"Kstandi"( enzalutamide): the price. How much cheaper to buy "Kstandi"?

The drug "Kstandi"( enzalutamide) is intended for men who have a late stage of hormone-sensitive prostate cancer( referred to as castrate-resistant), characterized by the occurrence of metastases or relapse after chemotherapy or surgery. Such a pathology, as a rule, rapidly progresses, despite the relatively low level of testosterone in the blood.

The main active ingredient "Kstandi" - enzalutamide - belongs to the powerful inhibitors of androgen receptors. It blocks at once several stages of the signal path of the latter and suppresses the growth of tumor cells as a result. In addition, the use of the drug, according to the results of studies, in some cases, induced death of cancer cells and tumor regression.

Where it is possible to buy enzalutamide cheaper than

Certainly, such an effective remedy is able to prolong the life of patients with a severe form of ailment. It is produced by the well-known pharmaceutical company "Astellas", which has representative offices all over the world. And you have a unique opportunity to purchase a vital drug from a warehouse in Turkey at a relatively low price through a large network of online pharmacies


So, for the original drug Kstandi( enzalutamide), the price in Turkey will be 3,200$, while if delivered from Germany, it will cost at least $ 4,500 for a month of treatment, which, of course, may further complicate the possibility of its acquisition.


Application of the preparation

Gelatin capsules "Kstandi" are used inside without chewing or opening. Do this at the same time, once a day, not correlating with the intake of food. Typically, the prescribed dose of the drug is 160 g( 4 capsules).Note that without the appointment of a doctor, you can not increase the dose!

It is important to note that during the treatment with the drug Kstandi patients are advised to drink a lot( two or more liters of water per day), and also try to move as much as possible. The time of treatment is determined by a specialist and depends on how fast the tumor will regress.

Contraindications for therapy with this drug include severe liver damage and hypersensitivity to the active substance. In addition, they do not designate the "Kstandi " for women and children under 18 years of age.

Side effect of

The use of such a strong drug must be controlled by the attending physician, since its effects can cause unexpected side effects:

  • Thus, patients may experience asthenia and fatigue.
  • Possible development of anxiety.
  • There is a headache, memory deteriorates, attention is disturbed.
  • Patients noted the occurrence of a sensation of hot flashes and increased blood pressure.
  • Patients develop gynecomastia( an increase in mammary gland tissues in men).
  • Dry skin and itching appear.
  • The risk of fractures increases during falls.

These are the most significant manifestations of undesirable effects. And you can get more information about them from your doctor.

It should be taken into account that during the application of the drug "Kstandi" it is necessary to abstain from transport management or work with moving mechanisms.