40 - the third. With obesity, you need to contact a dietitian doctor to develop a menu for you that will help you to bring the weight back to normal.