Rules of behavior in the sauna and sauna

Everyone knows that a sauna and a sauna are the best means not only for relaxation and recreation. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the general health of the human body: cleanses of toxins, strengthens the immune system, has a beneficial effect on the skin, internal organs. The rules of behavior in the bath are quite simple, with their observance and regular visits to the steam room, you can normalize the immune and nervous systems, activate metabolic processes, improve the overall condition and get a charge of energy and vigor. To hikes in the sauna and bath had the desired result, you need to pre-prepare.

rules of behavior in the bath

Benefits of visiting saunas and saunas

For deep cleaning of the skin, bath procedures are best: dry bath( sauna) or wet( steam).The fever opens the pores well, the dead scales are quickly rejected, the excess fat that the sebaceous glands withdraw is removed. Visiting the Russian bath is beneficial in internal processes, blood circulation is activated, the skin is better supplied with blood, acquires a pink shade. The kidneys begin to work more actively, the peristalsis improves, the harmful substances are quickly discharged, the toxins and slags leave the body.

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The rules of behavior in the sauna and bath indicate that overheating of the body should be reasonable. In this case, immunity begins to strengthen. But if the cold or cold is overpowered, the steam room is unlikely to help at the stage of the disease.

With a series of heating / cooling, the blood vessels receive a good workout. The body more easily tolerates heat in the summer, does not feel lethargy and weakness.

In the sauna, the air in the thermostat warms up to 60 degrees, but the humidity reaches 90 percent. In such conditions, people sweat less than in a dry sauna. The cleansing effect is enhanced by the droplets of condensate, which settles on the skin.

Preparing for a hike in the sauna

rules of conduct in the sauna and bathhouse

If you decide to revitalize your body by going to the bath, prepare in advance for the procedures so that they bring the maximum effect when you visit. Prepare your body well in advance. What is needed for this:

  • Doctor's consultation. Visit the doctor and listen to his recommendations. He will help you understand the contraindications.
  • Meals. Before visiting the sauna, the bath must eat for 2-3 hours. The menu should include only light meals. During bath procedures it is not necessary to load the stomach with food, because under the influence of high temperatures the digestion process slows down considerably.
  • Sports. Immediately before visiting the bath do not overload your body with increased physical exertion.
  • Liquids. On the day of the trip to the bath, drink as much water as possible, up to three liters. This will avoid dehydration, which adversely affects the body as a whole. Between hiking in the sauna during breaks, replenish the supply of liquid. Alcoholic beverages are excluded.
  • Personal hygiene. Before you go to the steam room, remove all cosmetics from the skin. Sweating should not interfere with any foreign matter. Do not use products that dry out the skin. Observe the rules of behavior in the bath, and the procedures will give you only pleasure.


five rules of behavior in the bath

Before entering the steam room, sauna, drink more liquid, relax and rest a bit. After taking a shower, wipe well with a towel. The head should not be wetted, otherwise it will quickly overheat in the steam room. It is recommended to make warm foot baths. When the legs are warmed up, the body immediately begins to sweat better. Entering the steam room, first place on the lower tiers, on the upper pass gradually. It is recommended in all rules of behavior in the bath. So the body gradually gets used to high temperatures, the removal of toxins will occur gradually. Being in the steam room in time depends on the endurance of the organism, it can last up to 10 minutes. The intervals between the approaches should be at least 15 minutes. In total it is recommended to make no more than three visits to the steam room in one session.

Exit from sauna

The visit to the steam room is best finished with a cool shower. But take it right, as recommended by the rules of visiting the sauna and sauna: under the water put first right foot, then left. The jet of water must first get on the foot and gradually rise up to the hip. After that, hands are rinsed. Starting with the palms, gently we pass to the shoulders. Repeat this procedure three times and then completely fall under the shower.

After a sauna, warm green tea is very useful. It helps to replenish and normalize metabolism, water balance. It is recommended to apply a variety of useful masks to the steamed skin, they easily penetrate deep layers of the skin and help purification.

Beneficial effect on the respiratory tract and create a cozy atmosphere herbal decoctions or essential oils, which pour heated stones. Beforehand, a few drops of oil must be dissolved in a small amount of water.

