Devyasil, vodka tincture: application and guidance

You will surely recognize the elephant, if you see even once. Sometimes elephants are grown even in the garden. A large plant takes up a lot of space, but none of those who are familiar with its stunning properties, does not believe that this place is wasted. Giant grass holds the ground with a powerful rhizome. From him deeply extend the subordinate roots. It is the underground part of the plant that contains the healing power. Long leaves and large flowers also have healing properties, but are used a little less often. elephant tincture on vodka

Useful substances

Today we will talk about how and for what can be used elecampane. Tincture on vodka, the use of which is justified for a number of diseases, is not a new invention. Our grandmothers also knew about this magical composition and used it extensively. And its properties, it is obliged to useful substances, which are contained in the roots of this plant. First and foremost, these are polysaccharides, which are converted into an organism in a syrup, which is sweeter and more useful than sugar. Inulin, which is rich in this herb, is an excellent help in diabetes.

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The second most important component is essential oils. Additionally, the elecampane contains gums, organic acids, which remove slags and toxins, and also normalize the metabolism. The root of elecampane contains a full set of vitamins and trace elements. tincture of the root of elecampane on vodka application

How to properly prepare the roots for the tincture

Of course, the finished product can be bought at the pharmacy, however we will spend a little time to tell you how to prepare the elephant. Tincture on vodka, the use of which allows you to say goodbye to various diseases, is prepared quite simply. To do this, it is necessary to dig up roots in the early spring. The excavated material should be washed and selected those specimens that were not damaged during the winter period. Now they cut into small pieces, up to 2 cm thick. Three days they must be waxed in the fresh air, and then dry well at a temperature of +40 degrees.

When brusochki become brittle, they can be taken away for storage. With proper processing, the root can be stored for at least three years. At any time it will be possible to prepare medicinal raw materials for itself, be it tincture, tea or syrup. nine-tinted vodka tincture


Devyasil is one of the few medicinal plants that is recognized as an official medicine, not only in Russia, but also in other countries of the world. In scientific medicine there are entire treatises that confirm the high efficiency of the rhizome in various diseases. The ideal medicine for improving metabolism is elecampane. Tincture on vodka, the application of which is the most simple and convenient, is most popular among doctors and traditional healers, as well as among the general population. tincture of elecampane on vodka application and guidance

The healing properties of

We have already touched on this topic a little, but it deserves more attention. In people, elecampane is called a cure for nine diseases, but its benefits are clearly understated here. Of all the plants that are successfully used for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the first place is precisely elecampane. Tincture on vodka, the use of which is recommended by leading gastroenterologists, helps to quickly get rid of serious ailments.

In addition, it activates the process of digestion and improves appetite. This is extremely important for sick and debilitated people. In addition, the reception improves the metabolism, so if you are concerned about the excess weight associated with slow metabolism, it is recommended to resort to phytotherapy. Moreover, the root of elecampane is used for diarrhea. If you need emergency help, do not put the tincture, it is sold in any pharmacy. Clinically, the excellent bile-forming and cholagogue properties of this plant were proved, which means that the liver with bile-excreting pathways will not be left without attention. nine-tincture vodka tincture application from joints

With a cold and cough

Many of you are well aware of what checks you have to pay in pharmacies, when the therapist prescribes an appointment for a cold or flu. And what preparations are included in this list? Antipyretics, immunomodulators, vitamins, expectorant syrups. And is it worth it to pay such money when all this can be replaced by one tincture of the root of elecampane on vodka. Its use for colds has been tested and tested for centuries. This is an excellent expectorant and anti-inflammatory, as well as a disinfectant. Cough is also very good tea from the roots of elecampane, and its broths can gargle with angina. elephant tincture on vodka instruction

External application

This is an excellent option for solving many skin problems. As practice shows, they are quite difficult to diagnose, in terms that the cause can lie deep in the bowels of your body, consist in the malfunctioning internal organs. Therefore, it is sometimes impossible to prescribe effective treatment. Although the solution can be much simpler: try elecamp. Tincture on vodka, the benefit of which has been confirmed so many times that it is not worthwhile to question it, it will certainly help you.

Simultaneous ingestion and lubrication of disturbing skin areas from the outside will achieve rapid and significant results. Effectively, this treatment for dermatoses, eczema and allergic diseases. In fact, any of them is of an autoimmune nature, which means that elecampane can not help. elephant tincture on vodka contraindications


joints The analgesic effect helps with its great success in rheumatism and arthritis, as well as sciatica nerve inflammations. In this case, it is better than any pharmacy ointment helps elecampane( tincture on vodka).The use of joints is widespread among the elderly. Often, for this, in parallel with the use of infusion, the decay broth is taken from the outside. To do this, take in equal amounts the root of burdock and elecampane. One spoonful of the mixture is added to a liter of water and boiled for 20 minutes. Then tightly clogged and left for 4 hours. Take it you need 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day.

For women's health

Since ancient times, sorceresses knew about the magic power of this plant and widely used it for healing. Especially often was assigned to for women to fight diseases of the female reproductive system. Representatives of the fair sex evaluated his benefit in painful periods and diseases of the uterus, as well as with serious violations of the menstrual cycle. In addition, folk healers with his help prevented miscarriage and stopped premature birth. However, without consulting a specialist, it is not recommended to use it during pregnancy, because today there are many other drugs that will help not worse, but more careful with respect to the future baby.

Simple and reliable recipe

And now we want to tell you how to properly prepare dried elecampane. Tincture on vodka( the instruction on the use - in the article) is prepared simply. You need a tablespoon of chopped roots and 0.5 liters of vodka. In general, that's all. It remains to tightly clog the bottle and send it for two weeks to a dark place. It is recommended to periodically shake the bottle, but it has no practical advantage. It is recommended to take 25 drops three times a day.

If the tincture is intended for external use, it is recommended to make it more concentrated. Then take 20 g of roots per 200 g of vodka. If you could not stock up on medicinal raw materials, you can buy a dried elephant in the pharmacy. Tincture on vodka( the instruction warns that one should be extremely careful with dosage) can be used only in the absence of contraindications.

Why you need to be careful

Phytotherapy is not entertainment, so do not self-medicate and prescribe yourself an elephant. Tincture on vodka contraindications is quite serious. It should not be taken inside pregnant women and children under 16 years of age. With great caution, it is worth using tincture in diseases of the heart and kidneys. Do not forget that this is a poisonous plant. Therefore, the above dosages should not be exceeded in the first place. If you feel nauseous or weak, it is recommended to discontinue treatment and consult a doctor.

Instead of the conclusion of

Today we very briefly considered what the tincture of elecampane is on vodka. The application and guidance given in the article are provided for information only. In case of serious illnesses it is extremely important to receive the appointment of a doctor in charge. However, in the home medicine cabinet, elecampane should be required. Cold or pain with menstruation, upset stomach can also occur in healthy people to whom this natural remedy will greatly help.