Sucking pills for sore throat: list, instructions for use

Sore throat is a nuisance that can significantly spoil life. If you start to treat it in time, the unpleasant sensations will pass in a few hours or a couple of days, but in a neglected state a simple cold can provoke unpleasant complications, which will not be easy to get rid of. Particularly more difficult is the treatment of a sick child's throat: the child is capricious, refuses medication, and it is difficult to persuade him to be treated. Help comes the best sucking pills from the pain in the throat - tasty drugs, loved by people of any age, but at the same time useful.

Sucking pills from a sore throat list

Cold is always a health problem

As soon as the off-season begins, and then the winter begins, our cities are overwhelmed by an epidemic of colds. Coryza and sore throat are symptoms familiar to every modern person. Equally, the problem attacks everyone, without considering age or gender. Therefore, suckling lozenges are suitable for children and the older generation. The rapid onset of treatment can eliminate pain almost immediately, but a prolonged onset can provoke complications. If the lozenges are powerless, you need to make an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible to determine the exact diagnosis and understand what to treat the disease - perhaps it's something more serious than a simple cold.

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Usually some candy from a sore throat with sage or other useful herbs is in any house just in case. This is useful, because the painful sensations come suddenly and without warning. However, the options on the shelves of pharmacies are huge, and not all drugs have an equal degree of effectiveness. It has long been known that children's lozenges "Doctor Mom" ​​give good effect, but they are also quite expensive. And what other options are there, worthy of trust and worth the money that a sales point is asking for?

Lollipops: what are they?

At present inexpensive but effective lollipops are presented in pharmacies in a very wide variety, and they are all delicious. These sweets are popular with children and adults alike, but apart from taste they also have the ability to greatly alleviate the unpleasant sensations in the throat caused by hypothermia or infection. In addition to taste, inexpensive but effective lollipops differ in composition, which affects the mechanism of their effect on the human body.

Most of the drugs are based on some substance showing a good effect for the throat. Often this is phenol. It is on it are made, for example, tablets for resorption "Grammidine".However, it is impossible to use them all in a row: in some people phenol can provoke an allergic reaction, which will only worsen the condition. In general, in terms of allergies, you must be extremely careful: even the simplest "Halls" can cause such a reaction, and the patient's condition will deteriorate sharply.

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Tablets and antimicrobial components

There are also a variety of suckling tablets from the throat with antibiotic. These are effective drugs, the classic representative of which is Koldakt Lorkpils, although this is far from the only medication of this type. Antibiotics allow you to get rid of the pain in the throat and defeat even a serious, including chronic disease. A good result of using this group of drugs is given with pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis. Help modern tablets for resorption from the throat with antimicrobial components and with a purulent form of sore throat.

In addition to antibacterial effect, candies from this category have a good analgesic effect. The effect of cooling the irritated, infected surface of the mucosa is created, and the human condition temporarily becomes better. Effective tablets for resorption from the throat not only eliminate pain, but are an independent remedy effective against colds, infections both in combination with other medicines, and themselves.

Essential oils against throat pain

Often sweets from the throat produce, including essential oils of a variety of herbs. Such drugs help cope with the persecution and can stop the development of the disease at its very beginning. The list of suckling pills from the pain in the throat of this type is all the preparations made according to folk recipes. Typical representatives are Travisil and Carmolis.

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Candies are completely safe, they can be recommended to adults and children alike. They are suitable for those who are allergic to chemical compounds. But it is also impossible to eat too much of them unreasonably, it can cause a negative reaction of the body. As manufacturers advise, before using lollipops for sore throats for children and adults, it is better to first consult a doctor( although in practice, rarely anyone does it).Many sweets have a pleasant, mild taste. They are menthol, with spicy notes. Modern high-quality herbal sweets from pain in the throat for children and adults can eliminate discomfort, but also refresh breathing.

Tasty and pleasant

No matter how sore throat, the child still often fits and refuses to take medicine with an unpleasant taste. Lots of pain in the throat for children come here to help. They are delicious, sweet, fragrant - in a word, a real gift for any kid. Persuade labor is not, the child will gladly eat candy. Many modern candies contain honey in their structure, they are additionally enriched with vitamins. With a pleasant taste, they are really useful, so you should always keep such houses at hand, so that at the first signs of a sore throat give your child a healing sweetness.