General rules for visiting the sauna

behavior in the bath

Regular visits to the sauna can be considered sessions 1-2 times a week. The best time, when the body is more active, is the morning hours - from 8 to 11 and evening - from 16 to 20. At this time, metabolic processes in the body are more active, the procedures are more effective.

General rules are not numerous, but their observance is mandatory. Pay special attention to the rules of behavior in the bath. If you ignore them, you can damage your own health.

  • In baths of any culture it is forbidden to drink alcohol and smoke. Breaking these prohibitions, visitors risk getting a hypertensive crisis( a sharp increase in pressure), a spasm of blood vessels.
  • On a bath day, completely give up alcohol, coffee. Drink mineral water, unsweetened tea, juices.
  • In a sauna, take off not only all clothes, but also jewelry. Put on a kilt, hat and bath slippers.
  • Do not go into the steam room with a wet head. The hair is collected in a bundle, so that they do not scatter on the body.
  • Before entering the steam room warm up beforehand under a warm shower, then dry with a towel.
  • The safest position in the steam room - lying on the bottom shelf, head - to the entrance.
  • Pay special attention to measured deep breathing. It allows oxygen to intensively flow to all organs and tissues.
  • One session should not be in the bath for more than three hours. Correct also the time spent in the steam room.

Avoid mistakes

visiting the Russian bath

Avoid the most common mistakes made by sauna and sauna visitors:

  • To stay in the sauna for longer, some try to occupy the lowest cold shelf and sit there all the time.
  • It is not recommended to pour warm water instead of cool after a steam bath.
  • It is dangerous to sit on the topmost shelf when the head is under the ceiling and the legs are hung down.
  • Drinking in the sauna, especially alcoholic beverages, is strictly prohibited.
  • If you walk in a cool room in clothes, the effect of hardening is reduced.
  • Unhygienic immediately after the sauna, do not wash off sweat, dive into the pool.
  • You should not swim in the pool between hikes in the sauna. The pressure of water harms the dilated vessels.
  • In the sauna it is harmful to comb your hair, they become brittle.
  • In the steam room you need to completely relax, conversations here are not the place, they only interfere with the state of complete rest.

Contraindications for bathing

Having a lot of positive effects, bath procedures can also have negative consequences. The danger is associated with exposure to high temperatures and humidity, they can trigger the manifestation of some chronic diseases. Harmful effects can occur if the rules of the visit are not observed or the contraindications to bath procedures are ignored. They include:

  • Any acute inflammatory processes occurring in the body.
  • Admission of medications that affect metabolic processes.
  • Elevated body temperature. Kidney stones.
  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Skin diseases.
  • Oncology.
  • Bronchial asthma.
  • Pregnancy.

Certainly, pregnancy is not a disease. However, the burden on the female body during this period is too high, so bath procedures are not recommended. It is possible to visit a warm bath, if the doctor allows it, he will determine the correct temperature regime. It is better not to use various essential oils and decoctions in this position.

Turkish bath

the benefit of visiting a bath

By right of the coldest is a Turkish bath. Here the temperature regime ranges from 35 to 55 degrees. Rules of conduct in the bath here will be easier. The time recommended for visiting a Turkish bath is 1-1.5 hours. Having visited it, be sure to try all the services. Refusal of them is considered simply incorrect.

  • In the Turkish bath for preheating the body there is a special room.
  • The whole body massage is of great importance here. It is carried out by special gloves with a lot of foam.
  • In Turkish baths, seaweed wraps are very popular. Laminaria has a lot of cosmetic and medicinal properties. The aromas of the sea cause a relaxing effect.
  • Aromatherapy sessions are held in special rooms. Here visitors are offered delicious herbal tea.

Public baths

visiting sauna and sauna

Being in such institutions, do not disturb rest to other people. To everyone was comfortable, it is recommended to observe five rules of behavior in the bath:

  • Do not attract the attention of others, talk quietly, do not make noise.
  • To protect yourself from various infections, fulfill all personal hygiene requirements.
  • On the floor in the steam room spread out the rugs. Use a set of clothes designed specifically for the bath.
  • Do not use products that contain too much odor.
  • Treat employees with respect.

If you follow all the rules of the visit, as well as follow the recommendations of doctors, going to the bath will bring only true pleasure and will have a health-improving effect on the body.