Ulcers on the gums in the child: causes and treatment

When an abscess appears on the gums of the baby, the parents begin to get nervous and worried, not knowing what to do about it. Most often it is formed due to problems with the teeth.

If you do nothing, the purulent cone will increase and bleed. In addition, the gums in the child will swell strongly, and pain will arise. All this will lead to flux development. To avoid such complications, it is better to immediately consult a doctor.

The main causes of purulent cones on the gums

In medicine, such an abscess is called an abscess. And it can be observed even in young children. Outwardly, this formation looks like a small cone. The abscesses on the gums in the child of two years are dangerous, because if they are not treated, the infection will spread. In neglected cases, this condition can lead even to infection of the blood.

Ulcers on the gums in a child, the causes of which are very different, cause many problems. They are formed, as a rule, due to:

  • infection in the cyst-like structure formed on the tooth eruption site;
  • gum damage with a sharp object;
  • of poor-quality tooth filling;
  • caries of a milk tooth, which led to pulpitis.

abscesses on the baby

How does a purulent cone develop?

In most cases, abscesses on the gums in the child appear due to tooth decay. At an early stage, there are no symptoms, so the infection penetrates the inside of the tooth. When it reaches the root, toxins will penetrate through the tissue, causing swelling of the gums. Because the cause is bacteria, during the inflammatory process, a purulent sac develops, which is soft to the touch.

This swelling is clearly visible on the X-ray, and on it you can see the area of ​​inflammation in the bone tissue of the tooth. In the absence of proper treatment, the amount of purulent mass inside the formation will increase until it bursts. After that, in place of the swelling there will be an opening in the gum, connected with the inflammatory focus.

When the inflammation is over, the fistula will be prolonged, but every time a weakened immunity or the slightest infection, a purulent cone can form again.

Symptoms of abscess

Parents begin to worry and worry, noticing the baby has an abscess on the upper gum. The photo shown above allows you to see what it is. Symptoms of this disease are very specific. At an early stage in the development of the inflammatory process, the baby can complain of a feeling of raspiraniya and pain in the area of ​​the tooth. It is at this moment on the gums that there is a red bud, which gradually grows, and pus accumulates in it. With the progression of the inflammatory process, the swelling becomes whitish, a white abscess appears.

The general well-being of the child during the formation of this formation can worsen: the temperature rises, appetite disappears, anxiety arises. If you do not start treatment at this stage, as a result of accumulation of pus, the white cone will burst. After that, the kid will feel relief: the pain will subside, the mood will improve.

However, you should not think that there has come a recovery, since the purulent focus will remain unsanitary. With the weakening of the immune system, the disease can be reactivated with the re-formation of a purulent cone. That's why it's so important to see a doctor, after noticing the abscess on the gum( the photos presented in the article will prompt you how this education looks).abscesses on the gums in a child of two years

Possible complications of

As already known, purulent formation on the gums in a baby is a congestion of infection. With reduced protective functions of the body or untimely treatment, negative consequences may arise:

  • development of malocclusion and pathology of formation of the maxillary apparatus;
  • death of root rudiments of molars;
  • persistent complications that lead to premature tooth loss;
  • penetration of infection into nearby tissues and organs: the orbit, veins or mediastinum.

Among other things, it is possible to attach pathology of periodontal tissue( periodontitis).The long process of forming an abscess can weaken the immunity of the child, which can lead to the development of allergies. If pus enters the venous system, thrombophlebitis will occur, which can spread to the base of the skull and sinuses. the baby on the gums has a gnawing what to do

Even in neglected cases, infection of the osseous system with the formation of osteomyelitis and septicemia, as well as infection of blood, is not excluded. Penetration of the infection in the tonsils provokes the appearance of tonsillitis. That is why, as soon as an abscess is found on the gums in the child, do not delay treatment.

How to help a child with such a disease?

If a child has an abscess on the gums, what to do in such a situation, not everyone knows. The first thing when you find a cone on the gums is to see the doctor. But before seeking medical help, you can not squeeze out, pierce or burn out abscesses on the baby's gums. They should not be touched at all, so as not to carry an additional infection.