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Sage from Sore Throat

Many modern suckling pills for sore throat are made on sage or contain it as an additional component. The main feature of this unique plant is the benefit to human health, in particular, to the condition of the throat. Sweets can eliminate hoarseness and stop the inflammatory process. Sucking pills from sore throat and sage freshen breath. Most of these drugs are designed for patients aged 12 years and older. The most popular products are those produced by the brand "Doctor Theiss."These suckling pills from sore throat are rich not only with sage extract, but also with other useful ingredients. To make the drug pleasant to the taste and smell, the manufacturer added sugar, aromatic components and citric acid to it.

Special candies

There are now on sale quite specific suckling pills for sore throat, designed as particularly effective drugs. They are allowed for use in a variety of cases, have a narrow list of contraindications, restrictions on admission. Most of these drugs are perfectly combined with any other medications, since they in no way affect the digestibility of medications. And yet special sweets from the throat should be purchased, first consulting with a doctor. It is better to give preference to those candies that are sold in pharmacies. In the past few years, there have been quite a few manufacturers offering simple candies to customers under the guise of beneficial pain in the throat.

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"Strepsils" from the pain in the throat

This drug contains menthol, eucalyptus and special ingredients that help to remove inflammation in the throat. They are effective against coughing, painful sensations, provoked by inflammation or infection. Some kinds of these sweets are additionally enriched with ascorbic acid. You can use "Strepsils" as a method of symptomatic treatment. It is a good antiseptic, which is suitable for patients from the age of six and older.

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As the manufacturer recommends, "Strepsils" is best used when the pain in the throat is just beginning. The first time for candy should be consumed every two or three hours. Each candy is thoroughly absorbed. In a day you can not eat more than 12 sweets. The duration of the course of treatment is determined by the patient's condition and tolerability of the drug. Usually, "Strepsils" does not cause allergic reactions, but in some cases, when treating children, you need to be especially careful. One package costs about 200 rubles.

"Adjicept" against infections

When infectious, inflammatory processes a good result is shown by the candies "Adjicept".Up to eight sweets can be used per day. Adults are advised to take them with an interval of two hours. On average, one package costs about a hundred rubles.

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Sore throat with "interesting" condition

In the period of bearing a child, not all medicines presented in the modern market of specialized products can be used. This includes, among other things, drugs to eliminate unpleasant symptoms in the throat. A good solution will be the tablets for resorption of the "Sepftelet".They are usually recommended by doctors, if a sore throat pains a pregnant woman. You can resort to these pills and during breastfeeding. At the same time, you need to be extremely attentive, read the instructions and ask for advice from the treating doctor.

Multicomponent drugs that help to eliminate sore throat, especially serious medicines, strongly affect the human body, affect different systems and organs, can have unpredictable effects on the fetus. If there is an opportunity at all to avoid the use of medicines in the fight against the common cold in an "interesting" state, one should trust the forces of the organism. If you want to help him with external stimuli, then safe sweets with herbs and essential oils will come to the rescue. You can even buy simple candies at a regular grocery store: if they contain eucalyptus, mint or sage, they will have a short-term but positive effect on the sore throat.

Lollipops: treating children

Initially, lollipops "Vocasept"( as well as other brands) were invented to make it easier to treat the sore throat in young children, moody and disobedient - that is, those who do not allow themselves to be treated with bitter, tasteless preparations. Candies were developed as a method of eliminating the most unpleasant manifestations of infection. At the same time, it was not supposed that lollipops will become the main means of fighting the disease. This is only a way to improve the condition and make the child more accommodating for treatment. Many drugs contain components that create a coating of the mucosa, which softens the tissues and reduces perspiration.

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Any self-respecting manufacturer necessarily places in the package for tablets the instruction for the use of the drug. Before using candy to treat a child, you need to read these recommendations to make sure that the remedy is suitable in this particular case. Many children have allergic reactions, in addition, different candies can be used from different ages. It is necessary to first make sure that the remedy is applicable, only then treat the baby.

