"Omron M2 Basik": reviews, photos, instruction

Tonometer is a device that should be in every home, because it can be used by a person of any age category. Among the devices of the new generation, presented on the market, it is worth noting the "Omron M2 Basik" tonometer. It is very convenient to use and is ideal for home use. Let's consider more in detail characteristics and functions of the device, and also responses of owners.

What is a tonometer?

In medical practice, special devices are used for blood pressure measurement - tonometers. With their help, you can at any time know the parameters of diastolic and systolic pressure. The device allows timely detection of deviations from the norms and take measures to prevent the development of serious diseases.

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The first tonometers were completely mechanical. The advantages of such devices include affordable cost. Precise indications can be obtained only if the phonendoscope's membrane is located exactly above the artery on the elbow. Air pumping is not carried out quickly, and descent should be slow and gradual.

Semi-automatic tonometers require only self-injection of air with a pear. The device itself calculates the pressure level indicators and displays them on a digital display. The most convenient to use are fully automatic instruments. To this type of instrument is "Omron M2 Basik".It is enough for a person to put on the cuff correctly and turn on the "Start" button, and the device will pump the air and calculate the blood pressure level.

When should I use a tonometer?

At first glance, it may seem that pressure gauges may only be needed for the elderly. But in fact, such devices should be in every family, because you need to control not only high, but low pressure.

The device will, of course, benefit people who have a history of hypertension. Such a diagnosis, according to statistics, has every third inhabitant of the planet. Hypertension is an insidious disease that can not manifest itself for a long time and at the same time lead to sad consequences - an infarct or a stroke. The timely measurement of pressure will help to avoid this.

Omron tonometers

Manufacturers of medical products today offer a wide range of devices for measuring blood pressure. Such devices have different functions, which affects the quality, and, of course, the cost. The Japanese company Omron offers high-quality products and a wide range of tonometers. Thanks to the Intellisense technology used in pressure gauges, it is possible to shorten the time of manipulation and reduce the pressure on the tissues located under the cuff.

Tonometer Ombron m2 Basis

Among the devices offered by the company, the automatic tonometer "Omron M2 Basik" is popular. Customer testimonials indicate that this is a fairly reliable device that shows reliable results. With it, you no longer have to make an effort to pump up the pear and catch the heart rhythm. The cost of the device is 2200-2800 rubles( depending on the equipment).

Description of the device

"Omron M2 Basik" - a compact and easy-to-use tonometer of the famous Japanese manufacturer. All measurements( pulse rate and blood pressure level) the device produces in an automatic mode. The device is based on the oscillometric method, which consists in recording changes in the volume of tissues during dosed compression and decompression of a blood vessel. The sensor is the inside of the cuff.

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The device uses the updated Intellisense system, which is responsible for intelligent management. Also, the device has an expanded memory capacity and can store data on the last 30 measurements of blood pressure. Even people with poor eyesight can see the results of the measurement, thanks to the large liquid crystal display with the Omron M2 Basik tonometer.

Instruction informs you that in a deviation from the norms on the display you can see a special icon. On this model of the device there is only one control button, so there should not be any difficulties in the process of operation.

Package Contents

The automatic blood pressure monitor has the following equipment:

  • electronic unit( self-tonometer);
  • universal cuff( 22-32 cm);
  • storage case for the device;
  • batteries type AA( 4 pcs.);
  • operating instructions;
  • guarantee ticket.

omron m2 basil photo

You can also buy a similar model "Omron M2 Basik"( pictured above) with the network adapter. It allows you to connect the device directly to the network and not to worry about the bad batteries that affect the measurement results. The adapter can be purchased separately from the tonometer in medical stores. The cost of such adaptation is 400-450 rubles.

"Omron M2 Basik": instruction

The tonometer is designed for measuring blood pressure on the shoulder. For this, the cuff should be worn on the left arm and tightened so that it is at the level of the heart. The cuff should fit tightly to the skin.

By the way, in this device the cuff has a universal size and is suitable for those who have a circumference of the forearm from 22 to 32 cm. The fan-shaped cuff allows evenly distributing pressure throughout the artery. This allows you to get accurate indicators and minimize pain. If necessary, you can separately purchase a cuff of a smaller or larger size.

tonometer omron m2 baseline reviews

During the procedure, a person should be in a sitting position, do not move or talk. The hand on which the pressure is measured should be placed on a flat surface. After that, you need to press the button and wait for the result: upper and lower pressure, the number of contractions of the heart muscle per minute( pulse) on the screen of the "Omron M2 Basik" tonometer. The air is discharged automatically.

Features of the

process People who have cardiovascular pathology should measure blood pressure several times a day. The first time the procedure is carried out in the morning( 40-60 minutes after awakening).In the afternoon, the pressure should be measured before meals or an hour after eating. Evening control of blood pressure is mandatory.

omron m2 basemap instruction

For more accurate data, it is recommended to repeat the manipulation three times at intervals of 5 minutes. Indicators doctors recommend to write in a notebook, so that if necessary, show the cardiologist. This will allow you to select a suitable treatment regimen and monitor the effectiveness of therapy.

Preparation of

The Omron M2 Basik tonometer will show the correct result only if the following recommendations for preparation for measuring pressure are met:

  1. The procedure should be performed before meals or at least an hour after eating.
  2. Before measuring pressure, do not smoke, drink tea or coffee.
  3. The cuff of the tonometer is put on the bare arm.
  4. Manipulation is performed before taking medications that affect the blood pressure level.
  5. After physical exertion, measure pressure with a tonometer after a half-hour rest.
  6. Do not measure pressure in a cold room.
  7. The device will show reliable values ​​when the person is in complete rest. It is advisable to adopt a sitting position.
  8. You can not cross your legs while measuring pressure.
  9. It is recommended to repeat the measurement several times and calculate the average value.

"Omron M2 Basik": reviews

The model of this tonometer is popular among the population. The main advantage is the low cost and high quality of the device. At home, it's quite easy to use a tonometer. The device has only one control button located on the body. The feedback of the owners of such a device suggests that with the correct approach to the process of measuring blood pressure, Omron M2 Basik shows reliable results.

Tonometer Ombron m2 Basis Instruction

The accuracy of the indicators can be affected by the emotional state of the patient, the use of nicotine and caffeine, the taking of certain medications. If the instrument gives an error signal, it is necessary to re-measure the pressure on the same or another hand after a few minutes.

Low readings appear if the batteries in the blood pressure monitor have become unusable. It is recommended to change the batteries after 3-4 months with frequent use of the device. The most reliable way to measure pressure is with a tonometer connected to the network using an adapter. You should pay attention to it when buying the device.