What helps the cream of Acriderm? Instructions for use

A variety of skin diseases are waiting for us at every step. It can be a fungal infection, inflammation or allergy, this is exactly what the "Acriderm" cream helps.

from which the acryderm cream helps

Composition of

To understand what helps the cream "Akriderm", you need to know the composition of this drug. Like other drugs, it consists of an active substance and additional constituents. Active substance: betamethasin dipropionate. Among the excipients is solid paraffin, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, glycol propylene, petrolatum. And also the composition of the ointment includes liquid paraffin, emulsion wax, sodium sulfite, disodium edetate, distilled water. In appearance it is white or slightly transparent.


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This drug is available in the form of a cream, but there are several varieties that differ in their composition, and accordingly, in application and name. All types of medicinal products are intended for external use. As a treatment, 0.044% cream can be used, in diseases accompanied by hyperkeratosis, the "Acriderm SK" ointment is used. There are also such drugs as Acriderm GK and Akriderm Genta.

Indications for use

This ointment helps fight many diseases, including allergic contact dermatitis, eczema, and various forms of this disease. The drug allows you to quickly have a positive effect on atopic dermatitis, as well as contact dermatitis. The latter disease also includes occupational dermatitis, sun, radiation and other non-allergic dermatitis.

Because the drug is taken with an allergy, it can reduce the reaction from insect bites. Among the diseases with which this drug helps to cope, there are bullous dermatoses, red flat lichen and psoriasis. In addition, wondering about what helps the cream "Akriderm", you can use it in discoid lupus erythematosus, as well as with skin itching.

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The majority of contraindications are associated with skin problems at the site of application, but there are other reasons to replace this drug with a more suitable one. It is forbidden to use the drug in the treatment of skin tuberculosis, with varicella, if the patient has cutaneous manifestations of a disease such as syphilis. Among the contraindications are such diseases as skin cancer, sarcoma, hemangioma, rosaceo, nevus, vulgar acne, melanoma.

You can not use the drug during pregnancy, lactation and use as a medicine for children who are not yet 1 year old. Particular attention should be paid to patients who are hypersensitive to one of the components of the drug. In this case, it is necessary to consult a doctor and change this drug for an equivalent.

It is not enough to know what the "Acriderm" cream helps with, especially if the patient is taking other medications. To make sure that the drugs do not exacerbate or weaken the effect on the body, consult your doctor. With prolonged use of the drug and applying it to extensive areas of the skin, side effects are possible.


Given the shape of the release, the cream is used for external use. Apply it to a thin layer on the affected area. Easy rubbing is enough, do not actively rub the affected area. Apply the drug at the beginning of the day and at the end.

We already know what the "Acriderm" cream helps with. It should be said that the skin can be affected in places where the skin is much rougher or subject to constant friction. In this case, it is necessary to apply the drug more often than it is indicated in the instructions.

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The duration of treatment is prescribed by the attending physician, but usually this period does not exceed one month. After a break, you can repeat the course of treatment. If the ointment is applied on the face, then the treatment period should not exceed a week, and ideally should last no more than five days. There is a chance that the ointment will not have a positive effect, in this case it is necessary to clarify the diagnosis.

Cream "Acriderm"

There are several varieties of this drug, one of them is a drug called Acriderm. They release the drug in the form of an ointment or cream, it all depends on what effect the patient wants to get and what disease needs to be eliminated. Betamethasone is the active ingredient, which in the ointment is in the amount of 0.05%.If you buy a cream, then there is the opportunity to buy a drug with a concentration of 0.064% or 0.05%.

The drug allows you to quickly eliminate the inflammation and swelling that appeared in the lesion. Eliminates itching and other skin allergic reactions. It is advisable to use the drug for a short while, despite what the "Acriderm" ointment helps with, in a few days it is better to switch to other medicines. Such treatment can be attributed rather to emergency drugs and use it in really difficult situations.

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Acriderm Genta

Another drug that has a positive effect on skin lesions. In its composition, unlike "Acriderma", except for betamethasone is gentamicin, this explains the name of the drug. If the first active ingredient is a hormone, then gentamicin is an antibiotic, this composition of the drug allows you to treat a number of diseases that are complicated by bacterial infections.

Accordingly, this drug is used in the treatment of allergic dermatitis, eczema. Solar dermatitis, simple chronic lichen and other diseases. Knowing what the "Acriderm" ointment helps with, it can be argued that this drug allows not only to eliminate the itching, but also to fight with infected wounds that have arisen as a result of combing the itch site. But this is not all that "Acriderm Genta" ointment helps with.

"Acriderm GC"

Many patients are wondering about what the "Acriderm GK" ointment helps with? In fact, the composition of the drug is not much different from the usual "Akriderma", but there is another active substance that allows to increase the effect on some skin diseases.

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Apart from standard betamethasone, gentamicin is included in the formulation, as in Acriderm Genta, as well as clotrimazole. The latter substance gives an antifungal effect, respectively, will be useful in eliminating skin diseases associated with fungal infections.

Therefore, this substance is used for diseases such as psoriasis, pemphigus, neurodermatitis, herpes, Lyell's syndrome, Dysurling's disease, and vesicular dermatitis. In addition, the drug allows you to cope with diseases such as pityriasis, atopic dermatitis, as well as treat dermatomycosis regardless of the site of skin lesions. But before eliminating the disease, it is important not only to know what the "Acriderm GC" ointment helps with, but to consult a physician who will prescribe the dosage and duration of treatment with this medication.

"Acriderm SK"

This composition contains betamethasone, the second active ingredient is salicylic acid. This composition also helps to determine, from what the ointment "Akriderm SK" cures. The peculiarity of this ointment is that, unlike the previous ones, it helps not only to combat allergic reactions and severe inflammation, its use is justified with hyperkeratosis. Therefore, this drug helps from the same, which helps with the ointment "Acriderm"( betamethasone where the active substance), and also helps soften the skin and promptly exfoliate the skin. Applied for diseases such as red lichen planus, ichthyosis, eczema, psoriasis, ichthyosiform changes.


We learned from what the "Acriderm" ointment helps the best, but there may be reasons for using it in the treatment of analogues of the drug.

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Given that the "Acriderm" ointment helps, the drugs should be as similar as possible to their action, so you can use Avecourt ointment, cream or ointment "Momat", cream "Silkaren", cream "Menovo".

As for Acriderm Genta, Candide B, Acriderm GK, Betasil and Acriderm SK can be used instead of Cleoere cream and Skinlight cream.