To swelling on the gums, the baby does not need to apply bags with hot salt or a heating pad. Hot compresses and rinses are also not recommended, as heat will only accelerate the spread of bacteria. A child with such a problem should not be given any medicines, especially antibacterial. a child on the gums of the abscess

Oral Care Rules

You must always keep hygiene, brush your teeth at least twice a day, use rinses. It is desirable to rinse the mouth with various decoctions of herbs or antiseptic solutions to reduce the number of infections. If the baby with this inflammation fever, then you can give him an antipyretic drug.

On the cheek of the child in the place of purulent formation it is recommended to attach ice wrapped in a towel or a bottle of cold water. Feed it better with warm and soft food, so as not to damage the abscess and not cause pain. Prefer to give a variety of purees. Even in such situations it is useful to drink plenty of water.

In case of a critical deterioration in the condition of the baby, an ambulance should be called immediately. In the event that the cone does not burst, you should rinse your mouth with a weak solution of salt and soda or infusion of chamomile. But if it is opened, you can only hold a healing decoction in your mouth for a few seconds.

For young children, the solution is administered with a syringe. To do this, the child's face is tilted over the sink or bathtub and irrigates the sore spot.

How is an abscess treated on the gums in a child?

The first thing to do is go to the dentist, because only he can assess the condition of the tooth. The specialist will prescribe effective therapy and stop the spread of pus.

It should be noted that the treatment of permanent and infant teeth is slightly different. Suppose, if the abscess appeared in the area of ​​the milk tooth, the latter immediately removed. They resort to this measure because they can infect the rudiments of permanent teeth around it. In addition, the lymph nodes can also suffer. Inflammation in them or tonsils leads to the development of chronic tonsillitis.

Eliminate abscesses on the gums in the child in the following way:

  • the dentist first carefully examines the area of ​​cone localization;
  • then he anesthetizes the lesion;
  • after these manipulations with special tools the doctor opens an abscess;
  • the specialist then cleans the cavity of the accumulated purulent mass and treats the affected area with an antiseptic.

If necessary, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics. If the inflammatory process has gone far, the tooth, most likely, will be removed. abscess on the gum in a child

Prevention of diseases of the mouth

As you know, any disease is easier to prevent than later to treat. To ensure that the baby does not have purulent sacs in the oral cavity, it is necessary to constantly and carefully conduct hygienic procedures.

Young parents will be helped in this by parents, and those who are older should be able to wash themselves and handle the oral cavity. That there were no abscesses on gums at the child, it is necessary to clean baby teeth from the moment of eruption. Now for such purposes there are many different means.

After feeding infants, always wipe the mouth with a sterile bandage wrapped around the finger. It is necessary to visit the dentist regularly with the child. Have they found an abscess or inflammation on the gums of the baby? Begin rinsing with special solutions, of course, only after consulting a specialist. how to treat an abscess on the gums in a child

What if there was a lump on the place of an unsharpened tooth?

A small swelling on the baby's gums may occur a few weeks before the root or milk tooth begins to be cut. Inside the abscess is a liquid of a bluish hue or completely transparent. Such a bump is formed in extremely rare cases, with no danger to the child.

This swelling is not due to pathological processes, so it does not require treatment. Parents of the baby only need to monitor changes in the oral cavity. Such an education on the gums does not cause discomfort and pain, even if it is pressurized.

To remove cones resorted to when inflammation begins, although this happens infrequently. On the pathological process indicate pain in the area of ​​teething, swelling and redness of the oral mucosa, as well as elevated temperature. a child on the upper gums ulcer Photo

Incision of an abscess

If the abscess worries parents, get rid of it. In this situation, the dentist under anesthesia cuts the cyst and cleans the cavity of the accumulated fluid. Sometimes during surgery, the doctor also removes part of the cone wall, after which the tip of the penetrating canine becomes visible.

Remember that the abscess on the baby's gums is a very painful formation. To prevent surgical intervention, it is necessary to accustom the child from a small age to hygiene of the oral cavity, and also periodically visit with him a dental office.