The drug "Ferrum Lek", ampoules: instruction manual( reviews)

The drug "Ferrum Lek" is used for the treatment of anemia and iron deficiency in adults and children, including among infants, and, in addition, during pregnancy and during the lactation period. It is an anti-anemic agent, in which iron is contained in the form of a complex compound of polymaltosate hydroxide.

Description of the preparation

To the ampoules of "Ferrum Lek" the instruction for use indicates that the molecular mass of this complex is large enough, and its diffusion passing through the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal system is forty times slower compared to ferrous iron. The complex is stable, while not releasing iron ions in physiological conditions. The active element of the multinuclear zones of the system enters into a structure that is similar to the natural connection of iron, the so-called ferritin. Due to such similarity, the main element of the presented complex can only be absorbed by means of active absorption. ferrum ampoule instructions for use

The iron binding elements, which are located on the surface of the intestinal epithelium, completely absorb iron through a targeted competitive ligand exchange. Absorbed type of substance is deposited mainly in the liver, where further binding to ferritin occurs. Later in the bone marrow it becomes part of hemoglobin. The complex polymethyltosate hydroxide does not differ with pro-oxidant properties, which are typical for the layers of iron. Thus, the main active ingredient in this preparation is hydroxide polymaltosate along with auxiliary substances. This confirms the instructions for use to the ampoules of "Ferrum Lek".

In this preparation, iron is contained in the form of a complex compound of polyisomaltosate hydroxide. Such a complex of macromolecular type does not provoke the release of iron in the form of free ions. The product is similar in its structural structure to the natural compound of the element, namely ferritin. For this hydroxide is not inherent in the possession of pro-oxidant characteristics, which are inherent in many salts of this trace element.

This is also confirmed to the "Ferrum Lek" agent in ampoules instruction manual and feedback.

Iron, which is a part, can quickly fill the deficiency of the corresponding element in the human body, including against the background of pronounced iron deficiency anemia, thus restoring the level of hemoglobin necessary for normal life activity.

When using the drug, a gradual regression of clinical symptoms of iron deficiency occurs, such as fatigue, weakness and dizziness along with tachycardia and soreness, and dry skin.

Pharmacokinetics of the preparation

As indicated in the ampoules "Ferrum Lek" instructions for use, iron absorption, which is measured by the level of hemoglobin in red blood cells, is inversely proportional to the dose, that is, the higher the amount, the lower the corresponding process. There is a statistically negative correlation between the level of deficiency of this substance and its availability, since the greater the lack of iron, the better absorption occurs. Most of the substance is absorbed in the duodenum as well as in the jejunum. Remaining amount of trace element is excreted with feces. Its excretion along with the separating cells of the epithelium of the gastrointestinal system and the skin, and also together with sweat, urine and bile is approximately equal to one milligram of iron per day. In the female body, during the menstrual cycles, an additional loss of an important trace element is carried out, which, of course, must be taken into account. Analogues of "Ferrum Lek" in ampoules will be presented below. ferrum ampoule instructions

It should be noted that immediately after intramuscular injection of the drug, it enters the bloodstream very quickly. So, fifteen percent of the dose falls after fifteen minutes.

Indications for use of the substance "Ferrum Lek"

To the ampoules of "Ferrum Lek" the instruction for use indicates that the drug is prescribed in the following cases:

  • therapy of iron deficiency latent type;
  • treatment of anemia against a background of iron deficiency;
  • prophylaxis of a deficiency of this microelement during pregnancy;
  • situation, against which treatment with iron-containing preparations for internal administration is ineffective or unrealizable, for example, for the injection form.

Release form "Ferrum Lek" in ampoules

The drug in the form of a solution can be administered exclusively by intramuscular route. In no case should not be allowed intravenous administration of the drug. This confirms the instructions to the ampoules of the "Ferrum Lek" instruction.

Before using the first therapeutic dose a person should enter a test quantity of the product, which will be equal to half the contents of one ampoule, which is twenty five to fifty milligrams of trace element. If there are no side reactions on the part of the body, the remainder of the initial daily dose is added within fifteen minutes after administration.

The dosage of "Ferrum Lek" in ampoules is selected individually, depending on the total iron deficiency. Against the backdrop of a known amount of lost blood, intramuscular injection of two ampoules leads to an increase in the level of hemoglobin, which will equal the equivalent of one blood unit.

Adults and elderly people are prescribed one hundred to two milligrams, that is, one to two ampoules, depending on their hemoglobin level in the blood. The maximum daily dose for children is expressed in seven milligrams per kilogram of the child's weight. ferrum lek dosage in ampoules

Rules for the administration of the drug

The preparation "Ferrum Lek" in ampoules must be injected deeply intramuscularly alternately into the left and right buttock. In order to reduce pain and avoid skin coloration, it is advisable to follow the rules below:

  • agent is injected into the upper outer area of ​​the buttock, using a needle five to six centimeters long;
  • before the injection process after disinfection of the skin, it is necessary to shift the subcutaneous tissues to the lower part by two centimeters in order to prevent possible outflow of the agent;
  • immediately after the administration of the substance, subcutaneous tissue must be released, and immediately place the injection, pressing, hold in this position for one minute;
  • , before using a solution intended for intramuscular injection, it is important to examine the ampoule carefully, only those that contain a homogeneous solution without any sediment are required;
  • solution for intramuscular injection is always administered immediately after opening the vessel.

