Sanatorium "White Stone", Sverdlovsk region: photo, description, reviews

Sanatorium "White Stone" in the Sverdlovsk region was built over 80 years ago on the bank of the Pyshma River, surrounded by pine forests. One of the oldest sanatoriums in the Urals was reconstructed and modernized. There were new methods of recovery and programs. In the health resort you can not only replenish the strength, but also undergo a course of rehabilitation, improve and strengthen the body. What are the main directions of treatment in the institution? What are the reviews of the rest of the sanatorium "White Stone"?What kind of food is offered here and are there any cultural and entertainment activities?

sanatorium white stone

Surrounded by pine trees

Photos of the sanatorium "White Stone" below. The official site of the complex has historical photographs, and modern.

The extensive construction of holiday homes has unfolded since the late 1920s. And the decoration of these institutions absorbed the best traditions of that era: alleys, fountains, vases, long staircases, columns and painted ceilings. For holiday homes choose picturesque areas. And preference was given to the territories that had curative factors. Pine forest, lime alleys, pure mineralized artesian water, natural keys - it's all there in the immediate vicinity of the sanatorium "White Stone", the description of which you read. Here a set of natural factors contributed not only to the excellent rest of Soviet citizens, but also to the restoration of forces and the organism as a whole.

sanatorium white stone reviews

Due to the phytoncides of pine and useful substances that are secreted by lime, a favorable combined factor is created that works well for bronchopulmonary pathology: pharyngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, bronchial asthma. Now vacation homes have been redesigned in sanatoriums, in which the improvement of holidaymakers is the main task.

Here, not only the bronchopulmonary system of patients recovered, but also the cardiovascular, locomotor system and gastrointestinal tract.

Opportunities for healing

The sanatorium complex offers a wide range of health and medical services, laboratory tests, radon baths, exercise therapy, procedures with leeches, mud, etc. Sanatorium "White Stone" offers phyto-tea, oxygen cocktails, inhalations,ozocerite and paraffin. You can visit a nutritionist and other specialists.

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There is also organized leisure: master classes, games and outdoor activities are held, there is a cultural program, guest artists, excursions, sports equipment rent. So the sanatorium "White Stone" is not only positive emotions, but also excellent health.

Key directions of treatment:

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • heart disease;
  • rehabilitation after injuries, road accidents and operations.

Hardware procedures

In the modern sanatorium the healing power of natural factors is supported by a medical base, which is constantly updated with new effective methods. Physiotherapy there are about twenty names. A wide range of hardware methods presupposes a wide range of therapeutic effects. From momentary, for example, the removal of acute pain, until the prolonged recovery of the functions of organs and systems for months.

health resort white stone Sverdlovsk region

Strengthen the recovery effect help: halotherapy - treatment in salt caves, gerudotherapy - treatment with leeches, aerophytotherapy - inhalation. A variety of therapeutic techniques allows you to create an individual health course that takes into account both the underlying illness of a resting person and the attendant ailments.

Natural treatment for

Specialists include healing sessions and treatments for hypotherapy, aroma baths, underwater shower massage, paraffin ozocerite baths, thermal therapy including sauna and sauna, dry carbon dioxide baths and various types of massage. The clinical and diagnostic basis of the sanatorium helps to control the effectiveness of health-improving procedures.

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Children's program

Individual treatment program for each holidaymaker includes 7-8 methods, which are included in the cost of the voucher. And it can be an adult voucher, and a family permit, as well as a voucher for a child. The children's wellness program takes into account both the state of the young organism and the psychology of the child. During the healing procedure in a salt cave, young children listen to fairy tales, and horse riding not only heals, but also delivers a lot of pleasures.

In support of a good mood, which in itself is already an excellent condition for the recovery of the body, a special cultural program has been developed. Children visit the pool and go on excursions. Experienced teachers and cultural organizers help to fill every day in the sanatorium with interesting events.

Comfortable accommodation, excellent food are integral parts of rest in a modern sanatorium.

Update of the

base Today the sanatorium "White Stone" has been transformed into a modern sanatorium-and-spa complex. Here we use the best achievements of domestic and Western medicine in the field of healing and rejuvenation of the body.

A good microclimate and a healing factor are provided.

The new specialized building, advanced for the entire Urals - the Federal Center for Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation after diseases of the musculoskeletal system. There is a source of radon water, which is one of the most important parts of this therapy. There is a bath-and-spa complex.

High-end food

Special attention to the diet. The institution offers a new menu that takes into account the recommendations of the Institute of Nutrition, as well as modern scientific data that exist in the world.

