Children's regional hospital( Belgorod): features and location

The Children's Regional Hospital( Belgorod) provides medical assistance to children of the city and regions. The institution has been operating since 1976.During this time the hospital was reconstructed, and new branches were opened in it.


Where is the operating mode and

? The institution is located on the street. Gubkina, 44. The building is located at the crossroads of two streets. Officially applies to the street. Gubkin Children's Regional Hospital( Belgorod).The Bishops' Church is the street from which the entrance to the premises of the institution is located.

Registry employees work from 7.30 to 16.00.Doctors in the consultative polyclinic receive patients from 8.30 to 15.00.The inpatient department of the hospital works around the clock.


Administration takes visitors on Mondays from 8.00 to 13.00.On the remaining days, the staff of this department work in the usual mode: from 8.00 to 17.00.The Children's Regional Hospital( Belgorod) has a trauma center at its base, which takes patients around the clock.


The medical institution has several hospital departments and an advisory clinic. Also there is an information-analytical department. Here statistics are maintained and qualified assistance is rendered to other medical institutions in the region.

In this department there is an expert group that analyzes every case of death among children in the hospitals of the region. Also, the department staff constantly conduct scientific activities in the field of childhood diseases and vaccination.

In the consultative clinic, the main children's specialists are receiving patients. Here are accepted more than 28 doctors of the basic directions. At the polyclinic there is a day hospital, where the children of Belgorod are being treated. In modern wards, small patients are up to 15-16 hours, until the necessary manipulations are completed.

There is a speech therapy and ophthalmology department at the polyclinic. Here, experienced specialists with children are conducting classes to correct speech and observe children with eye diseases.

In the traumatology department, assistance is provided when children receive any injuries and small burns. In this wing of the clinic there is a modern X-ray apparatus and equipped treatment rooms. It also monitors children who have been assisted, and they undergo further treatment at home.

Stationary offices

A medical facility serves all areas of the region and Belgorod. The Children's Regional Clinical Hospital has created the most comfortable conditions for young patients. All offices have modern equipment and cozy chambers.

The clinic has the newest intensive care unit. It is equipped according to all standards. Specialists of the highest category work here. They treat children in the postoperative period and severe patients.

Belgorod Children

The hospital has a department for premature babies. Children with congenital pathologies are also observed here. The Children's Regional Hospital( Belgorod) treats children in many ways:

  • pediatric department;
  • surgical( several specializations);
  • ophthalmic;
  • neurological;
  • is hematological;
  • orthopedic and traumatological;
  • endoscopic;
  • ENT.

The office has modern operating units.

Variety of services

In this hospital, it is possible to receive health insurance and for a fee. First aid is available at any time of the day without depositing funds to the account.

Services for examination or treatment can be paid for if parents want that do not have a medical pole or do not want to wait their turn for certain manipulations.

The institution conducts almost all laboratory tests, as well as diagnostics using ultrasound devices, X-rays and MRI.Here you can get advice from any child's specialist and undergo a therapeutic massage.