Probable side effects of

As the instruction indicates to the "Ferrum Lek" agent in ampoules that instruction, as a result of the body getting excess substance in the general state of health, there may be a feeling of heaviness or overflow, and, in addition, pressure in the epigastric region. Quite often in such situations there is nausea, constipation and diarrhea, while staining of feces can be noted in dark color - the phenomenon of black stool, which is explained by the excretion of not absorbed part of iron and is not characterized by clinical significance.

Once again we emphasize, "Ferrum Lek" in ampoules is not used intravenously. the drug ferrum lek in ampoules


"Ferrum Lek" is contraindicated to take with:

  • excess iron content in the body, for example, against the background of hemochromatosis;
  • for violations of iron utilization processes, in this case we are talking about anemia, which is caused by lead intoxication or the sidero-abrupt nature of this pathology;
  • in anemia that is not associated with iron deficiency, eg, hemolytic and megaloblastic, caused by a deficiency of cyanocobalamin;
  • in the Osler-Randu-Weber Syndrome;
  • against the background of infectious diseases of the kidneys that occur in acute stages;
  • in the case of uncontrolled hyperparathyroidism;
  • presence of decompensated liver cirrhosis;
  • for infectious hepatitis;
  • during the first trimester of pregnancy;
  • because of hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. ferrum lek analogues cheap in ampoules

Use during pregnancy and lactation.

. As the instructions for use of "Ferrum Lek" in ampoules indicate, intramuscularly it is prescribed for pregnant and lactating women.

In the process of controlled trials, no adverse effects on the maternal and fetal body were noted during the use of the drug in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. There were no harmful effects on the fetus during the use of the drug in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Use in Children

Doctors consider it possible to use the drug according to the indications and dosages that take into account the age of the patient. Children up to twelve years of age because of the need to administer the drug in a small amount of dosing, preferably using it as a syrup.

At the "Ferrum Lek" in ampoules a recipe is necessary. ferrum lep ampoules intravenously

Specific guidance on the use of

It should be noted that chewable tablets, as well as syrup, do not stain tooth enamel. The drug, released in the injection form, must be used only in a hospital. In the case of the appointment of "Ferrum Lek" to patients suffering from diabetes, it is important to consider that one chewable tablet contains a milligram of syrup.

On the background of anemia caused by infectious or malignant diseases, iron can accumulate in the reticuloendothelial system, where it can mobilize, and then be disposed of only after the complete cure of the corresponding disease. Taking a microelement will not have an effect on the results of fecal occult blood tests.

Interaction with other drugs and effects on driving ability

This drug does not have any effect on a person's ability to concentrate, so that they can safely operate the vehicle.

The "Ferrum Lek" product, intended for intramuscular injection, can not be used in parallel with the same drug for oral administration. Simultaneous use with ACE inhibitors can enhance the systemic effects of parenteral agents containing iron.

"Ferrum Lek" in ampoules: reviews

Among the reviews on the drug "Ferrum Lek", which are found on the Internet, there are widespread reports of the occurrence of so-called bruises that form after intramuscular administration of the drug into the body. People write that such formations do not pass through them for quite a long time.

Commenting on these complaints, the developers do not consider the aforementioned disadvantage as a side effect, explaining this by the fact that the probability of occurrence of such phenomena directly depends on the competent and correct administration of the drug. In order to avoid bruising, you should simply strictly follow all the instructions given in the annotation.

Reviews about the use of "Ferrum Lek" for children

About eighty percent of reviews about "Ferrum Lek" for children are positive, which can be explained by the high efficiency of this product and its easy portability to young patients, as well as ease of use.

Parents write that many children really like the taste of syrup, so they use it for treatment with great pleasure.
ferrum lek ampoules analogues

As for negative reviews, almost all of them are due to all sorts of subjective circumstances that caused the impossibility of using the drug. In most cases, the parents were forced to stop giving "Ferrum Lek", as their children, unlike the other half, did not like the taste of the syrup. Another reason for dissatisfied parental responses was the possibility of constipation in young patients.

Reviews of pregnant women about "Ferrum Lek"

Most of the reviews about "Ferrum Lek" against pregnancy in women are also positive. Women write that they like the effectiveness of the drug, the need to take it only once a day, and also pleases its pleasant taste.

In addition, it is noted that "Ferrum Lek" increased the level of hemoglobin, even against the background of such situations, when initially pregnancy in women was accompanied by anemia.

Negative feedback on "Ferrum Lek" in individual examples is associated with its ineffective impact. But the predominantly negative sediment was manifested due to subjective factors, for example, due to the fact that someone did not like the taste, someone was caused by nausea or constipation due to the use of it. Thus, most negative reviews contain information related to the side effects of this medication.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the medical drug "Ferrum Lek" is by far the most frequently prescribed medicine for iron replenishment in the body of both children and adult patients, and also as prevention of the deficiency of this microelement during pregnancy.

"Ferrum Lek": analogues are cheap in ampoules

Similar preparations and therapeutic effect for the solution of "Ferrum Lek" are preparations "Iron polymaltose", "Maltofer", "Fenyuls complex", "Ferry".