Cabbage leaf with honey from cough: recipe, indications and contraindications

With the advent of winter, people are beginning to ache actively. Catarrhal diseases, viral infections accompany them throughout the autumn-winter season. Each trip to the doctor entails a visit to the pharmacy, often with an impressive list of medicines that must be purchased. In modern financial conditions for many people, especially socially unprotected, the costs of acquiring the necessary medicines become very noticeable in their family budget.

Compress from cough: cabbage leaf and honey

People have allergic reactions to many pharmacological agents. Therefore, when discussing the treatment plan with a doctor, patients are often asked to prescribe affordable and effective traditional medicine to treat seasonal diseases. Therapists advise to use herbal medicinal herbs for gargling and oral intake, inhalation with essential plant oils, apply various rubbing and compresses. Often the composition of medical products includes natural honey. A positive effect gives cough treatment with cabbage leaf and honey. Cabbage leaf with honey from cough

The healing properties of cabbage and honey

Cabbage is a unique vegetable. It is used to prepare a variety of tasty and healthy dishes in the kitchens of different countries. The healing properties of this vegetable people have noticed and been used since ancient times. Cabbage leaves are used in compresses because of the beneficial properties of this valuable vegetable, which:

  • helps in the destruction of pathogens;
  • reduces inflammation;
  • reduces pain;
  • removes edema and helps to remove excess fluid.

Honey has many unique properties. It can strengthen the protective function of the body, increase its immunity, kill and block bacteria. This product has an anti-inflammatory effect and contains many useful microorganisms and vitamins. Cabbage leaf with honey from cough отзывы

Cabbage leaf with honey from cough: recipe for cooking

For use in a compress, cabbage leaves need to be prepared. They are cleaned of dirt and washed under running water. Thick radical veins in the leaves are recommended to be cut off - it is necessary that the leaf is about the same thickness. Then the sheet is lowered into boiling water for one minute. This is necessary for the sheet to become elastic.

On a water bath you should melt the honey a little so that its consistency allows you to grease a leaf of cabbage. Then it should be smeared with honey leaf cabbage - will get an antitussive compress. Cabbage leaf and honey should be warm, but not hot. cough treatment with cabbage leaf and honey

Applying a compress

Apply a cabbage leaf with honey from a cough in the form of a compress as follows: it is applied to the chest or back with the side that is smeared with honey. If the cough is severe, you can use a compress immediately on your back and on your chest.

It should be remembered that the forbidden places for the compress are the heart area and skin areas on which there are large birthmarks. Then the compressing places are covered with a food film and wrapped tightly with a warm diaper. The patient needs rest, therefore it is recommended to do similar procedures before going to bed, the compress is often left overnight.

Then the patient is done hygienic procedures, removing the remnants of honey and leaves, wiping the places of contact with the compress. As a result of such a therapeutic procedure, his breathing is softened, sputum begins to depart, coughing attacks gradually go to coughing. For positive dynamics in the treatment of the disease, it is necessary to perform 4-5 such procedures together with the application of medications prescribed by the doctor. cough compress cabbage leaf and honey


Cabbage leaf with honey from cough apply only in the absence of contraindications in a patient. They are:

  • allergic reactions - in order to avoid serious consequences before the procedures start it is necessary to make sure that the patient does not have allergies to honey;
  • with an increase in body temperature such a compress is prohibited because of the heating properties of such compresses;
  • is not recommended for the use of compress in children younger than five years of age and people with cardiovascular disease.

It is necessary to closely monitor the temperature of the components of the compress, because hot honey burn is very painful and requires long-term treatment. Do not apply compresses with prolonged cough, if it does not stop for weeks or even months. The cause of this cough can be a serious or chronic disease of the human respiratory system. Therefore, you should not self-medicate and apply a compress only on the advice of a doctor.

Many people use cabbage leaf with honey for cough. Feedback about the use of such a tool is always positive. Recovered people advise to pay attention to this method of treating colds due to its availability and high efficiency.