Is it possible to pierce a blister from a burn: expert advice

When we get burns, no matter what degree, first of all our skin suffers. Whether it is possible to pierce a blister from a burn is the first issue that worries affected patients.

If you are injured in the second degree or higher, you can replace the bubbles that appear on the surface of the body. Such formations can be found in the place where directly high temperatures were affected.

What is the danger of

? Is it possible to pierce a blister from a burn - a problem that the affected people face. Before understanding this issue, it is worthwhile to understand that the appearance of even small bubbles is already a serious skin damage. Bubbles can be formed by direct contact with fire, hot objects, chemicals or during a long stay in the sun. Be sure to consult a doctor in such cases:

Whether it is possible to pierce a blister from a burn

- If more than ten percent of your body is damaged.

- If a lot of small bubbles appeared on the skin, which eventually merged into one big bubble.

- If you see blisters in the groin or on the face.

- If a baby or an elderly person is burned.

Is it possible to pierce a blister from a burn

Blisters formed on the skin under the influence of high temperatures are cavities of the dermis. More often in them it is possible to distinguish distinctly a serous liquid causing inflammatory processes. Do not expect that the bubble will disappear by itself.

Can I pierce a blister from a burn on my finger?

Conversely, the longer it is present, the longer the wound will heal. In addition, the filled cavity can burst at the most unexpected moment, and you can not disinfect it. According to doctors, it is absolutely useless to handle the already appeared tubercles "Pantenol" or other life-saving appliances. Therefore, the question: "Is it possible to pierce a blister from a burn?" Is given an obvious answer: "You can."

What to do after the burn

If you received a second degree burn, then you need to take care of it carefully. However, it is desirable that the doctor did it.

Can I pierce a blister from a burn on my arm? This kind of damage occurs most often. Treat the damaged area with an antiseptic. Now take the thinnest needle and carefully puncture the blister. Make a puncture insignificant. After all, all that is required of you is to pierce the bubble. Take an antibacterial napkin and blot out the secretion liquid. Handle the antiseptic. Apply wound healing ointment. So the process of recovery will be much faster.

oil burns This type of skin damage is considered to be one of the most dangerous and very serious. This is due to the fact that the boiling point of the oil exceeds several times the boiling point of water.

Such burns can be the first, second, third or fourth degree. If the patient has damaged a skin area the size of his palm, you need to urgently seek help in the hospital. But before visiting a doctor without self-help, you can not do. Place a damaged area of ​​skin under cold water for twenty minutes. Thus, you can remove the pain and a little cool the skin. Do not need to test medicines and folk remedies on the damaged area.

Is it possible to pierce the bladder from an oil burn

After you have moistened the damaged skin, cover it with a clean bandage. You can use a food film, but do not squeeze the skin.

Burns caused by oil can cause severe pain. In cases of severe pain, you can take painkillers. Do not treat the wound with oils, cream or sour cream. This only increases the infection in the wound and delays the healing process.

If you are wondering whether it is possible to pierce a blister from a burn with oil, then listen to the recommendations of specialists. Doctors forbid to conduct such a procedure at home.

In this case, the blisters perform a protective function. They protect the damaged parts of the body from infection and drying out. To survive it is not necessary, the bubble with a liquid itself will open in some days. Trace it and treat the wound with an antiseptic.

Treatment of inflammation of blisters from burns

Can I pierce a blister from a burn on my finger or hand? This can be interpreted as ambiguous. If you are burned with boiling water and the affected area is not too large, then you can carry out this procedure at home. But when burning the body with oil, it is better not to engage in self-medication. A small blister will dissolve on its own, but for a large one you need medical help.

Can I pierce the bladder from a burn on my arm?

After blistering with fluid, an after burn condition may occur. Do not delay treatment, because an injured surface got an infection. Provide moisture to the skin and try not to damage it with bandages.

Let's sum up. Bubbles from burns can be pierced. But it's better if the doctor does this. At home, you can carry an infection. If the blister has opened itself, immediately treat the wound with an antiseptic. In case of significant damage to the skin, promptly call for an ambulance. Follow the correct recommendations, and the burn will not seem like a serious illness.