Borshchenko Igor: the benefits of isometric gymnastics

Borshchenko Igor is a doctor of the highest qualification, neurosurgeon and candidate of science. Borshchenko Igor He skillfully owns various methods of invasive surgery. These include epiduroskopiya, puncture treatment of disc pathology, laser surgery, surgery of spine and spinal cord injuries, microsurgery of all parts of the spine. He is the author of scientific works, as well as popular literature, very accessible for understanding patients. The special exercises developed by him helped and helped many people to overcome their ailments.

A bit about isometric gymnastics

The word "statics" is translated from Greek as "balance."Isometry means the same distance. Exercises, the essence of which is the tension of the muscles, in which there is no direct movement of the human body, are called static, or isometric. What is their feature? A strong contraction of the muscle is characterized solely by its stress, in contrast to the isotonic, during which the voltage changes its length.

isometric gymnastics

The implementation of such exercises is characterized by numerous positive aspects. They are completely accessible, as they do not need special equipment and equipment. The risk of injury is practically reduced to zero. Isometric gymnastics improves a person's ability to relax, increases his flexibility, activates metabolic processes of the body, helps fight the inevitable stresses. It is actively used in professional sports, fitness fitness and in exercise therapy.

Gymnastics Igor Borshchenko

We always hear about the benefits and the need to strengthen the spine. This is confirmed by doctors, they are echoed by the leading thematic programs about health. Most people agree that good health is impossible without physical activity. Vertebrologist Borshchenko Igor has developed a whole system of exercises, the purpose of which is precisely to restore such a vulnerable structure - the human vertebral system. Why is isometric exercises taken as a basis?

gymnastics of Igor Borshchenko

The fact is that they are based on a strong muscle tension in the absence of movement. This gymnastics carefully treats the joints, preventing the abrasion of articular cartilage and the development of arthrosis. In most similar exercises, the contraction phase completes the stretching phase. Such a sequence of them helps to relax the muscles involved, to remove their spasms, and also has a significant analgesic effect. It is especially important that such exercises will have an effect on a certain muscle: it is the one that must be trained and relaxed in the specific pathology of each person.

The benefits of isometric exercises

Back and waist pain is one of the most common reasons for contacting a doctor. This is not surprising, because these departments of the spinal column have a load of body weight, which is sometimes spectacular. The lumbar department suffers from sedentary activity, and, on the contrary, from hard work. The course of static exercises, developed by Borshchenko Igor, allows you to quickly and inexpensively get rid of debilitating pain, restore joints mobility, and movement - freedom.

Igor Borshchenko clever spine

Simple physical actions do not require good sports training. For proper performance, it is enough to simply freeze in a given position for a certain time. So strengthen not only the muscle fibers, but also the joint capsules. And this ensures the disappearance of painful pains, also preventing their occurrence in the future. Gymnastics is suitable for inactive and elderly people, including those who underwent surgical treatment.

Features of therapeutic exercises

The books written by Igor Borshchenko have become very popular."Smart Spine, Exercise System" - this work describes a set of special events that are used to strengthen and train the muscular corset of astronauts. For a long time the following regularity is noticed: the muscle, which has been straining for a while, immediately after that it is much easier to stretch.

This phenomenon is actively used in isometric gymnastics to relieve spasms and get rid of chronic pain. When performing the exercises, there is a slight increase in pressure: intrathoracic and intracranial. To make this rise insignificant, you should breathe freely, without holding your breath. So you will provide yourself with a comfortable state during classes and avoid unnecessary complications.

gymnastics of Igor Borshchenko

Who is the isometric gymnastics shown?

Borshchenko Igor has developed quite accessible and simple for all gymnastics. It is suitable for people suffering from pathology of the musculoskeletal system. It is irreplaceable for patients who have suffered spinal trauma or undergone surgical manipulation. The complex of static exercises significantly improves the condition of patients complaining of constant pain in the hands, legs, back and waist.