The food in the sanatorium is balanced, dietetic, sparing towards the organs of the digestive system and prepared according to a special technology that maximally preserves the useful properties of the product. But all this does not exclude excellent taste qualities of dishes, which can be selected according to the menu-order system.

Sanatorium "White Stone": reviews

Guest reviews of the complex can be found in large numbers. Usually people celebrate the quality of services and services, courtesy of staff and comfortable rooms. The situation here, in their words, is quiet and calm.

Interesting reviews of people who visited the sanatorium "White Stone" before reconstruction. It used to be well treated and followed the order in the territory, but after the changes the infrastructure improved and the medical direction was completely updated. The sanatorium became a complex for recovery, where you can relax with the whole family and gain strength.

sanatorium white stone

By the way, family programs are often chosen. The cost of a trip to a sanatorium is sometimes, of course, equal to the price of tourist offers. However, the advantages of a sanatorium holiday are indisputable: clean air, beautiful nature and treatment. In the reviews guests of the sanatorium sometimes write that they thought that it would be boring, but there is an entertainment program for tourists. And after a rest, they often review the photo report from the sanatorium "White Stone" in the Sverdlovsk Region, recalling especially interesting moments with pleasure.

Sanatorium offers rooms of four types: luxury, family, comfort and standard. By the way, there are two luxury suites, and they differ from the rest only by area. Interiors and quality of finishing materials are almost the same in all rooms. The cost of accommodation in the room depends on how many seats there are. The same amount includes: food, accommodation, procedures, bicycle rental, rollers and other equipment for sports and recreation.

However, reviews about the sanatorium in the Sverdlovsk region "White Stone" suggest how you can save on the room. For example, order a single standard, but it can accommodate two, because the room has a comfortable chair-bed. To pay it is necessary only for meal and complex treatment or separate procedures( many choose only massage, medical baths, phytotherapy and inhalations, refusing the specialized procedures).

They also write a lot about the special diet in the sanatorium. It is five-time, the ration is made taking into account the age of the guest. Usually note the quality of the products and the variety of menus, it changes every day, it is possible to order your favorite dishes. Eating is dietary, balanced, but, as the guests of the sanatorium write, "not boring", but "serving as in a restaurant".

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In addition, the sanatorium "White Stone" offers vacationers additional portions of breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. The cost is 100-300 rubles.

They also write a lot about a special atmosphere. In the sanatorium, for example, preserved sculptures installed in the Soviet era, today there is modern landscaping, and this is very popular with holidaymakers.

Guests like the infrastructure of the complex. There is convenient parking, entertainment for children and sports grounds. The buildings of the complex are located near the main building, and you can walk among them along the green malls.

New programs against stress

New areas of recovery have been developed, for example, Wellness programs and courses that relieve the effects of chronic stress, which is not uncommon in our days. A complete restoration of the vascular system leads to a pronounced biological rejuvenation of the body.

Qualitative diagnostics, rational nutrition, effective treatment - all this is offered to vacationers in the sanatorium "White Stone".

After the course of treatment, patients notice improvement in physical and mental condition, as well as prolonged anti-stress immunity.

health resort white stone Sverdlovsk region reviews

Such an effect helps to achieve phytotherapy, a specialized nutrition program, detoxification of the body. At a high level, manual and instrumental lymphodrainage massages, exercise therapy, thermal detoxification and instrumental cosmetology, mud and thalassotherapy for correction of the figure are worked out here. Programs are provided for men and women.

Sanatorium "White Stone": how to get there

The complex is located not far from Ekaterinburg, if you travel by car, you should expect about an hour's drive. Nearby, in 20 km, the city of Asbestos.

The complex includes:

  1. main building.
  2. Dining room.
  3. Hydropathic.
  4. Guest house.
  5. Sports complex.
  6. Children's playground.
  7. Football field.
  8. Volleyball court.
  9. Dormitory.

Features of the complex

Carefully preserving the attributes of a holiday home of the Soviet type, the sanatorium is oriented to the needs of a modern holidaymaker. This is indicated by effective medical technologies, comfort, excellent service.

Sanatorium "White Stone" offers home comfort and comfortable rooms, there is a large equipped area for walking, free parking with security and video surveillance.

Air saturated with pine phytoncides and medicinal flavors of linden, mineral springs, living conditions that correspond to the standards of modern times, modern methods of treatment and rehabilitation, high professionalism of employees - all this allows to make the recovery as effective and pleasant as possible.