Treatment of cancer in Germany. Oncological clinics in Germany

In our material I would like to consider the advantages and aspects of cancer treatment in Germany. Let's talk about modern diagnostic techniques and the prospects for therapy in the clinics of this highly developed country. Also we will tell about the cost of procedures, the specifics of the trip organization, the achievements of German medicine in the fight against oncological pathologies.

Why go to Germany?

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German doctors successfully combat cancer, because millions of euros are spent annually on research and development of effective therapy methods. In this country, cancer has long been recognized as one of the main pressing problems of the future. After all, disappointing statistics confirm the growth of the epidemic all over the world.

The largest German concerns and companies such as Bayern, SIEMENS, Novartis, BOSH, are fighting for the right to become the source of the search for an absolute panacea for a terrible ailment. These and other companies from year to year invest a significant portion of profits in the medical field.

Cancer treatment in Germany looks like a rational solution, because local doctors do not experience problems with the deficit of advanced medicines and the latest equipment. A sufficient level of funding allows German oncologists to regularly upgrade their qualifications. Experts constantly participate in major conferences dedicated to finding unique ways to fight cancer, developing effective pharmacological agents to prevent the development of cancer.

As the reviews show, cancer treatment in Germany is noticeably ahead of the established practice, which has been used for years to eliminate malignant tumors all over the world. This is confirmed by the fact that among the German oncologists there are many Nobel laureates in the field of medicine.

Methods of therapy

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German medicine offers the following solutions to oncologists:

  1. Removal of malignant tumors with the help of automated systems. First of all, we are talking about the innovative robotic da Vinci apparatus and the Cyber ​​Knife device, which is used for performing surgical operations based on radio control. This equipment makes it possible to manipulate pathological tissues in the most inaccessible places. This achieves the highest accuracy of surgical operations.
  2. Local irradiation SIRT - the technique involves the introduction of radioactive isotopes into the structure of malignant neoplasms. Under the influence of substance pathological cells are gradually destroyed from the inside.
  3. Use of drugs containing monoclonal antibodies - pharmacological agents of this category are extremely effective in controlling the development of melanoma, lymphocytic leukemia, breast cancer.
  4. Transplantation of bone marrow tissue - the essence of the method is not to suppress malignant cells, but to create conditions for paralysis of the immune system of a sick person. The result of transplantation is a significant reduction in the number of complications that can occur under the influence of chemotherapy and the intake of potent medicines.
  5. Introduction in the tissue of peripheral stem cells - the method makes it possible to resort to complex surgical interventions for the surgical treatment of elderly patients without risk to life.

Arranging a trip for

Oncological clinics of Germany

treatment If you have a visa to Germany, you will need to write to one of the local clinics. Usually, after a few days the patient is called in for consultation with one of the leading oncologists. It is necessary to arrive here with ready pictures and all available analyzes. More research is already in progress. The doctor discusses with the patient an individual therapy strategy, marks the chances of recovery, highlights risks.

When there is no visa to Germany, you will need an invitation from the medical center. In this case, all documentation is sent in advance by mail. The clinic provides a potential patient with an estimated cost estimate. The prepayment is carried out, after which the German doctor issues an invitation for treatment.

Cost of cancer treatment in Germany

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A significant expense item in German medical centers is represented by diagnostic measures. The research takes about 25% of the total budget for treatment. The duration of the diagnosis is usually about a week. The cost of the procedures necessary to determine the nature of the problem ranges on average from 3,500 to 8,000 euros.

As for the treatment itself, its price will depend on the fee of the particular doctor, the medicines and therapies used, the nature of the case, the length of stay in Germany. I would like to highlight the approximate cost of therapy for the elimination of specific oncological pathologies:

  • Small cell lymphosis - 4 500 euros.
  • Prostate adenoma - 8 000 euros.
  • Prostatic carcinoma - 10 500 euros.
  • Thyroid cancer - 11 000 euros.
  • Breast cancer with plastic surgery - 11 000 euros.
  • Cancer of bile ducts - 15 000 euros.
  • Stomach cancer - 18 000 euros.
  • Lymphatic leukemia - 31 500 euros.
  • Bone marrow transplantation - 120 000 euros.
  • Acute leukemia - 150 000 euros.

Further in our material we will tell about the best oncological clinics in Germany, we will allocate their advantages.

Freiburg Clinic

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The leading rehabilitation center of the country is the Freiburg clinic. Annually more than 40 thousand people are sent here for treatment, who suffer from cancer in neglected form. In the medical center of the city of Freiburg, there are practices of famous doctors that deal with the most difficult tasks in the fight against cancer. Local specialists pay special attention to the search for innovative solutions for the elimination of pain syndromes during therapy, and the return of patients to a full life during the rehabilitation period. As the statistics confirm, it is from this clinic that the greatest number of healthy patients leaves.

Hamburg Clinic

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It is also recommended to go to Germany for medical treatment of cancer to the medical center of Hamburg. The clinic has a large staff of doctors who specialize in the restoration of individual organs and systems. Here, modern departments function, where they successfully treat cancer of the lungs, breast, organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

Stuttgart clinic

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The treatment of cancer in Germany is also performed by the Stuttgart clinic, which does not refuse to accept patients from various countries. Here resort to multilevel therapy of oncological diseases. A particularly effective method, thanks to which the clinic became famous, is thermotherapy. The decision presupposes delicate preparation of the patient's organism for chemical and radiotherapy by affecting the tissues of affected organs with thermal waves.

Munich Clinic

Munich Medical Center consists of several dozen specialized units and research laboratories. About 70% of patients in the clinic come home absolutely healthy. The local branch of radiation therapy is considered the best in the world. For this reason, patients come here even from countries with the highest level of development of medicine, in particular, the United States and Israel.

Heidelberg Clinic

Effective cancer treatment in Germany is also possible in the Heidelberg clinic. Doctors of the medical center regularly take direct part in advanced research programs. The specialists of the clinic cooperate with the leading departments of nuclear and radiotherapy all over the world. All this allows the center to perform unique procedures, in particular, to test antitumor vaccinations and radioimmunotherapy.

Frankfurt Clinic

Most patients come here with the latest stages of oncological diseases. Such people are offered the newest methods of radiotherapy, which practically do not leave the chance for cancer cells to progress in the tissues of organs and systems. To determine the stage of cancer, a stereotactic method and a biopsy are used. The presented clinic occupies one of the leading places in the list of the best cents, which specialize in the introduction of stem cells into tissues. Similar operations have been conducted here since the late 1980s.

In conclusion

According to statistics based on the data of the best German clinics, the treatment of cancer here gives a second chance for a full life of about 75% of patients. All that is required to undergo therapy in this country is to decide on the budget, issue a visa or receive an invitation directly from the doctor. In the cost of a course of treatment, German medical centers usually include not only procedures, but also consultations, diagnostics, accommodation and meals, and maintenance by the staff. All this seems to be obvious advantages over the implementation of therapy in domestic hospitals.