Steam burn: what to do at home? Methods of treatment of burns

The steam generated during the boiling of the liquid can be burned much more strongly than with the hot substance in the tank. Knowing the mechanism of getting a steam burn and potential consequences, one can rightly cope with this situation. It's so easy to get lost in finding the right method for eliminating the consequences of a steam burn. What to do at home?

It is very important to understand how to deal with this type of damage, it is necessary to know about the methods of providing immediate first aid and remedies, so as not to aggravate the situation.
methods of treatment of burns

To begin with it is necessary to understand, what degree of weight the received trauma has, after all this parameter will allow to pick up correctly treatment of a burn by a steam.

The resulting thermal burns from steam are of four basic degrees of gravity.

1st degree

The first degree is characterized by reddening of the skin in the area of ​​damage, swelling and painful sensations. Such a burn disappears after five days.

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2nd degree

The second degree of burn from steam is manifested in the fact that after a while bubbles filled with plasma fluid that accumulates during the clotting of the protein contained on the skin begin to appear. Redness and swelling are also noted. The burn of this degree disappears in two weeks. Spray Olazole

3rd degree

The third degree is characterized by muscle damage, because heated substances penetrate into the skin tissue. After this, blisters begin to appear, which then burst and form lesions of a large area. The healing period is very sluggish and long, because because of the open wounds of the burn, the hands of the steam, for example, may have suppuration.

4th grade

The fourth degree of burn from steam can lead to deep and serious damage, such as charring the skin. Treatment of consequences takes place only in a stationary environment and under the strict supervision of specialists. This degree of burn is characterized by a long healing process.

It's easy to understand that the third and fourth degree burns from steam are the most dangerous. If the patient is injured more than 10% of the area, then urgent hospitalization of a person is required, and, as a rule, in specialized departments for the treatment of burns by steam. What to do at home? About this further.
steam burn

Most often, steam burns occur first and second degree. In such cases, immediate first aid at home will not be difficult. Third-degree and fourth-degree steam burns usually occur during industrial accidents on a large scale or with work-related injuries.

Most often people burn their hands in everyday life with hot boiling water or boiling liquid used in the household.

First aid for a steam burn

The procedure for first aid for a steam burn is as follows:

  • First you need to remove the damaged space from excess clothing, jewelry, watches, etc. If necessary, use scissors to not cause even more damage to the damaged skin.
  • Then, urgently, it is necessary to cool the damaged skin area. As a rule, 10-20 minutes under a stream directed to the scalded area of ​​cold running water is enough. If suddenly there is no source of water nearby, then ice or other very cold objects should be used. But it's worth remembering that the abuse of ice can damage the victim, deadening the cells of the epidermis, so this cooling process should be no longer than 5-10 minutes. What to do at home with a steam burn, interests many.
    steam burn first aid
  • As with other types of thermal burn, trauma delivers a very burning pain to a person. All because after contact with high temperatures the skin for some time continues to heat up. Therefore, it is very important to cool the wound in time at cold temperatures, because this will stop the damage to the epidermal tissues and relieve the pain. Due to the effects of cold, the temperature of the damaged area will decrease, which will reduce the spread of thermal damage.
  • After the pain is removed, it is necessary to treat the wound with anti-inflammatory drugs. For example, potassium permanganate( manganese) is often used as an antiseptic for disinfection of wounds from burns. To prepare the solution, 1 g of the product should be diluted in 150 g of water and mixed thoroughly. The resulting solution must be filtered through the gauze fabric, because if the manganese crystals fall on the wound, the burn can increase. The instructions for the use of potassium permanganate prescribe its purpose for the treatment of burn wounds, ulcers, etc. If you are in doubt and are afraid to use this remedy, you better skip this step.
  • Next it is very important to apply a bandage. After the wound has been treated, a bandage should be applied to the injury site using a sterile and maximally clean bandage. It is necessary to use a fabric that passes air well, preferably of natural composition.
  • Pre-burn should be treated with healing ointment from burns( spray "Olazol", for example), various anti-burn agents and gels. It is necessary to apply them to the damaged area of ​​the skin, to stand for a while, and then apply a bandage that serves as a kind of protection of the wound from the infections that are nearby. Anti-burn agents should be kept by everyone in the home medicine cabinet.

burn steam hands

The folk methods of treating burns are discussed below.

Remember that burns can not be lubricated with oil or a regular cream. These funds prevent the release of heat, creating an obstacle, which means that the healing time of the wound will increase and painful sensations will be eliminated. If the blisters formed blisters, then in no case can damage their integrity, otherwise the wound can get an infection.

Why is a steam burn more dangerous than a burn with boiling water?

  • The boiling point of the liquid and the vapor formed from it are different. The temperature of the steam can be much higher than water, especially under pressure. That's why the steam burn is much heavier and stronger, which means it's more dangerous.
  • If a hot liquid hits the human body, it quickly cools down to a temperature of 36.6 ° C.When the vapor passes from the gaseous state to the liquid, a condensate is created, which gives off even more heat. This is another reason for the danger of a steam burn.

Treatment of

In addition to traditional conventional therapies, many people use folk remedies. Their use, of course, is not enough in the fight against burns, but they can still help in the healing process. But in the pharmacy you can also buy various ointments or sprays that relieve pain and speed up the regeneration of tissues.

Instructions for use of the spray "Pantenol" from burns will help to use it correctly.

Folk recipes

Along with anti-burn preparations of pharmaceutical activity, there are a lot of folk recipes and tips for dealing with trauma. Despite the development of the modern industry, the popularity of folk remedies does not decrease, because their great advantage is that everything needed is within walking distance. Let's list some effective folk remedies: panthenol spray instructions for use from burns

  • Foam, formed by excessive whipping of egg whites, is great for applying it to the burn site.
  • Burned raw potatoes and carrots also help effectively with burns. It is possible to add to the resulting mass of honey to enhance the effect: 1 teaspoon per 100 g of mass. The resulting mixture is applied to the damaged area of ​​the skin.
  • Also, the area of ​​the burn can be smeared with aloe juice, which is released when the leaf of the plant is cut. Or grind it into a gruel and put on a wound.
  • You can soften the leaf of plantain or cabbage and apply it to the damaged skin for ten minutes.
  • Mix 100 g of butter, 20 g of linseed, 100 g of melted natural beeswax. Warm this mixture in a water bath for five minutes, and then cool, stirring slowly. Slightly warm ointment should be applied to the gauze bandage and cover her burned skin area. Change the bandage twice a day.

Pharmaceutical preparations

The following are the most effective and popular anti-burn agents produced by pharmaceutical production:

  • "Panthenol" - the main component is dexpanthenol, which can quickly restore the structure of the skin and heal wounds. Instructions for use from burns to "Panthenol Spray" are in each package.
    steam burn what to do at home
  • "Bepanten-plus" - helps not only to quickly regenerate skin cells, but also to disinfect the injury site.
  • Spray "Olazol" - has in its composition, levometsetin, anestezin and sea buckthorn oil.
  • "Radevit".

When getting burns from steam, consult a specialist for help. Do not underestimate the injury of this kind.

We examined what to do at home with steam burns.