No need to rush

Some lollipops are recommended only with 10 or even 12 years, but most of the drugs on the market are suitable for use at the age of five. But children are younger lollipops are not strongly recommended: the baby can choke if he tries to swallow a delicious candy. In order not to harm the child, even accidentally, you need to carefully follow the instructions for use - the manufacturer indicates at what age it is possible to use the product provided by him. It is known that the fast and strong effect when applied in childhood shows the above mentioned "Strepsils", as well as the "Tharynsept" tablets for resorption, they have a pleasant taste and are good against inflammation and coughing.

Colds and candies

Colds are almost always accompanied by pain in the throat. Simultaneously, the mucous membranes affect the inflammatory processes, the tissues swell, and on the tonsils can be observed whitish plaque. There are quite a few drugs on sale, including tablets, but not all show good effect, and it is difficult to swallow with sore throat. But candies allow to eliminate unpleasant sensations, and also are well combined with other medicines, therefore popularity of this category of preparations grows from year to year.

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In general, lollipops from sore throat should be used at the beginning of the disease as one of the primary means of helping a chilled person. It will not be superfluous during the cold to regularly dissolve health-giving sweets as a preventive, they will help prevent infection and save from sore throat beforehand. Pleasant candies cool, refresh breathing, soften fabrics and positively influence due to natural ingredients, essential oils. With a quick positive effect and the elimination of severe pain, candies are quite cheap. They can be used for angina, when most of the medicines show low efficiency. Sweets from the throat is convenient to always keep in the medicine cabinet, bag, at hand, to use in any situation. They do not need to be washed down, such sweets can be taken with them to the meeting, and put the child in a backpack, collecting it for school. With the help of sweets, you can get rid of perspiration, it prevents coughing attacks and effectively eliminates the attendant symptoms.

New products of the market: year after year something special

Every year on the market there are more and more new and effective drugs from the throat, they act faster, are more effective, show a strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect. If five or ten years ago on the shelves of pharmacies you could find only a few names, now this variety is several dozen, and the prices vary considerably. There are medicinal sweets with interesting additives: honey, herbal extracts, berry essences. At the same time, this is a real medicine, even if it tastes good, but packed in a beautiful box. When choosing chocolates for sore throats, you should pay attention to the features of the vending drug. For example, antimicrobial sweets - this is quite a complicated medicine. When using it, you must carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions, do not throw candy, do not complete the course completely, and do not repeat the appointment earlier than the doctor advises. An uncontrolled intake of antibiotics can provoke side effects - from a digestive system up to a serious allergic reaction.

Predominantly antibacterial drugs are sold only with the prescription of the treating doctor, but nevertheless the buyer should be careful: the pharmacist can simply overlook the fact that the specific name belongs to the category of antibiotics. If the doctor advised to use this medication, he also explains the optimal scheme of use and gives recommendations for determining the effectiveness of the drug. Antibiotics are not suitable for dealing with viral pathologies, so these candies, even if they do not seem to be a serious medicine, are simply not worth taking: you need to first consult a doctor and take the tests.

Herbs for the benefit of a person

If antibiotics are not recommended by the attending physician, and the throat hurts, you need to turn to options created with the use of herbal extracts. The most positive result is provided by sweets, which contain sage extract. They quickly return a healthy voice to a person, effectively remove the perspiration and make breathing much more fresh. With the reception of sweets, the pain in the throat passes, the puffiness subsides, the inflammation stops. The condition of the patient as a whole is much better.

lollipops are inexpensive but effective

Others believe that the treatment with chocolates with sage is the grandmother's methods, folk recipes that can not really be of use. This is a completely erroneous error: numerous official tests have shown that sage does have a strong positive effect on the throat, normalizes the mucous and improves the condition of the person, returns the voice.

Doctors recommend using lentils with sage in angina, any colds, viruses and infections that hit the throat. Extract of sage has strong disinfecting properties, due to which sweets have no less powerful effect than tablets, but they have a pleasant taste and smell. Even better, those lollipops, which in addition to sage is also present honey. It is a natural antibiotic that effectively cures inflammation and destroys colonies of harmful microbes. However, such sweets can not be used if it is known that the patient has an allergy to honey.